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milk + honey

July 22, 2011

.Eley Kishimoto shirt. Vintage scarf. Kasil shorts. Sanita clogs. Rebecca Minkoff bag.

Enjoying a grapefruit-onade with lychee chunks (mmmmm!) after shopping around all day in clogs. Feeling grateful for this modern Danish original... half-boot, half-sandal... and they make a clomping sound every step.

Got a lot of positive feedback in my last post about the extension of Tasteful Tuesday! I have a friend who is a food blogger, so on top of doing restaurant reviews, I hopefully can get some recipes in too! Exciting projects coming up so look out. I already have a Sunday brunch stop this weekend to start it off!

P.S. How cuteeee are those cacti (ew, awkward plural) in a teacup?

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68 responses:

  1. i love the couch at Milk+Honey. I always feel so darn cute sinking into the chair and sittin with a girlfriend with a nice drink in hand speaking of all things dark and lovely...
    Your beautiful!
    And i think tasty tuesday will be amazing.
    Your writing is really engaging and when you talk about things you enjoy people are bound to get crazy and addicted.


  2. that is such a cute top! I love it! I love how you're wearing different prints but they go really well! I really need to learn to mix prints more!


  3. loooove this look... so pretty .D

    News: Carine ROITFELD stylist @ Vmagazine- Preview

  4. Love your headband, so cute!

  5. love the pics! you look stunning as always <3

  6. love your blue shorts! so summery.

  7. the clogs are INCREDIBLE. love your headscarf and sunnies as well.
    january, x

  8. Love everything about this post!!

  9. I LOVE everything about this outfit, you look great! Where are the glasses from?


  10. lovely look, love your sunglasses

  11. You look so summer perfect, girl! Your clogs and cat's eye shades are extremely darling. And those teacup cacti make super cute decor!

    ♥, Jamie

  12. Love your top babe!

    XO Charlotte

  13. I love that you used the scarf to tie around your head. Perfect accessory.

  14. Yuummm! Looks refreshing - so does your outfit!
    Ahhh - you should look up Easy Way - it's a drink franchise here in Australia that makes pearl milk teas and relish teas - so good.


  15. what an cozy place and nice style. i love your "half" sandals :D please visit my blog sometime. thanks.

  16. I love the back ground of the photo especially that is too good and too beautiful.

  17. I think I'm gonna add cupped cacti to my house now! lol thanks for the inspiration!


  18. Love the shoes and the place where you're seated! Great spot!

  19. LYCHEEEE :) mm so delicious. Love the scarf in your hair paired together with your top.

  20. you are so adorable! love your top xo

  21. I love your head scarf!
    Much love,

  22. Haha. Awkward Plural. But the cacti (?) are super cute. And I love the head wrap :D

    Is that your backyard? because I'd be super jealous. I've always wanted to have a couch in some outside area. Seems like a nice place to read and drink tea. :)

    Castle Fashion

  23. Love Milk + Honey...they make a killer espresso. Love that area in general, it's so refreshing.

  24. Look beautiful. Love love the sunglasses and the clogs! xo

  25. This outfit is great :) love it!
    especially the shorts!

  26. ooh love that head scarf girl! I have a not so private obsession with head scarfs and i love to see others workin' them

  27. I love your headpiece and sunglasses... you look awesome :)

  28. your headpiece! so cute

  29. I love how you tied the scarf on your head, it looks so pretty. And that vintage top has such a pretty color and design. Beautiful as always!

    The I on Fashion

  30. that drink look yummy! I love how you paired that red printed top with those awesome shorts!

  31. the amount of fruit and fruity things i eat in the summer is nearly absurd. this looks out of this world. thanks for sharing it ;)

  32. Of course that top is vintage, cuz I'd buy that tomorrow if I could.

  33. i love the clompety clomps you make when you walk in clogs! LOVES U! xoxoxooxoxox


  34. can you post a video about how you made that headband, please? it's sooooo cute!!!

  35. You look so relaxed and love that headscarf/headband! What is that you're drinking, looks yummy!


  36. I love milk + honey, and your drink. Will get that next time! I'm all for you doing reviewing food in the OC, as I could come to your blog for both your fashion + food inspiration. Thank you!

    P.S. Love the cat eyes. Who/where?

  37. looks like such a nice place to relax :) really like the scarf in your hair

  38. Cute!!! Love the hairband and sunnies!!! <3

    Visit my blog

  39. looks delicious!!
    i really like your style :)
    x romi

  40. Such a sweet outfit, love the top!

    Carmen Ri.

  41. love your top and your shoes dear :D
    great outfit :D

  42. Love the scarf in your hair! Killer!

  43. hey love your blog :). Very inspiring.

    Have just started my own:

    Rach xx

  44. love the outfit!!! can never get enough of lychees!


  45. Yum! that sounds like the most perfect summer thirst quencher! My two favorite things, grapefruit and lychee. Except, I've never mixed the two together. I wonder what that will taste like. I usually have lychee chunks added to my tapioca in bubble tea but never done this way before. It'll be something fun to try if we have something similar to that here!

    Cup of Fashion

  46. This place looks so cute, and it's close to my house! I will have to check it out sometime.

  47. Love ur blue short ! you look amazing ♥

  48. Where was the photo taken? It looks like a lovely hideaway.

  49. Lovely outdoor furniture. Looks very comfy.

    Pretty headband too.


  50. you are killin' it! LOVE LOVE RACH!



  51. As far as i'm concerned, clogs are a girls best friend. Effortlessly cool, whimsical and unexpected. I reach for them almost every other day!


  52. So nice pics and very nice clogs!

  53. Love these photos. Your shoes look great with this outfit.

  54. beaut shoes!

    love em for summer outfits

    Rach xx

  55. beaut shoes!

    love em for summer outfits

    Rach xx

  56. I love your top - it's such an amazing shade! It's so nice to see some colour while it's winter here :)

  57. all of your photographs are incredible -- the styling, detail, etc. -and I think it's a good idea to expand Tasty Tuesday

  58. Great ! Love your scarf, your rings and the pattern of your top is amazing.

  59. Looking as good as ever !
    Love your ring and your top :)

  60. soo lovely photos!your outfits are awsoome!

  61. Love the clogs. I had to get a pair after seeing what their name was! I got them in a deeper plum...yum. Your blog is amazing.

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