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deep sea baby

July 11, 2011

Norma Kamali bathing suit and sunglasses. American Apparel shirt.

A rather gloomy, warm day at Laguna Beach with Natalie. Despite our coastal relationship, we've somehow managed to visit each other lots, each warranting pictures to our sartorial freedom. During her stay here, I wanted to cram at least one beach day over the 4th of July weekend without having to battle two hours of traffic and drunk frat boys by simply going the day before. Wore a bathing suit and sunglasses designed by the talented Norma Kamali. Yeah... I've been dying for a pair since my last birthday - proof in the post. And, what better way to finish off a very 50s-inspired look with ruby red lips?

Click over to their Facebook page to see all the other bloggers' looks in a Summer Style Contest and win your own bathing suit by voting :)

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81 responses:

  1. Wish I looked that good when I hit the beach!

  2. This is stunning, I love how classic you look and bright you look, despite the weather!


    The I on Fashion

  3. I love that Norma Kamali suit. It's so classic and flattering!

  4. Love swimsuit!!

    xoxo, Maryam

  5. looooooove your bathing suit!!!! i want it ;D


  6. goodness you look absolutely amazing. i could never look that good on a beach!

  7. Love! Very classy suit. If I don't win one I may just have to buy one.

  8. You look so classy and chic for the beach, absolutely love it!
    Amber's Notebook

  9. I wanna go to sea!!!
    bathing suit and shirt's combination is great;)


  10. You look BEAUTIFUL!! That swimsuit is just PERFECT! :)

  11. Gorgeous photos!! I adore your swimsuit! What camera do you use, these photos turned out beautifully? :)

  12. The suit is amazing and looks incredible on you!!

  13. everything about this absolutely gorgeous! great pics!

  14. Very nice pics, so chic!

  15. ommmyygosh. I AM DYING. LOve these photos and the swimsuit. Such a vibe to this look girl. Totally feeling it!! Also such a great color choice. voted for ya lover. xo, Kim

  16. love your swimsuit

  17. what an absolutely stunning bathing suit. so old hollywood yet sexy. it's also a great shade of color. i love.

  18. You look like a total gorgeous beach babe! We went to the beach on the day before Independence Day, too, when I was in Cali for a few days. I agree with you, totally smart move to do so, despite the overcast weather that day. And I’m smitten with your siren red lips, very retro glam!

    ♥, Jamie

  19. Beautiful shots as always. Such a contrast between NY and Laguna. I really like the retro one piece. It fits the history of Laguna very well.

  20. Wow, these are great shots! You look gorgeous, and the weather looks perfect to me.

  21. loving your bathing suit!


  22. this suit is really nice

  23. Just discovered your blog, really nice!!! You have a new follower!


  24. Love the classic and romantic look of these photos. You look incredible! This is my personal favorite style of bathing suit, halter and ruching one piece is very flattering. My go to is something similar in a chocolate brown, but it's not a Norma Kamali. A touch of red adds just the right amount of glam.
    Van // The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

  25. Awww what gorgeous photos!


  26. You are rocking the 50s look alright! Love it, you look killer!


  27. love that last picture! great shot

  28. beautiful photos! I saw that blouse at AA the other day and want it soo bad. lovely.

  29. Deep sea? Lykke Li, maybe?

    And who makes the red lip? I love it, it's seriously the perfect shade.

  30. I love this! The glasses, the color combo, the red lips...perfection.

    Stop by some time at!

  31. I am absolutely in love with this retro look! You look so gorgeous in this 50s style~~~ that lip color is just perfection. modern glam but so natural at the same time. simply lovely.
    xoxo Diana

  32. I liked your look on their fb page, this looks amazing and I love these shots.

  33. i love your whole ensemble!

  34. amazing look :)

  35. wow! so sexy ...

  36. Love the entire look. Love it.

  37. Your bathing suit looks fabulous. Really like the whole retro vibe createt by the sunglasses and the bathing suit :)

  38. This whole look is vintage inspired. I love it.

  39. Beautiful mix of beachside jewellery! I mentioned you on my blog..

    all the best!xx

  40. Love your swimsuit--so absolutely 50's style.

  41. fab pics and I really like that one piece bathing suit!

  42. YOU'RE TOO SEXY FOR WORDS YOU SEXY BEAST!! (stunning photography btw ehehhehe!)



  43. baetiful girl !!!!


  44. gorgeous bathing suit!

  45. Your bathing suit is so classic and your light pink shirt is so gorgeous! The weather does look gloomy but with your cute outfit and those red lips, you stand out for sure!

  46. I think this is perfect! It's so chic. Everyone would wear it if they had a body like yours!
    Follow each other? :)


  47. So 50s! Love it. Makes me want to come to go to a beach so badly, especially during this horrific heat wave!

  48. you and natalie have so much fun, i'm jealous!

  49. oh, wow.. that´s a good beach-look!!

  50. you look fantastic in the swim suit! :) love that colour!

  51. I love the outfit! It's fabulous!

  52. cute bathing suit

  53. Love your blog.

    follow you


  54. Love the swimsuit! So retro!

    XO Charlotte

  55. I love your hollywood glamour bathing look! It really suits you.

  56. You are amazing on these pictures :)

  57. That color is gorgeous on you, and not a lot of people can pull that color off.

  58. Wow, this is great!
    love love love iitttttttt

  59. You look so elegant in your shots with the bathing suit on the beach. I think it's a combination of the hair and lips that makes it an instant classic!

    Loving it all the way from Sydney,


    visit me at

  60. I love your swimsuit!
    You look gorgeous dear..

    xx stilettonizer xx

  61. A M A Z I N G <3 *

  62. Such a great look to the beach.

  63. Just found you blog through Natalie's, you look lovely! Following your blog ♥

    Eda x

  64. Anonymous

    wow, that last picture...

  65. You look amazing, loving your beach chic! :)

  66. If this is not perfect bathing suit... cute shirt:) all photos are amazing.


  67. you look so gorgeous in your swimsuit! I really need to get a swimsuit too, and I have a feeling that this title is from a lykke li song?

  68. that swimsuit is incredible. perfect color.

  69. Amazing pics dear! xxx
    Guys check my blog please.

  70. Love the swimsuit in these photos

  71. You look really Great in this bathing suit! I love the photos! By the way , I love your style ! Always gorgeous! :-)

  72. Adore your bathing suit. Your sunnies are amazing too.

  73. Yes,I am agree........ French cuff dress shirts are a good way of dressing up, it's a two in one combination.
    Regards:- Sandeep Sharma
    Mens Swimwear

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