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July 26, 2011

One Teaspoon bra. Zara denim shirt. Ralph Lauren shorts. Forever 21 sunglasses. Giuseppe Zanotti wedges.

The last of my photoset from New York taken down the street of the beautiful hotel I stayed at. I posted this bra in my photo-diary a few posts down. Sorry to disappoint the ones who were interested, but I have no idea where to find this bra online! I even spent a hopeful 30 minutes on the One Teaspoon website but ended up distractively pinning over more robust denim. Off to hit the books for my summer school final. Can’t wait to finally have a break from school!

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87 responses:

  1. Love this look! You look gorgeous!


  2. Anonymous

    Is the top sitting quiet alright? I feel like I can peep into your side boob :P

  3. LOVELOVELOVE it! You look amazing! XO Rebecca

  4. Anonymous

    "Is the top sitting quiet alright? I feel like I can peep into your side boob :P"

    I agree

  5. Not many ladies could pull that bra off! I am inspired!!

  6. Raych! You look flawless.
    Impeccable styling and taste.
    Let's do LACMA soon!miss you.

    xo, Liz

  7. I love it! this is such a perfect outfit for summer :))

  8. love this outfit! looking awesome as always :D

  9. Damn! That outfit is killer.

    My boyfriend would probably ban me from wearing that if I wasn't near the beach though. D=

  10. You are one hot lady! This is such a refreshing look. Instantly coveted the bustier. Even though it can't be found elsewhere, at least it looks fantastic on you!

    ♥, Jamie

  11. I really love this look, I would wear like that but I'm worry my body isn't perfect for these clothes :(

  12. Great shoes, super look!

    XO Charlotte

  13. Super cute. The perfect outfit for a lovely summer day in NYC :)


  14. woooow so lovely look... like these outfits ;D


  15. LOVE the bra!!! perfect summer outfit.
    january, x

  16. Love the bag! Where did you get it at? :)

  17. Hi Rachel.
    You are my style/haircut girl crush.

    for realll

  18. i wish i could pull this look off! gorgeous xo

  19. Great look. Wish I could pull of a top like that!

    Fashionable Collections

  20. Great summer outfit. Good luck on your final!

  21. Ohhh you can pull of anything,amazing look!Enjoy in your posts;)

  22. Great shoes! Love the color! Oh and I would klll to have a Zara anywhere near me....ah the frustrations of island life!

  23. gorgeous shorts and gorgeous denim top! xx

  24. Love the mix of the tailored shorts with the loose denim shirt - gorgeous look xx

  25. I love those tailored shorts

    xo Julia

  26. Very cool summer look. Need that bra.

  27. What a great look! If your readers are still wondering where to find a bra like this, there are a lot of tank tops of a similar style that could easily be shortened and made into a crop top/ bra - such as the ones from Aritzia! Just a thought...

    Good luck with finals!


  28. This comment has been removed by the author.
  29. Pretty perfect!


  30. you look so pretty love this outfittt.

  31. easy breezy look yet the denim bra makes it so sexy ;) love it

  32. I LOVE seeing this outfit :)) One of my favs! This bra top is amazeeeeeee. Looking fabs my dear. xo, Kim

  33. like your outfit. It's scream summer!
    I like the oversized shirt thrown on bra it looks like you just got out from a bed. So effortlessly chic!

  34. Completely in love with the outfit! High waisted white shorts and demin bra = perfect.

  35. I love this look! It's so chic.

  36. love this outfit for summer, so simple and chic.

  37. what a friggginnn nice summer outfit! i love it! and i lOvE giuseppe zanottie shoes!

  38. You're getting real good at posting more frequently!Love how you put denim on denim here. I wanna try the midriff showing/high waisted shorts thing, but still a little conscious about the flash of skin. YOU LOOK SO GOOD!



  39. That's great way to rock denim-on-denim. Love.

  40. Stop being so amazing. I'm obsessed with this look. It's so clean and perfect.

  41. One Teaspoon is by far my favourite Aussie brand. You pull of the bra so well - jealous.


    P.S. Time is running out to enter my giveaway where you could win a $75 Shopbop voucher!
    Enter here:

  42. this is amazing. love the bra.. and the wedges!!! gorgeous

  43. the shoes are so adorable!

  44. Love this look - I only wish I could pull it off! :)


  45. my love! Wowzzaa! you look KILLERRRRR.

    Love the whole bra thing; would never be able to pull it off flawlessly as you!
    I MISS YOU DEARLY; date soon? Please? You, me + Liz!



  46. Anonymous

    You're like a polished version of Alexa Chung. Love!

  47. Love the look and the muted colours, esp. the denim shirt!

  48. That bra looks fantastic with that button up.
    Also your hair looks STUNNING. It's so cute!

  49. super gorgeous but you knew that already

    miss you TONS ladybug!

  50. Great look!


  51. Great look, I love the bra. So pretty xx

  52. I wish I was gutsy enough to wear something like that! Unfortunately, pervs in Philly would not be able to stop their creeping. >.<


  53. I love that great denim bra piece your wearing, I totally wish I could wear that wear I live lol!

  54. That bra is gorgeous!
    Looks perfect on you :)


  55. What a beautifully fresh summer look! Love the denim bra.

  56. I love how you pulled this off! It's such a daring look to show off your undergarments but you did with charm and sophistication - you look great!

    The I on Fashion

  57. Great look. Love the shorts!

  58. great modern outfit. killer bustier. oneteaspoon are a fave label of mine!


    Bang & Buck

  59. Great loook! So modern and chic.

  60. you look AMAZING.


  61. Oh my god, that bag that bag that bag!! I would sell my mother for that bag. Really, I would.

    Loving this look, but then, who's surprised?


  62. OMG! U R fantastic! I look throw your blog and I have 2 say it's brilliant!
    U have gr8 personal style and really amazing pics!

  63. I like the vaguely 80's feel of some of your looks (sorta Madonna in her "Express Yourself" video, this one) love, love!

  64. Umzzzz, you sexy babe!


  65. you are so beautiful and i love you!! MISS YOU SO MUCH. xoxoxoxooxx


  66. You make me want to cut my hair!!!
    lovely outfit!!!

  67. LOVE the outfit! very cute and proper! xxo -nb

  68. such great look plus that denim bra is hot!

  69. What a lovely outfit!
    kisses from your follower! ♡
    With love Little Sable

  70. What a lovely outfit!
    kisses from your follower! ♡
    With love Little Sable

  71. Those ralph lauren shorts look amazing on you, and you make denim look so elegant.
    I also really love the way you wear that scarf on your head in the previous post!

  72. amazing wedges! xx

  73. I'm thrilled I found your blog. Your style is so freshing.... I absolutely love this look. You bare a midriff like no other. :) Keepin' it chic and classy... me loves!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend... be back for a visit for sure.

    xx Love & Aloha

  74. Oh-Em-Gee, you are so cute. I love this. <3

  75. New York street photoshots are priceless. You should always take advantage of them while you can!

    I love the classy-dressed down look on you though. Stunning.

  76. Anonymous

    Coach stewardess bag

  77. Wow. This is so gorgeous !

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