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week 6.20

June 21, 2011

Potential summer anthem to listen to whilst you slur and sloth around your backyard losing time on the Internet, drinking strawberry lemonades spiked with strawberry vodka, and checking out your hanging butt-cheeks in the mirror only to realize you need to tone that shit.

When I'm burning up, nothing sounds better than a pita sandwich drenched in cucumber yogurt (Tzatziki).

Pretty simple but all I need. By CZ Falconer from my favorite online discount site, Privé.

Vogue Nippon June 2010

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30 responses:

  1. i love wishful weds outfit


  2. I was just looking in the mirror the other day....sigh.

  3. checking out your hanging butt-cheeks in the mirror only to realize you need to tone that shit??????


  4. tzatziki! what food dreams are made of. lovely post & blog :)

  5. Great post! I love the inspiration for fashion friday :)

  6. that food and that pad are both to die for. i love your weekly roundups. so fun to see what you do and where you have been.

  7. All of these are such inspirational photos!

  8. Yum. Pita w/ cucumber sauce. I would like that and then to lounge in the first room post for Thursday. Heaven.

  9. love all these photos, tasty tuesday is making me hungry!

  10. Damn, I'm hungry after looking at that Greek food.

  11. I love the pink room! Those walls are amazing!


  12. Gorgeous post, loving all the pictures and the mood of it!

    xoxo Despite color

  13. love the decor in the thursday section.. so dreamy

  14. i love your weekly compilations, they're so inspiring. The Fashion Friday is to die for, so romantic and ethereal. And yeah, I hear ya on needing to tone- more than just my butt cheeks unfortunately. And strawberry vodka? May have to try it soon :)

    Beneath the Glass

  15. oooh tzatziki is so yummy! and i love the fashion friday, so inspiring

    <3 Alison

  16. Your Friday outfit id amazing and intriguing!!!
    kisses from your follower ♡
    With love Little Sable

  17. Ravenna Moreira


  18. I want to be in Wishful Thursday!

  19. Your days of the week are so inspiring, love the photos.

  20. How dreamy is the outdoor furniture/tent!

  21. where is the greek food from (is it in the irvine area)?! looks delish!

  22. love fashion friday so much :)

  23. Wow these pics are wonderful!

  24. Love the romantic feel of the spread.

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