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June 29, 2011

Seychelles boots. Raven jeans. Kain silk jacket. Coach purse. Le Petit Petit tank top.

Painfully wore this outfit straight from the airplane to my meetings, each one apologizing for the sloppy eye-sore coupled with a comment about the intense New York heat. But it's okay, touch-ups were done in the cab as I was thankful to have stuffed all my makeup and refreshments into my purse. It was a party favor from Coach's blogger dinner in LA a few weeks prior. Felt a little ashamed that I didn't know much about the history of the purse, but Net-a-Porter relaunched all the classic bags that brought Coach to where they are today. Duly noted when I was stopped by elderly strangers who were fascinated by my pristine vintage purse. "No, no", I would say, as I amateurly explained how it was reproduced or something like it... worn with my most tattered, beat up boots. Can't tell if the "fake leather" is fading or if the "real leather" is sooo scratched up from excessive wear for the days I walk a lot... or would need to run in heels for whatever reason.

Photos by Natalie off Duty xx

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118 responses:

  1. dying over these photos man!!!! And i love how casual and chic this look is. SO ready to take on the city ;) xoxo Kim

  2. That purse is gorgeoussss

  3. These captures of you are remarkable! I adore the lovely, rustic feel to them, as if they are from another time. Natalie did a great job as a photographer. And that Coach vintage "re-make" is a delight. Looking beautiful, girl!

    ♥, Jamie

  4. you look amazing if you just stepped off the airplane! plane rides can be a drag sometimes! I loved how you paired that blue throw over with those orange skinnies!

  5. I love the whole outfit!

  6. Photos are awesome!! I love that rusty colored denim.


  7. I can NOT survive heat in pants so props to you for looking so good!

  8. love this look! the jeans are great!

  9. Nice look :D


  10. This is a really great look on you. You look gorgeous. Definitely swooning over the Kain jacket.

  11. Love the weathered leather look Rach! Good move with the boots, this ensemble is pitch perfect, the separates, the hat, that stoop! Awesome look love!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  12. Wonderful look...I like it!!!

    Fashion Crazy Ball:

  13. D

    you are gorgeous and your outfit looked fit for nyc <3

  14. Great color combo! Loving the warmer colors mixed together!

  15. love this combination, so simple and chic! and the coach bag is absolutely amazing

    <3 Alison

  16. oh, wow! this is SO beautiful!

  17. love the entire look lovie! super fashion forward and boho.

  18. I love your sense of style! I've been browsing on your pictures and I keep seeing outfits I'd gladly hop into, haha!

    Matching mariniere stripes with coloured pants and a couple of vintagey accessories give this outfit an edge, me likey ;)


  19. Ah, that bag really is great! Love it when brands bring back old classics. Love the shots of you sitting on the steps! That hat is so perfect! xx

  20. the shots are spectacular, gorgeous mix of colours in this outfit

  21. OOooh girl!
    It's an amazing look!
    Look and photo.
    I'm crazy about hat <3 ^^
    XO from LittleBlackOrchids

  22. Is the hat vintage? The colour is so unique!

  23. those trousers are a beautiful colour on you. and YESSS i LOVED cali! so jealous that you live there! it was sunny nearly every day. it just always rains in the UK :(

  24. i love the nautical stripes. this is such a casual but polished look. so lovely.


  25. I can't get over how great that lipstick shade looks on you!!! You look great in these photos and I love the color combination of your outfit :)

  26. perfect!

  27. Wow Natalie took some stunner photos of you. I really like your outfit, the colors totally do it for me. :)

  28. Gorgeous combination of colours! You look FAB! Love it!! XO Rebecca

  29. loving the makeup today


  30. wow! i love the combination of the rusty colored pants with stripes!
    i have a similar colored pants i paired them with animal print!:)

    By the way, the peach trousers were bought from a bazaar!

    I hope we can follow each other!
    totally digging your blog.

  31. awesome! I love it :) You have a great blog so i follow you now =) Have a nice friday =)

  32. love the colours!

  33. i love the bag and shoes, sooo beautiful. i love the earthy and rust colour pallette for the cooler summer days. you look lovely.

  34. love this look!
    great pants and boots!

  35. this outfit is all around amazing. love the shoes.


  36. Very nice outfit !!
    In front of this door it is just perfect !

    So Line

  37. those pants are an awesome color

  38. loving the lipstick and the coach purse! What lippie is it?
    Biosus, nana

  39. Beautiful photos! I'm really loving the color combo here! xoxo

  40. Becky

    You obviously have beautiful style, lovely

  41. I'm a huge fan of coral, blue, booties, stripes & clutches myself, would love to wear this outfit any day :)

  42. I really like the color blocking in this look! But I think I would have woren an one-colored tank top in this fit... Anyway cool look. The coat is the best part about it :D

  43. Atleast you look original at the meeting? haha I love it!
    Love the fading of the leather of your boots!
    Natalie itself has great style and nice cameraskills aswell!


  44. <3 <3 <3 Natalie did a killer job

  45. Love this outfit! Go on girlll :)


  46. You look fabulous, love that color combination on you! The purse is really cool as well!


  47. luv the combo of warm and cool colors

  48. Ah that Kain silk jacket looks deliciously comfortable! I adore the hat and boots. What a great layed back sweet ensemble.

    Loving it, babe!

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

  49. Love these gorgeous muted jewel tones. You look stunning!

    x Nia

  50. love your outfit!


  51. I love how all the colours work together. Brilliant.

  52. Very nice pictures! Love your blog! I'm following it, I wouild be happy if you follow me on - jewley & accessories trends and news!

  53. Rust and blue = best combo! You're babing!


  54. awesome photos! looks like it's straight out of an editorial

  55. I love your blog and style! And you are so cute.

  56. i love everything about this outfit!

  57. The bikini is beautiful!!

  58. Those fringe pants are so fashion fearless - I love it!

  59. You are very beautiful! I really like your look! Skip to see me on my blog thank you very much. xoxo S.G.

  60. love your jeans...the color is great!xoxo


  61. I love this outfit! them jeans and them boots look really lovely! - Daniel Dunt

  62. Love the colours ! In Sync !..We Love

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