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sunrise sunset

June 5, 2011

A little catch-all of pictures from the past two weeks wearing some favorites: Le Petit Petit leather jacket, Gypsy 05 lace shorts, BCBG clutch, vintage top, and gold chain jewelry. I'm finishing up my first year here at UCI! A final on Monday and Wednesday then I'm off to New York!! Till then, I can't promise any new posts but I will try when I'm settled in my hotel the first day there.

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83 responses:

  1. great look... love the perf'... ;D

    COVERS: Models PLUS-SIZE in Vogue June 11

  2. Gorgeous. Looks so effortlessly chic...and comfortable at the same time :)


  3. Beautiful styles..<3 it

  4. Loving the 3 outfits!
    Great photography and you look gorgeous!


  5. Love all these outfits! That white lace Victorian-esque blouse is stunning.

  6. Totally in love with the lace top! Congrats on your first year at UCI! I just got out of school as well :)

  7. The leather jacket is too perfect for words. And the high-neck lace detail top is so you. Sophisticated and edgy paired with the cutoffs. Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. Loving the looks. Soft yet edgy. I love it.

  9. You look freat! Love the black look on you!!!!
    love, from Argentina

  10. Just get done what you need and don't worry about anything else. Have fun! And good luck at school with finals.

  11. gorgeous leather jacket in the first pic!

    helen xx

  12. I adore both outfits (demure and edgy), but I am particular drawn to the first with the biker jacket and oversized envelope clutch. You look like a total rockstar. Have fun in NYC!

  13. LOVE the look.. you study in the UK as well?

  14. Rocker, romantic, boho glam...what look can't you rock Rach?!? All soooo beautiful babe, I swear you have a wisdom well beyond your years from what you write to how well you carry yourself and style your life! One of my fave posts from you :D

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  15. what great pictures! I love the one in the middle with the white shirt on...




  17. Wow, your outfits are gorgeous, I especially love the white long sleeved lace top! :)

    The Cat Hag

  18. i love all the outfita,there all so different and you styled them so epicly! love it! :)

  19. that is a perfect leather jacket, loving the look

  20. good luck on finals! eyes on the prize.. NEW YORK! have a great trip :)

  21. Damn girl is fashionable! I love your hair.

  22. that leather jacket is so cool and that lace shirt is adorable! wow! <3

  23. such a perfect little number the leather jacket is. it's so edgy and sexy!

    congrats on finishing up your first year! and have a wonderful trip to NYC :)

    can't wait to see pictures from your trip!


  24. Fab looks! Love it! SO pretty! Have a great start of the week! XO Rebecca

  25. You always pull off the greatest looks! From edgy to retro, you make them all look effortless!

    Cup of Fashion

  26. fab!fab!.. fab!:))

  27. Tes cheveux sont vraiment très cool! Et ton chemisier blanc avec la dentelle sur la 3ème photos : parfait!

  28. your jacket...I like it!!!

    Fashion Crazy Ball:

  29. that leather jacket is a badass! and your lace top is so adorable!GREAT POST!!! ;)FOLLOWING YOU! HOPE YOU FOLLOW BACK! KISSES!!!


  30. Sunrise Sunset by We Are Trees--great song! Lovely outfit.

  31. Love everything! You look effortlessly chic & totally comfy with yourself <3

  32. It looks like you'll cut a bitch in that first photo. #awesome

  33. I love that first blouse!

  34. I'm really loving that first photo! I guess it's the attitude and the way your hair is parted. Oh and that leather jacket looks like perfection! xoxo

  35. love all the outfits so gorgeous!

  36. Love these looks. So delicate and chic!

    Have fun in NY!!

  37. Very nice look in final!!!
    kisses from your follower ♡
    With love Little Sable

  38. i love the lace shorts and top. so perfect for Spring. Looks like a lovely 2 weeks.

    B So Chic!

  39. wicked first hair looks great btw (:


  40. Hey darling! You are gorgeous!


  41. LOVELY PICS!!!!!!!!!!! :O)

  42. Love all the outfits! So styleish withoout overdoing it!


    Fashion Fractions

  43. Loving the rock'n'roll you!


  44. nice, I went to UCI too. You are probably the most fashionable person there. lol. Have fun in NYC! :)

    Wanderlusting Fool

  45. that is Chic!!! love the outfits. you look wonderful. thanks for sharing :)

  46. you look soo bad ass in the leather. It's a killer jacket.



  47. Congrats on completing your first year! I have three finals starting in a couple hours, and then I'm done. Anyway, I remember you posting an Y La Bamba a couple weeks back, and I just posted a new mix with music from bands on the same label, so I thought you might like it!

    Have fun in New York!

  48. In love with that leather jacket. And I know it always takes a bit of getting used to when you get a hair cut, but it really does look good on you :)

  49. stunning! i love the blouse and headpiece! soooo pretty!

  50. In love with that lace top! You look beautiful.

  51. love your romantic blouse! you look fab

  52. you always look stylish matter what!

  53. Anonymous

    You should open ur blog archive ..

  54. I LOVE YOUR HAIRS SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOOO MUCH LIKE SO MUCH when I grow my hair out I want it to look like that. also I love your clothes and style and especially your leather jacket!

  55. one of my favourite looks from you.
    love your hair by the way

    X, Annie

  56. The first photo is so strong! I Love it!

    XO Charlotte

  57. simple style of dress that bears rock n roll but it looks very interesting subject

  58. love the leather, so rock n chic.

  59. amazing outfit, and you´re so cool!!!!!
    i wish you to visit my spanish fashion blog. i´m personal shopper and fashion stylist.

    kisses from madrid!!!

  60. your style is sooooo awesome!! and im in love with that jacket!

    Meena xx

  61. Great outfits! I love the leather jacket and wide pants. Good luck with your final and look forward to your new post! Oh, I think we live close :) (oc!)


  62. Amanda

    mORE outfitphotos !!! :D

  63. Love the home decor and this outfit! Simple yet very chic!!

  64. I love love love your blog <3 it's one of my favourites! You have great style, wonderful presence on camera and nice pictures!! LOVE YOUUUU.

    xx, dawn

  65. Oh my gosh; absolutely in love with your trousers!! They're gorgeous!

  66. Beautiful and elegant dressing with is both smart and stylish.Your own style and fashion makes you and that is what is the trend of today.

  67. I really like the outfit simple but interesting if the wear because it looks rock n roll

  68. Great outfits!

    /Deja Vu - The Blog

  69. now that's what i call a wicked jacket!

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