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secret garden

June 18, 2011

Foley and Corinna blouse. Shorts from Threadsense.

Wearing the prettiest of pretty chiffon blouses from Foley and Corrina in an impromptu pseudo-practice-photoshoot with my friend Vu from Threadsense. I got a call after a long day from work that he wanted to practice some camera techniques, so naturally I offered my body as the subject of his pictorial. We stumbled on a massive garden grid in the middle of Irvine and shot a few pics before sunset.

New York was exciting as it was short - seeing those familiar faces made my trip. A few meetings later, I'm excited to get started on new projects that I can't wait to share with you guys! Once I got home, I just wanted to just slow down after the rush of finals and traveling to fully immerse myself in thoughts I forgot to think about and friends that I missed. Now my mental vacation is coming to a quick halt as summer school starts next week. Noooo!

P.S. Congrats to MaddyS who won the Samsung contest (sorry so late). I emailed you earlier this week. Please get back to me or I will have to pick a new winner!!!

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63 responses:

  1. These are absolutely stunning photos! Vu is an amazing photographer and you have amazing taste. I can't wait to hear all about your upcoming projects, good luck with summer school, my brain is officially/has already long been fried by it. :(

  2. Hi! I'm a big fan of your site. I recently cut my hair and was wondering how you get the lovely waves? Could you do a how-to entry :).

  3. Lovely post : I love the romantic atmosphere, the peaceful light, the cute background... And your outfit which is wonderful, as always.
    Love from Paris,
    Marine / Another fucking fashionista

  4. These photos are GORGEOUS! I'm glad you had a great time & GOOD LUCK at school next week!
    Alicia Mi Mundo

  5. You look beautiful in these shots the lighting, love the pastel ensemble...the perfect summer day...Welcome home sweets!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog



  7. gorgeous photos. i love them. so mysterious and chic.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.
  9. such beautiful photos!
    and the blouse is lovely

    KIRA LILLY fashion blog

  10. that blouse is beautiful and so are you!

    xo Julia

  11. You look beautiful. I love your blouse and your hair, the color is amazing. Your pictures are always so stunning

  12. Beautiful photos! You look stunning, the blouse is perfect.

  13. Ridiculously gorgeous photos.

  14. wow the lighting is soo lovely. you look magical <3

  15. I love the lighting in these photos <333

  16. these photos are absolutely amazingly beautiful! and I love your boots :)

    <3 Alison

  17. This shirt is great and the photos are wonderful!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  18. Such a cute blouse in possibly the best setting ever! you look absolutely lovely! And the peeping socks rock!

  19. May

    love your blog! and even with summer school, at least it'll still be nice beach weather when you are out of class! :)

  20. Anonymous

    awesome plants

  21. That blouse is heavenly. And Vu captured you so beautifully in that garden!

    ♥, Jamie

  22. This is a truly stunning blouse!!!!

  23. You look amazing and I love the look and feel of your pics very pretty!

    The Honeyroom

  24. These photos are beautiful, as are you!!

  25. perfect floral top, gorgeous shots

  26. GORGEOUS ;)


  27. killer print on the blouse!

  28. The pictures are beautiful! And I love your hair! xx

  29. Great location to shoot pictures! I really like the shorts.

  30. These photos are simply beautiful, the lighting and colours are perfect! x

    Spinning Arrow

  31. Beauty! Loving the pictures!

    xoxo Despite color

  32. love the photos
    amazing your blouse
    : )

  33. Beautiful photos! Love the lighting especially in the first shot.

  34. what an awesome opportunity. such beautiful pictures.

  35. such beautiful photos, completely in love with your blouse!

  36. u look lovely!! visit my blog;-)) xoxox

  37. beautiful photos. i love the hairstyle too. really compliments your face.

  38. lovely blouse. The last pic is a bit humorous. Are you trying to play hide and go seek with us?



  39. wow! that's such a gorgeous top! i love it!


  40. babe you look divine!


  41. You look amazing! Have a great start of the week! XO Rebecca

  42. The outfit is so chic and pure!

  43. Beautiful photos! And such a lovely blouse :)

  44. great outfit love the photos!

  45. Love the pictures! Cute garden.


  46. These photos are beautiful! I really love your short hair-it really suits you!


  47. Your friend Vu did a superb job with these photos! It doesn't hurt to have a wonderful model for him to work with either! ;) You match well with the other beautiful flowers in that garden! I'm a fan of that top by the way! It almost has a watercolor painting effect.

    Cup of Fashion

  48. These photos are stunning! And your blouse is so lovely! :)Ada

  49. lovely photos my dear!


  50. this is such a beautiful blog! : )

  51. I love your top! and the roses look incredible!

    XO Hilary Nicole

  52. Beautiful photos :)

  53. Love the blouse and the boots!
    They look great together!

  54. lovely setting and outfit :)

  55. Love your blouse! The photos are lovely! xo

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