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June 24, 2011

Riller & Fount tank. Gypsy 05 skirt. ASOS boots. BCBG clutch.

It was bound to happen - if you follow my Twitter at all, you'll probably notice the embarrassing plethora Disneyland tweets (as well at the token, novel avatar of me in Minnie ears) - hence only a matter of time before my obsession shows up my blog. Probably not the most convenient of outfits to wear... but an annual pass has its perks: like the days you ponder what you should do within your 3.5 hour gap between classes, then you realize you're fifteen minutes away from the happiest place on earth. Suddenly you don't care if you need to juggle a clutch and icecream while rushing to beat the lines at California Screamin' in high-heeled booties... because you're at the happiest place on earth with the guy that makes you feel like you're the happiest person on earth. Then pinched toes in 85 degree heat don't seem as painful.

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73 responses:

  1. too cute! i suffer from disneyland addiction as well. annual pass up in this heezy.

  2. Oh man! I want to go too!

  3. Your hair is so cute! And you pull this look off so well!

  4. looking super cute my friend!!! the minnie ears suit your face frame.

  5. i love disneyland! i had the annual pass once upon a time (haha) back when it was only $99!

  6. I wish I was back in L.A. so I could go to the happiest place on earth all the time, too! The annual pass rules. You look so cute with the Minnie ears!

    ♥, Jamie

  7. Gotta like spontaneity! Who says we can't be kids, still?!

  8. Wow! so stylish for Disneyland.. you look great
    My Fashion Bug

  9. You are too cute for words.

    LACMA, in July?

    xo, Liz

  10. Best idea ever - having an annual pass to Disneyland!
    Wish we had a theme park or a happiest place on earth here that I could buy a pass for. Pretty sure I'd hang out there everyday! :)
    You're adorable in the Minnie ears!

    P.S. Thanks for putting up the archive function on your blog! :)


  11. So adorable! I completely understand. My aunt has an annual pass and she goes to Disneyland to work out by riding rides and just walking around... + entertainment.

  12. ohhhhhhhhh i am so jealous!!! I have been every year since I was born, but this will be my first summer without ;(

    Love your blog by the way!

  13. this is SO cute!! you look adorable, love love that skirt/dress. and the last photo is just perfect :)

  14. So cute and lovely .D

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  15. Ooh this is so pretty! Easily the chicest person at Disneyland!

  16. Well isn't this just the cutest thing ever! Not only are you looking super chic, I commend you for wearing heels to Disneyland. And that blurb about your boyfriend. So adorable.

  17. I love your outfit!

  18. So cuteee! :)Had a lot of fun, I'm sure!

  19. Awwwww you look adorable! You pulled off those ears :) I have a pair and I like that I can wear them out and about!


  20. You look so cute! I used to have an annual pass, tooo and I miss it so.

  21. hah! you look soooo cute in your minnie mouse head piece! and you look so cute with that icecream cone! i'm your newest follower. anyway, i just posted something and hoping you'll check it out (AND FOLLOW BACK?!) if time permits! lol..


  22. totally cute

  23. I'm so jealous, it's amazing you live that close! love the minnie mouse ears too :)

    <3 Alison

  24. too adorable! I love that lace laxi too :)

  25. aww disneyland! haha, nice ears ;)
    i love those boots! yummy
    great photos!

    eliza x

  26. You're totally rockin' that Minnine hat! So adorable! =)

  27. Ok, completely jealous that you have an annual pass AND you're 15 mins away from D-Land!! On top of that, you look fab!:) -A


  28. I was about to say? How did you do Disneyland in a clutch, heels, and skirt? I have to give you props for that.

    Yea, I saw your tweets. Poor Ted. Did he really faint or were you j/p? That's awful :(



  29. Aww the bit about the guy made me aww outloud. Super sweet. I love your outfit even if it's not disney ready haha. I wish I had a pass when I lived in Orlando. I didn't go as much as I should have.

  30. super cute photos..makes me wanna hit disney land for shits n gigggles


  31. Look at you in your all black to disneyland. I love it!

    Hazel Blog

  32. Hhaha how cute!! Hope you had a lovely time :)

    XO Charlotte

  33. nice outfit and beautiful pics

  34. Cute minnie ears! And you pull the outfit off so well :)

  35. I love the black dress and it goes perfectly with the minnie mouse ears! So cute! That should be worn everyday for sure :)

  36. if i lived 15 mins away from the happiest place on earth i'd be there all the time too! haha aww you are so cute

  37. So cute :)


  39. You live just 15 mins away from Disney? I am sooo jealous! Just flew to HK to see Disney a month ago, ended up buying tons of Disney stuff including that Minnie headband I wore also and a Dooney and Bourke Disney bag!!!! :) Very cute!

    I also wore almost the same outfit like yours, but in blue hues. You look great as always, Rachel! :)

  40. LOVE that clutch! Such cute pictures!

  41. I love your blog! :) and btw, you look too cute xx

  42. This makes me want to go to Disneyland.

  43. i just came across your blog ~ it's awesome ;) lovely photos from disney, i want to go back soon!!
    xo ~ kristina

  44. adorable ears and love that clutch - amazing photoshoot all together

    fashionfault ////

  45. lovely post :)

  46. So cute! Edgy but really feminine!

    check out my new giveaway too


  47. Cool!! I like your Minnie look! I have just discovered your blog, I love it! Kisses,

  48. if only everyone dressed that way at disney.

  49. crazy and adorable!!!
    With love Little Sable

  50. bahahaha i love it!
    if i am ever out for a visit disney HAS to be our first stop!

  51. Totally crazy about your skirt!!!You look adorable and these shots are too funny!
    Happy weekend!

  52. I am so glad you left me a comment because it lead me here...your blog is delicious...a wonderful world of colours...I am definitely your newest follower

  53. too cute! love your outfit and great photos!

  54. Love those pics! good vibes! Kisses from France.

  55. You look so sweet! I fell in love with your blog. I read it all today...

  56. You look cute as a button. You must have been the chicest of them all at the Kingdom lovely girl. You outfit is impeccable. :-)

  57. I'm also obsessed with Disneyland! There's just something so magical about The Happiest Place on Earth...

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