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week 5.9

May 9, 2011

My favorite spot on PCH in Orange County: Taco Loco.

Transparent Prada bag.

Lauren Santo Domingo for Vogue.

Dying over these shots. Photo: fashiongonerogue

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33 responses:

  1. gorgeously inspirational photos!

    btw do drop by my site as i have EXTENDED THE BRASHY x MONSTRE XI GIVEAWAY by a week. No harm trying your luck for a cool tshirt (:


  2. Oh wow I might need to try Taco Loco! That looks delicious.

    Love all the pictures!


  3. love all the pics, specially the Lauren Santo Domingo for Vogue ones!

  4. This inspiration post is just GORGEOUS! <3

  5. ahh i love this post. everything about it - perfect.


  6. very nice pics ;D


  7. that meal from taco laco looks to die for. i love your weekly recaps. i truly look forward to them!

  8. ooo that prada bag is beautiful!!

  9. LOVE the fashion friday editorial!

  10. The Prada bag is SO impractical but SO BEAUTIFUL!

  11. That Prada bag is so HOT

  12. Whatever you had for Taco Loco looks incredible. OM NOM NOM!


  13. Ok loving that red flowered dress in the 5th picture. Where can I find it?

  14. love how magical the last few shots are, their colorful hair is amazing

  15. YES YES! I totally love your monday recaps. They kick-ass every.single.week.

  16. ok, so totally random, i have been reading your blog for over a year now and i think i sat next to you (looking sleepy and gross) in the Lanvin for H&M line at South Coast. I thought you looked familiar, but it sounds a little crazy to say, "hey aren't you that girl from that blog?" Especially when it is at 5am.

    anyways. I heart Taco Loco and there guac and spicy salsa. Die.


    Rebecca June

  17. Love this kind of post, so inspiring! <3

  18. wow! just love ur blog!

  19. I've been in love with the transparent Prada bag for some time now too.

    Other than this, really pretty items, I am right there with you!

  20. That Prada bag is amazing!!! WOW!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  21. great photos love that prada bag!

  22. the Loren Santo room is gorgeous!

    B So Chic!

  23. oh wow love this song!
    cool weekly round up :) loves it all~
    xo Diana

  24. Great pix, Wow! I need to try taco loco, I think that's too delicious!

  25. The Prada transparant bag great for the beach

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