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May 30, 2011

Vintage shirt. American Apparel skirt and clutch. Vera Wang wedges.

A few posts back, I mentioned I cut my hair. Here is it, sans 3 inches in all its glory. It took some time getting used to, especially being mistaken for my mom more often than not. But I'm enjoying the ability to tuck one side back and it be out of my face the entire day. I'm also impulsively a few shades lighter. Not sure why I spend all this time repenting asian hair when at the end of the day, I wish I was my natural hair color. Crave change; want normalcy. Nonetheless, I am loving the breath of fresh air. Will be posting a video soon of my haircut with Sassoon later this week - stay tuned.

Also, hope you guys are all having a relaxing Memorial Day weekend so far! The extra rest is much needed after feeling my head's been muddled with a bunch of to-dos but not enough time to do them. First thing to cross off, an update to Shop Chic! Yay, check it out. Also, the contest ends todayyyyy so get your last minute entries in!

P.S. To those that asked what I wore in the HIMYS shoot, I wore: the blue dress is reworked vintage by Gunne Sax, red dress by Pavonine, lastly, leather jacket by Le Petit Petit.

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87 responses:

  1. Love your wedges!


  2. love the print of the top with the pastel colour of your skirt! love your accessories too :)

  3. Ioving the new hairdo!! That vintage tie front shirt is awesome!! Enjoy the rest of the day :)


  4. absolutely breathtaking photos. you have such a great energy.
    anyway, loving the retro-y blouse x

  5. i love that top and it is so pretty the way you have tied it up!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  6. Love this post. The photos have a really nice feel to them and I adore your outfit!

  7. L O V E L Y OUTFIT!!!!!!!! :)

  8. Hellooooo Gorgeous! Love the new locks babe...just enough change to still look quite normal ;D. This entire look screams beach boys chic...has anyone ever told you you look like Moms?? Hehehhe

    Happy Memorial Day babe!!! Hope it's an awesome one!!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  9. Beautiful photos!!!
    I love this outfit.. I love your top and love the way you worn it together with your skirt.. I love the color of your skirt.. And the wedges is so gorgeous!!

  10. like it :)


  11. gorgeous colour combo, loving your wedges

  12. Your new haircut is remarkable; it looks very elegant! Your outfit is the perfect summer look, and I can't get enough of your wedges.
    much love.

  13. I absolutely love the mix of colors! Your hair looks amazing! :)

  14. LOVE ;)

    Campagn Chanel AW11-12 by Carine Roitfeld

  15. I've always liked how you dressed. There's something fresh, a bit bohemian but refined about it, so CHIC! Yeah, I went there.

    Patricia Ann

  16. wow I love everything about this outfit~ you look super gorrrrg. the photos are STUNNING :DDD
    xo Diana

  17. Stunning shoes!


  18. I love this outfit! Simply adorable!

  19. Amazing look! It's so gorgeous also with the setting :) Love this post :)
    Love Lois xxx

  20. love this look, so elegant

  21. Those wedges are faboulus!! :D


  22. those wedges are sooo fantastic. you look amazing in your outfit. i love when you do your posts about what you are wearing. so exciting and fun.

  23. ooooh gorgeous shirt and shoes! love this!

    helen x

  24. found you through whatisrealityanyway, love your cropped do girl!

  25. you remind me of alexa chung with this look its so effortless the print on that top is really awesome me likieee

    ♥ A fox that meows

  26. that's a pretty cool outfit!

  27. Your hairdo looks great! Love this outfit, right down to the gold bangles : )

  28. I LOVE this look! I'd wear it in a second. That vintage shirt was an awesome find and the outfit is so sweet and summery!


  29. perfect for summer. i esp love those shoes! -C.C.
    ReFashion Statement

  30. really loving the wedges..very cute


  31. nice hair! and your outfit is totally chick! i want your white wedges! check out my blog!

  32. Love the Outfit,
    Especially the vintage shirt and Vera Wang wedges... perfect summer outfit!

  33. the hair looks really good on you, it's fresh! perfect for summer

  34. Those wedges are to die for! Adore your style and adore your blog :)

  35. you look fab dear, that shirt is adorable and those wedges are wonderful!

  36. I love your outfit! you look amazing :)

  37. OMG YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL! i love ya so mucho! xoxooxoxoxo


  38. This is amazing. I love the print on the top. Everything all together is just perfection.

  39. I like the new hair! I think it makes you look more youthful (so NOT like your mom haha). Love that shirt.

  40. Love the shoes!!
    The color of the skirt is wonderful!


  41. I think those are the shoes you wore when we first met. LURVE! :)


  42. OMG! Absolutely love it! It's perfect!!

  43. I love your blog !!

    visite me :

  44. ♡ Very beautiful!!!!
    kisses from your follower ♡
    With love Little Sable

  45. I love that blouse! It looks divine with the skirt, and your haircut is gorgeous!

  46. fabulous outfit!! love hawaiian printed tees!!

  47. Looove the outfit!!
    Love everything you are wearing, gives a vintage feel! :D
    I looove your clutch and wedges! <33

  48. Loving your outfit and pictures with the great lighting and all. Love those bracelets too!

  49. this is a beautiful outfit, you look absolutely stunning!

  50. I've been debating cutting my hair about that length for a while. You look so sophisticated and beautiful in this post, think I might be convinced to do it!

  51. Gorgeous outfit, I love everything about it!


  52. AMAZING OUTFIT :D soooo amazing. I love that top, cute :) <3

    Greeeaat post :D I am now following your blog!! <3

  53. I'm not following you because I can't find where :L ????? Help... x

  54. Anonymous

    I love your wedge! Your outfit is perfect!




  55. Darling locks my love...really the new hair is SO cute! :)

    And great top, killer look as always <3

    xx Laura

  56. gorgeous outfit love the shoes!

  57. Love love your hair!! Very refreshing to see considering majority of the bloggers out there have long hair. Love the outfit as well. :)

  58. love the style the look great.
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  59. Love the shoes - great spring look

  60. this is just..wounderful......

  61. This outfit is amazing! Love your top and the wedges are skirt are so cute too!

  62. Oh I just love pink with the cream colored shoes right now. ROck on!

  63. great outfit! you always look fabulous!Anyway, I just posted something..please check it out if you have time..kisses!!!


  64. I found a shirt just like yours while thrift store rummaging and put it back because i figured i couldn't pull it off. you look epic!

  65. Anonymous

    Your hair is
    lovely :)
    An the thing with the hair,
    we just want what
    we can't have.

    (I've always wanted blonde hair.)

  66. Beautiful cluth and skirt. greatly put together. The bracelts are crazy cool, such fashionable detail!

  67. my favorite and over worn clutch! :)

  68. For lack of a better world... You look sooo 'bitchin'.

  69. I love the playful blouse on the neutral colours. :)Ada

  70. The bob suits you! I keep getting tempted to chop off all my hair. I love the shirt as well, it reminds me of the old-school hawaiian shirts my parents had and I used to dress up in.

  71. Ahhh your vintage shirt! Gorgeous as ever girl! Haven't commented in forever, well due! How have you been?! Hoping all is well! xxxxx

  72. I'm absolutly in love with your shirt. Looks amazing! I have a printed swimsuit so similar to this from topshop... mmmm! strange!
    Anyway... you look great ;)

  73. I love those wedges, they are amazing! great snap - very chic!
    belle xx

  74. This outfit is beyond perfection. Love your shirt and how you wear it !

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