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May 5, 2011

All Saints dress. Urban Outfitters jacket. Chloe boots.

Pictures taken weeks ago when I finally met up with the beautiful Jules, from Sincerely Jules, after being in internet contact for what seems like years. And with only an hour drive away - it surprised me that we didn't meet up sooner. What blogger meet-up would be complete without an embarrassing impromptu photo shoot, in my case, modeling awkwardly next to (and on) a motorcycle while people staring heavily at our lost sartorial cause.

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65 responses:

  1. The leather jacket makes your outfit super cool. Love your look!

    - Dani

  2. that seems to be how i typically feel! i always wish i was a dancer and sincerely love the look of dancer girls. this is an adorable dress and a great leather jacket!!

  3. Sounds like fun. That is a great dress, and the contrast with the leather jacket is great. Awesome styling!

  4. You look sooooo amazing here xoxo
    Loving this moto ;)

  5. Perfect place for a shot! Can imagine the awkwardness though :)
    It would be mine

  6. The bike really suits you

  7. Jules did a great job with the photos. Love the jacket!

  8. I love the outfit, and the photos are gorgeous! Love

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  9. Great photos, love the jacket worn over the girly dress :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  10. love


  11. the pictures are absolutely gorge, adore that jacket on you

  12. you look so great in these photos! loving the coloring and the white dress of course


  13. love these photos! It's so fun to meet other bloggers! I love both your blog and hers!

    Lindsey Turner

  14. I love this kind of outfit, like sweet but edgy at the same time. You pull them off so well!!!

    -Elodie x

  15. ooooh i love this biker chic look!! haha you look great!!

    helen xx

  16. Supah fierce! Love the rough/cute combo. Have a nice day!

    Love Despite color

  17. this is soo cute..and that skirt is so beautiful

  18. I love the leather jacket with this dress!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  19. beautiful! i like this jacket a lot.

    finally hatachi

  20. Oh, it looks amazing! And I love the ring!

  21. Is that your bike!?
    Ahhh how I would love to have one but my bf won't let me! ><
    you look gorgeous with your pretty dress paired with that leather jacket to give your look an edge. Love the look 100%!


    p.s. Having a giveaway on my blog that will be launched today! xx

  22. amazing outfit love how it's feminine but with an edge with the leather jacket!

  23. what a fun photo-shot tho!! I can't get use to people giving awkward looks either, I kind of just have to laugh while the walk by.


  24. That's so cool you and Jules got to finally meet each other! You look so dreamy and edgy next to the bike, I'm sure you turned some heads :)
    much love.

  25. adorable :) love that jacket! and that you chose the shoot on a bike ;)


  26. Um, Raych! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!! I love this whole shoot—you, the clothes, the motorcycle, and the photographer :)

    Stop making us all look bad, you are so lovely

  27. you are so pretty!perfect biker-chic :) xx

  28. Did you actually drive it?:D look simply adorable. i love your smile:)

  29. Really cute outfit! The leather jacket adds the right amount of edge. Hope that wasn't just some random person's bike though...

  30. haha. That would be even more hilarious if the bike belonged to neither Jules nor you. Thankfully you looked amazing on it deary :).


  31. You look great! I love your bag.


  32. just discovered your blog and love it!! adore this look...

  33. haha it's always awkward shooting when there are people watching. did the bike owner come by and see you guys??

  34. Haha ahh well! I guess it makes a good prop, but it's good that the owner didn't see you! :)

  35. beautiful contrast lovely!!

  36. thats sucha super hot hardcore but innocent outfit! awesome mix..i love it...looking great bella

    btw I have extended the BRASHY x MONSTRE XI GIVEAWAY by a week so do check out to win a FREE TEE (:


  37. i'm a huge fan of leather jackets + dresses. an even bigger fan of motorcycles.
    people watching while you take pics suxxxx. they get all weird!

  38. those photos are soooo cool and your skirt is adorable! <3

  39. the skirt is amazing... love the soft+edgy look and the chloe boots are a must .. Happy Friday!

    Lola xx

  40. I would love to see the entire dress. Looks cute! And I love the jacket by the way.

  41. You look so gorgeous and at ease on that bike!! ;)

    I love the mix of the leather jacket with the flowy white dress.


  42. Your blog is so cool!
    I follow you!

    Baci from Babysan ^^

  43. i love how that fab leather jacket provided contrast to that sweet, feminine's a killer combo!

    i'll be following you!pls drop by my blog if you have chance..kisses!

  44. OMG! I love this post! Love the combination of the biker tough with the sweet white! Want to wear this outfit NOW! Great job doll! XO Raspberry & Rouge

  45. very cute outfit !

  46. Love the dress!!


  47. haha great outfit, yeah i hate that awkward feeling taking pictures outside

  48. love the outfit

  49. This is a chic and beautiful outfit! The contrast between the dress and jacket is stunning!

  50. Haha, but the pictures were worth it! The jacket and motorcycle fit together quite well! ;)


  51. Cute dress! Very 'tough chic' xx
    Now following you!

  52. You look like a bad ass biker babe. Love these photos! <3

  53. Get yourself a Harley girl!!!!

    Looking great!

    <3 Zoe Gabrielle

  54. love your look in these pictures!

  55. Such an inspired look mixing a leather jacket with the soft dress.

  56. How hot is this post! So in love. Now following! x

  57. Such cool outfit and girly at the same time!


  59. Really, really nice. I love this style. Thanks for posting.

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