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May 14, 2011

Vintage Levi's and hat. Pencey shirt. Rebecca Minkoff bag

Before I run off and do Saturday things like being stressed at the post-office or finally using my Fandango tickets to watch at movie (opting for Bridesmaids), I wanted share these pictures I took a while ago on a much warmer day than today. I recently was introduced to Pencey and I think they're based in NYC, but consider me obsessed with Pencey's color palette (that already plagues my closet) and subtle-flashes-of-skin aesthetic. Hope you guys enjoy the photogenic parking lot behind me!

Btw, I cut my hair... really short! I'll be sharing it soon within the next week!

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72 responses:

  1. You look perfect in that sheer Pencey shirt, and I love the shirttail detail. Can't wait to see your new haircut, hun!
    much love.

  2. Great outfit, love your shorts & hat!

  3. Love the look.... very nice outfits ;)
    love the bag ;)


  4. Molly

    Is the hazy lighting due to a certain lens or is it a photoshop effect? I keep seeing pictures like this on blogs and curious how they do it.

  5. Cool outfit :)

  6. cute outfit. I love how long the tail of your shirt is.


  7. you set the mood for summer!



  8. So great! Really good tomboy but still really girly look at the same time. That hat is great too!

  9. What an adorable hat :)
    Love everything in this outfit, so simple and chic.
    Aussie designers rock! My fave are One Teaspoon. Amazing stuff.
    Enjoy your weekend! I can't wait to see your new do!


  10. Pencey top looks beautiful on you. <3.



  11. Very simple but very beautiful. Great for summer!

  12. so beautiful! i actually love your accessories too!

  13. i really like the simple, comfy vibe of this outfit. you look great :)


  14. these pictures are so lovely! love the lighting. it's perfect with the sheer shirt

  15. I love that your pictures always capture the perfect sunlight. That's what always draws me to your images. The way the sun hits the sheer fabrics is beautiful. Oh, and I'm so nervous yet excited to see your new haircut because I already love your hair the way it is now, can't imagine what it will be like. I'm sure it'll look great because you can pull anything off!

    Cup of Fashion

  16. These shots are beautiful! Love the outfit, lighting,...
    I'm looking forward to see your shorter hair :)

  17. you're such a cutie, love your style. Can't wait to see your shorter hair.

  18. fabulous shots, lighting and colours are absolutely stunning

  19. Beautiful outfit! love it!

  20. What a great weekend outfit.. fun, relaxed, but still polished. And that bag.. swooooooon!! lucky lady.

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

    xx Love & Aloha

  21. That gorgeous Minkoff bag!:)

  22. This outfit is beautiful and the hazy lighting makes it look very ethereal.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bowler hat.

  23. Wow these photos are amazing! How I wish it was still summer here. I can't stand the cold and rain! Can't wait to see your hair :)

  24. I love your outfit! And the pictures are really amazing!

  25. lovely outfit.

  26. amazing pictures! and you look gorgeous, as always!

    Perfumed Red Shoes

  27. you can see the warmth in this photograph! so fabulous. love these photooooos

  28. that blouse is killer. dead.

  29. Gorgeous outfit!!!



  30. I love it! So pretty! You look stunning! Good job! XO Raspberry & Rouge

  31. great pictures, cute hat

  32. Simply great!

  33. me encanta el look que nos muestras, la cartera aaaaaaaaaa lindo outfit te invito a mi blog encontraras moda, maquillaje, manicura, etc
    I love the look that you show us the cute outfit portfolio aaaaaaaaaa invite you to my blog you will find fashion, makeup, manicure, etc.

  34. The colours in these photos are simply amazing, and so envious how you seem to be able to pull off short hair with such nonchalance! I'd look like a soccermom... xx

  35. you look so stunning and I really love the editing of your pictures! X

  36. these photos are wonderful, the light is perfect! And that shirt is adorable! <3

  37. beautiful photos! nice outfit

  38. she bathed herself in sunlight, wrapped it about her like a warm cloak, preparing for disappointment, when he decided to hide, beneath the horizon.

  39. Your photos are incredible. I like the spirit of photos.

    In brief I like your blog.


  40. Love the way the light diffuses through the shirt. A beautiful look.

  41. fantastic! looking forward to the new hair cut!

  42. Loving the lighting in these shots hun...makes for a totally ethereal looking parking lot..hahah...Props to your boy!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  43. great blog!
    I follow you!
    do you follow me?
    kiss from Italy :)

  44. Stunning…..

  45. amazing outfit love it!

  46. love the shirt, looks so cosy!

  47. That's my favorite Rebecca Minkoff bag.

  48. Hey Thats Chic!
    What a great post, I LOVE your style, so elegante! I just came across your blog and I fell in love with it! It's spectacular, so I am following you : ) I am inspired by your blog and am trying to start one myself, please check it out and follow if you like it! ... See you soon, kisses!

  49. great outfit esp the sheer top and that beatufil gold bracelet! Hope to see a close up shot of it soon! Where is it from anyway? :)

    bisous, nana

  50. man, those photos... i am speechless. may i ask which lens u used for these photos?

    die melange

  51. love the whole look!


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    Does anyone have an Ideeli invite code?
    Thanks :D

  53. The photos in this post are beautiful and you look amazing. =)

  54. Gorgeous!!!!


  55. hey love this vintage post ;)

  56. lovely photography!


  57. ToteGirl

    Love the vintage outfits! Do you have suggestions for great styles of tote bags that can be paired with the vintage look?

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