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uniform dressing

April 1, 2011

Zara jacket. Sold jeans. Vintage belt and purse. ASOS boots.

Throwing in a couple of my favorite pieces for the most basic uniform ever. I don't think I've featured these jeans on my blog, yet I wear them all the time. I even think they're classified under "jeggings", but I just turn a blind eye. What I love most about the cut is that it stops right at the ankle which convinced me to hem all my jeans shorter. Another closet-changing staple is that beautiful gold belt. A product most likely sold in Santee Alley for its unyielding "leather" and questionable quality (found it at a thrift store though), but I've accepted the future devastation when it self-destructs on me on a day I need it most.

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54 responses:

  1. That jacket is HOT!

  2. wonderful outift. i love espescially the belt :)
    love, jana.

  3. gorgeous!! uniform outfits are the best!

  4. Sometimes the simplest outfits based around your staples are the base, ad I think this post really shows that. Love the brown jacket too, makes a nice change from so many black leather jackets around!

  5. i love the simplicity of this outfit. you look fabulous.

  6. lovely look, adore these boots

  7. love that you're always channeling that tomboy look. it's so effortless, not that many people can pull it off.

  8. love it entirely. you are tempting me to cut my hair!

  9. Love it! This is my uniform too

  10. that jacket! The whole outfit looks great...effortlessly chic!

  11. I hope they still have that jacket at the store. Looks great!

  12. Love this! I think the questionable fabric jacket is lush!

  13. I love the rich chocolate brown of that leather jacket! This is such an adorable outfit.

    - Meanz (Koi Story)

  14. jeggings are THE BEST. so comfy. and i'm all about basics, classic easy to wear comfortable looks :)

  15. Love the outfit. So simple yet so chic.

  16. Cute jacket! I love your blog a lot! You put such pretty outfits together. Following!

  17. love your leather jacket, my goodness!

    Must Visit

  18. Love your belt and bag!!

    Stop by some time :)

  19. You look great, this whole outfit is amazing!

    Xx One More Chance

  20. love this easy but so cool look! <3

  21. Those pants do have a beautiful hemline! Adore the leopard print scarf and the vintage quilted purse as well.
    much love.

  22. really nice look! :)


  23. Great belt!! Love your look, could have worn the same, like the basic style big time!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    xo thefashionguitar

  24. I love your belt and those boots of yours!

  25. I like to think of all my jeggings as denim jeans. The word jegging is ugly enough as it is.



  26. i love jecket!
    great outfit

  27. wow love this look!


  28. fantastic outfit!!! cute blog!

  29. Beautiful outfit!!! I love the jacket.

    Kisses from Spain;)

  30. you look amazing in this outfit.
    and that boots are so lovely :)

    visit my blog at:

  31. Great outfit! I love the belt.


  32. Anonymous

    Love your nails!! What colour/brand is it?

  33. Great outfit! You look fabulous. Chic and sassy.

  34. Amazing!

  35. love this outfit and your blog!

    follow me?

    look forward to lusting over fashion with you

  36. i love your belt and jacket! such a perfect combination :)

  37. Love your outfit and ADORE the belt!

  38. the jacket is great,u look excellent,so simple but yet so so effective!:)

  39. Anonymous

    I'm gonna wreck your twitter hard, slam that shit until we hear church bells ring.

  40. Adore your Zara leather jacket. Such a perfect colour.

    The Heartbreak

  41. I wear a very similar uniform LOL Isn't it the bet when you find a pair of jeans you LOVE?! These are great on you and I love them with this leather jacket!

  42. Love the jacket!

  43. love the outfit!! awesome jacket :)

  44. The leather jacket is great. And you look incredibly good! Has anyone ever told you that you look similar to Alexa Chung? I think it's the hair.

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