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long week

April 15, 2011

Vintage shirt and belt. Kasil pants. Forever 21 flats.

Have been too swamped from early morning to late night every day this week to post these pictures from last Sunday, which was probably the last day I felt relaxed and apparently thought it was a good idea to straighten my hair for the day. The bittersweet epiphany of my strange enjoyment of having straight hair took me back to high school when I begged my mom to get it permed. Soooo glad she convinced me that having naturally wavy was somewhat covetable. But, my poor hair has been worn straight almost every day this week. Gotta use some sort of moisturizer or whatever hair needs.

Pretty eventful week consisting of having long dinner conversations with one of my best friends on a random weekday, stealing pretty pink flowers to throw in a jar of water at home, whipping my hair back-and-forth to Christine djing and Fartbarf performing, ensuring I vicariously live through all my drunken friends as the DD, meeting a bunch of people I constantly email but have never met face to face (hi Elizabeth, Ryann, and Logan!), suffering the aftermath of a jalapeno margarita, snuggling with the office dog who I taught how to ‘lay’ and ‘sit’, giggling over Modern Family re-runs after a late night rendezvous, and playing catch up on all the school work I’ve missed. Seriously, can’t wait for this week to be over! Planning on going to the Huntington Library with my boyfriend this weekend as well as catching up with old friends. Happy Friday everyone and hope you all have an great weekend! xx

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52 responses:

  1. I adore the sheer blouse; it looks idylic once paired with brogues(as you have already done so :) It creates such a minimalistic yet sublimely interesting textured outfit....Simply, i love it.

    X Neda X

  2. Loooove....
    Simple but Beautiful ;D

    NEW IN:

  3. You look incredible!


  4. adore your face adn the outfit. and the fact that you taught an animal to lay and sit so quickly. definitely a perk.

    a perk for what.. I don't know. But a perk nonetheless.


  5. beautiful girl as always! haha, are you a chinese?

    dejoiss ♥

  6. I love the oufit, everything looks so great! :)

  7. your hair looks fab straight!

  8. I love your outfit is beautiful!!! ;)

  9. Great outfit. You look sad :(

  10. The sheer blouse is divine. I always enjoy going to the Huntington Library. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!
    much love.

  11. you look adorable! i do agree, it was an extremely long week!! a bit too long i think :D

  12. what a divine blouse!

    this week has been insanely long for me as well, mostly lots of planning teleconferences for work. i hope to get out and finally enjoy the sun this weekend.

    she walks, neurons fire,
    chemical signals splaying,
    the sun warm with light.

  13. gorgeous sheering shirt

  14. that's all you did? straighten it? cos i was about to ask what did you do to your hair, it looks pheeeeeeeenomenal! love the cut too

  15. Nice outfit, I really love sheer blouses :)

  16. Beautiful photos girl!!

    have a nice friday!

  17. love your shirt, and look at that amazing necklace!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  18. im in dire ned of a top like that. so versatile

  19. love your sheer pretty!


  20. Love your pictures and blog!!! Amazingg ♥


    IT Style Blog

  21. I love it
    I'm your follower. :=)
    Your blog is amazing!!!!
    I hope you will follow me
    with love

  22. yay! you're still wearing the pants. :) we need to give you more! are you interested? you can email me
    i met you at the one that one day and approached you about working for Kasil! remember?


  23. I love you hair - it looks great!
    Much love,

  24. You look lovely honey, casual and chic for a lazy Sunday. Love that necklace you're rocking...looks like an elephant? angel? Beautifully ornate- just my style! Hope things start slowing down a bit so you can relaxi taxi since the weather's been soooo gorgeous!

    Btw- Haute Khuuture turns 1 today so I'm hosting my very first HUGE giveaway...I'd love to see you stop by if you have a moment :D

    Happy Weekend hun!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  25. This outfit puts me at ease, it's so relaxing! When did your hair get this long?

  26. I love your hair straight it looks amazing! Your outfit is killer too :)

  27. Anonymous

    you need to straighten your hair more often girl.

  28. Your week seemed super crazy awesome. Kinda motivating me to do STUFF!

  29. I love how your top is technically "too big" but you've made it look so perfect!


  30. i don't say this to many people but your hair looks amazing straight. loving it.


  31. The sheer top is so cute! :D

    Have a Good Day!


  32. I love the Huntington Library. Have you done their tea room? It is not cheap, but it is so good! Worth every cent. The little finger sandwiches and deserts are so tasty, but the flavored ice tea really makes the whole meal. If you walk around enough to work up an appetite, I definitely recommend it!

  33. New to your blog! Love the simple casual look... and pretty much everything else! p.s. the Japanese gardens are closed at Huntington until next year or 2013. Can't remember off the top of my head.

  34. very nice shirt and great necklace! <3

  35. Love the top!

    What kind of work are you doing?


  36. love your outfit you look stunning!

    giveaway on my blog!

  37. I love your necklace! Is it an elephant? It's gorgeous.
    Love Lois xxx

  38. Really adore everything your wearing, especially those flesh toned flats.

    The Heartbreak

  39. that looks so good on you! :-)

  40. You look amazing!! I love this outfit!

    Kisses from Spain;)

  41. Love this outfit - so effortlessly chic. The necklace adds impact. Love it!

    x Antonia


  42. liking this oufit alot.
    so simple.

  43. I'm loving the sheer blouse. You look beautiful, as usual!

    P.S. Great necklace, it makes a statement!

  44. the necklaces goes great against the sheer blouse.

    **btw I have a BRASHYxMONSTRE XI GIVEAWAY (Blog Entry #62) on at the moment so do pop by to see if you win an awesome tee**


  45. love the sheer blouse, and it makes me happy that you like modern family:) and thanks for music mondays--i love hearing new music!


  46. The second photo is so pretty...

    xo thefashionguitar

  47. the leather jacket is great!! kate moss is such an iconic, what an inspiration.

    check out my new post! i think youll like it

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