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elie tahari

April 18, 2011

Elie Tahari contacted me during February's fashion week to attend their show but sadly I wasn't in town. I think I stepped into an Elie Tahari store like once in my life prior to developing my own style, and I must say I'm floored by their newest seasons adorned with charming pieces all so effortlessly beautiful and perfect for every occasion. We kept in contact for several months via email and then Allisa sent me a package of hand-selected items she thought fit my style. I was completely overwhelmed by all the silhouettes and colors I already naturally gravitate towards: muted neutrals, flashy pops of gold, a bustier to show off skin, and liquid-like leather. That said, I am so, so excited to style and blog a four-piece installment for Elie Tahari's blog as I have fallen head-over-heels for the brand!

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46 responses:

  1. that gold pleated skirt is SO GORGEOUS!

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  2. I love he bustier but that gold pleated skirt is a dream!!!!!!

  3. They make some beautiful clothes. Love the skirt!

    Stop by some time :)

  4. I've recently "discovered" Tahari as well and have been super impressed. Lovely pieces, and congrats on the gig :D

    PS - great blog!


  5. They make classic and edgy clothes. Love Tahari!!!

  6. holy canoli this is amazing !!! love her stuff

  7. wow these two pieces are incredible! beautiful construction

  8. LOOOOOOVE ;))

    H&M & Swedish Hasbeen:

  9. gorgeous golden skirt

  10. Wow! I love Tahari! I have a couple of dresses from the SS 2008 collection that I absolutely adore. These pieces are so gorgeous--bet you will have so much fun styling them!

  11. Wow, that sskirt is amazing!

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  13. Oh my god! I think I like the bustier even more than the skirt! (Maybe.)

  14. i love the way the gold plays off of each other in these two looks. the skirt is sooo chic and the bra is sexy

  15. I love that gold pleated skirt. I saw it in Bazaar and ripped it out as a reminder to try to track it down.


  16. Can't wait to see how you style for Elie Tahari's blog! Those two pieces are beyond gorgeous and decadent, love them!
    much love.

  17. The skirt is simply AMAZING! I love it!

  18. i recently discovered eli tahari as well, and definitely cannot believe i had not paid attention or noticed sooner. always such amazing pieces and collections. that pleated skirt looks like it would fit seamlessly in with the rest of my closet.

  19. omg, those pieces! speechless!

  20. These are stunning pieces. I can't wait to see the styles you come up with.

  21. That skirt is fantastic, great attention grabber

  22. The golden pleated skirt is fab!

    xo thefashionguitar

  23. I love your blog !!


  24. OMG! that golden skirt is fabulous!!!! :D

    I really want to see the pics of the whole outfit! :D


  25. Hi Rachel, you asked me on my purple lipstick in post. It´s Chanel rouge allure 11.

    :) You have a very nice blog.


  26. love that skirt, it is like wow and i cannot stop looking at it. the gold is like such a thick layer, it is almost like it is made out of liquid gold. it is not only feminine but oh so exuberant, really magnificent

  27. wow, that skirt is amazing! <3

  28. lovely pieces here, her designs are exquisite!

  29. so exciting that you were invited, thats a huge honor!! my friend interned there and loved it!

    check out my new post! i think youll like it

  30. Emmy Rossum just wore that gold skirt
    during Elie Tahari’s Bag Launch Benefiting Safe Horizon event. I bet you'll look just as good - if not better. =)

  31. Beautiful hun...Love that pleating and the bustier is something that totally screams ThatsChic! Tahari got your style down pat...can't wait to see what comes from these ohsofab pieces!

    Btw, Haute Khuuture just celebrated her first birthday so I'm hosting a HUGE giveaway...stop by when you get a chance!

    Happy Hump Day hun!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  32. i'm so into pleats this season! love that skirt.

  33. love the pieces that skirt is amazing!!

    giveaway on my blog!

  34. Can't wait to see it Rach!





  36. These clothes are both perfect. This bustier will be stunning with denim shorts and suede boots. And this skirt is beautiful.

    Your hole blog is great ! I've started one. Could you please check it out ?

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