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coastal gloom

April 20, 2011

elie tahari cardigan and scarf.

My first post for Elie Tahari's blog!

A perk of going to school conveniently located by the coast is being able to squeeze in sand time between brunch and classes. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit during the morning gloom at the edge of the sand, staring into an abnormally deserted beach sans tourists and kids. It wasn’t quite warm enough to hit the beach yet, and I was sorely misguided by what seemed like sunny weather, only to realize the suspended marine layer still hadn’t passed. Sort of sluggish from a food coma and warm only from this last minute jacket sitting in my car (and to think people look down on me for making my car a second closet), staring at my slashed jacket confused me as much as it entertained me. I never believed Elie Tahari to be so daring with their designs, but this has to be one of my favorite pieces from their Spring 2011 line. I especially love how it was styled on the runway with just a bikini top and some slouchy, mico-mini shorts. A similar outfit would have followed on my end weather-permitting. Each piece in the entire collection provokes an effortless edge and when you have a silk scarf that makes the perfect bandana/headband, how could you resist your inner swashbuckler?

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45 responses:

  1. Amazing I love these images. The outfit suits the location perfectly I love it.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  2. Really great look! And it's fantastic with the location. I just love all of the soft, desaturated tones, and the mellow vibe.

  3. So beauuuuuuuuuuuutiful!


  4. definitely too cold for the water but you look quite hott my dear. I am loving your hair wavy!!


  5. these photos are incredible! you look beautiful

  6. The details in your outfit are great. I love that floral dress too.


  7. looove

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  8. wonderfful pics and that cardi is very nice! <3

  9. california cool meets beach chic

    helll ya girl, you've got it nailed.
    i love love love this look and these photos are beautiful.

  10. Love the photos :D

    kisses xoxo

  11. always love to read your stories on your blog.. these pictures are absolutely beautiful... what camera do you use? and what lens?

  12. The way you styled that scarf is a fantastic way to channel your "inner swashbuckler." I love the Elie Tahari fringe cardigan. The edginess of it is perfect paired with the soft print of the dress.
    much love.

  13. what a chic look! i love it. the head scarf is great.

  14. Love this. It's matched brilliantly.

  15. i love your headband, and that shawl is such a lovely texture!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  16. I love your cardigan! great outfit!


  17. the dress is so cute!

  18. aaww love youre so gorgeous ;)

    love these photos!

    helen xx

  19. Really great outfit and lovely photos and girl! I am very jealous you go to school by the beach, it must be very nice :)

    Elie Tahari has made a good swashbuckler out of you ;)

  20. fabulous photos, so lovely

  21. Anonymous

    beautiful pictures! what camera are you using??

  22. So Pretty!!


  23. gorgeous love the photos love the dress!

    giveaway on my blog!

  24. I love this outfit! The silk scarf doubling as a headband adds a great touch.

  25. The scarf around your head made everything look so much cooler!

  26. These photos look like they came out of a magazine! Werk it girl! Love you! ;D

    Have a Good Day!


  27. These images took my breath away. Absolutely beautiful.

  28. <you look wonderful in the beach

  29. this look is so pretty! i love it! :)


  30. I just found your blog!
    You look amazing!
    Beautiful pictures.
    Follow of course and hope you visit my blog!

  31. beyond amazing. another wonderful post. if you get a free second stop by and check out my picks for Fabulous Friday and who I chose for fash fave and fash fail of the week. xoxo

  32. I love the different textures in you're looks. Just the right balance between detail and simplicity. :)

  33. I love it , great photos and great reading

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    Does anyone have an Ideeli invite code?
    Thanks :D

  35. Love this outfit and the cardi is amazing, i'd love to wear it!

  36. Ah, I love this outfit, its so relaxed!

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