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April 30, 2011

Some new additions I'm excited to wear. Top to bottom: All Saints dress. Mink Pink top. Muubaa leather jacket. WiNK dress. Vintage skirt.

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48 responses:

  1. Love the long skirt & leather jacket!

  2. All look gorgeous! The skirt and jacket are my favorites! :D

  3. ерШ would love to get my hands on that All saints dress!


  4. very nice outfits ;)

  5. The flower top is really cute

  6. LOVE the long skirt, such a great shade. Great buys!

  7. mmmmm...totally in love with that vintage skrit

  8. Love the skirt and the dress!

    You have incredible style!

  9. love that wink maxi dress, they make some beautiful dresses <3

  10. Love these pieces! Great photos.


  11. LOVE IT ALL. You're so lucky.

  12. the last skirt looks amazing! i cant wait till you give that baby a whirl

    helen xx



  14. that leather jacket is absolutely fabulous! just love it. great choice of five fab things.

  15. wow, amazing new things! lucky girl :) great photos too.


  16. Very cute photos, I love the floral blouse! <3

  17. love the WiNK dress! can't wait to see how you'll style it :)

  18. love all the pieces so pretty!

  19. Those are gorgeous purchases. Particularly enamored with the sheer vintage skirt.
    much love.

  20. this all saints dress is the perfect summer dress. beautiful!

    finally hatachi

  21. Love your gorg maxi dress! and leather jacket!

    check out my new giveaway too!


  22. that leather jacket looks pretty rad.



  23. love the leather jacket! And I really like the pictures
    so creative!

  24. definitely, love the vintage skirt, specially the color

    Viaggio Della Farfalla
    The Key Item

  25. that leather jacket looks divine!

  26. I love that leather jacket the most, the detailing is so fantastic. I also love the other pieces, that green sheer skirt is adorable!

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  27. the sheer green skirt love!

  28. Here I have a RueLaLa invite:

    Gilt invite:

    Does anyone have an Ideeli invite code?
    Thanks :D

  29. love all these photos! My fav piece is the vintage maxi skirt in the last pic!

  30. beautiful shots! love all these pieces. :)

    can't wait to see your feature post on HIMYS!


  31. those white dresses are like a dream, beautiful!

  32. i love the sheer quality of the long skirt; it is so ephemerally beautiful.

  33. Love the floral top and the brown blazer. beautiful pieces!

  34. Hot skirt! Great Find!

    Enter a chance to win a pair of pretty lace earrings!


  35. the vintage skirt in the last picture is to die for!!!

  36. I love the vintage skirt!!

  37. Aaah, I want that jacket in my! ;-)


  38. I love them all! I feel as though that AllSaints dress is going to be very, very flattering on you.


  39. where did you get that amazing leather jacket??thks!!

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