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March 28, 2011

Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures never gets old.

Forage in Silverlake.

Valentino has got me craving the sweetest pumps to pair with my baggiest jeans.

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looking forward to summer nights, tumbled, crisp linens, and insane seasonal brights.


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24 responses:

  1. Love the fashion friday pictures! that last skirt is so cute.

  2. Nothing about Joy Division could EVER get old!
    Those die!!!!

  3. aha, see it, i'm always by your blog when i'm free! :D you live your life so colourful and amazing! love the tasty tuesday (i'm glutton like a pig, aha.) and the white bedroom! :)

    dejoiss ♥

  4. looks like a great week to me..



  5. that goat cheese is amazing!! looks delicious!!

  6. LOVING!! Came across your blog recently and I am so happy I did!!! So fun and unique!!!! For all things food, fashion, and what makes me smile check out mine!

  7. Those Valentino pumps are gorgeous, I am coveting those bow topped beauties, too. And the dish from Silverlake looks delectable.
    much love.

  8. Anonymous

    Great band!

  9. love those shoes! gorgeous photos!

  10. Amazing pictures. Love everything!

  11. Nice post! JD Unknown Pleasures is def one of my top 10 albums of ALL time. I like your style :D xx

    OMG NO JOKE as I'm writing this my ipod is on shuffle and just now Shadowplay came on!!! Cool or creepy?!


  12. I like the Valentino shoes!

  13. so, so, so true, joy division is like the blood coursing through veins and arteries, it is natural and moving and beautiful and always needed. great collection for the week.

  14. Perfect shoes, elegant colour and shape. beautiful!

  15. Such gorgeous images. Thanks for sharing.

    The Heartbreak

  16. nice pics!

  17. SOOO beautiful...wish life looked like these photos. xoxo

  18. outfit OBSESSIONS!
    ah perfect!

  19. Love the fashion friday pictures! that last skirt is so cute.

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