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weekly 3.14

March 14, 2011

Dedicating Music Monday to Lykke Li whom I saw at the El Rey theater last Wednesday. Her improvisation and apparent love for music made her so enjoyable to watch. She pleasantly surprised me by performing every 'old' song I was hoping to hear with undeniable energy and convincing me that her darker new album is actually more amazing than I initially thought.

Did you know that almost everytime you ask a Vietnamese lady where to get the best pho, she'll say 'her kitchen'. I'm haphazard in the kitchen, so I tend not to go there. But when I want pho, I go to Thanh Long in Westminster. It's clean, fast, and tastes most like my mom's pho.

Wewood watch.

vogue germany march 2011

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36 responses:

  1. wowzers.

    loving these posts

  2. mmmm i love vietnamese food. that soup looks to die for!

  3. Hannah

    i think you should post these on the day of the week they correspond with...otherwise, what's the point of having days of the week at all?

  4. omg, have you seen lykke li live? i am soo jealous!
    and vietnamese food is the best. i work at a vietnamese restaurant, and it is soo hard not to eat everything!

  5. i love that little room! so adorable and clean

  6. I love it when you post such...posts ;)

  7. I love Lykke Li and just blogged about her last week - so jealous you got to see her live last week - that would be a great show!
    Much love,

  8. my mother in law makes the best pho i've ever had, she's from hue so its super spicy and so hearty! like her son! ^__^

  9. awesome photos

  10. My mom makes fabulous pho! Also, when I go to visit my grandma and dad's side of the family in San Jose, CA, I always love going to the little local pho and sandwich shops. Always so delicious and cheap! I love Lykke Li, you're so lucky to have gotten to see her! Also that room picture is amazing. I love the shelves!

    - Meanz (Koi Story)

  11. I love Lykke Li, that pho looks yummy, a wooden watch? wicked!!

  12. Anonymous

    Hi! I was just wondering, where did you get the picture for Thoughtful Thursday? It is amazing.

  13. Lykke Li is truly amazing, and her voice is beyond! I really hope I can see her live one day!

  14. very inspiring for the week! Thank you :)

  15. i really enjoyed Lyyke Li. That voice puts anyone into an amazing mood even if it is coming out the potty :). Love you Rachel.


    and I will definitely have to hit up that PHO spot when the cash flow gets nice.

  16. these photos are all so greeeeeat. I saved the bedroom/office one. It's such a neat layout. *le sigh

  17. Love these Rachel. Yes! My mom does make the best pho. It must be the good ol' lovin she puts into it. She hates it that I'm the only Vietnamese girl who won't use fish sauce or Siracha though...

    Heard the Lykke Li concert was sold out in LA. Must have been rad! You know, it took me the longest time to tell people I like her music because I could not pronounce her name? Look-eh-lee. Who knew? :)



  18. Loving the weekly posts as well as the wooden watch :)


  19. great post, so inspiring!

  20. I love that Lykki Li song, was playing it on repeat a we while back!

    And those wooden watches are pretty sweet too x

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  22. love your post!

  23. that wooden clock is great!


  25. Oh man, that food looks amazing! I wish i could make something like that myself!
    Thx for the inspiration!

  26. Such amazing photos! (the noodles look so good in the pic!) Such a huge fan of your eclectic chic style!

  27. love your photos!!i just followed you!
    i'd love to tell me what you think about my blog!!


  28. I love your Fashion Friday pics this week. Those laced up pants - scandalous, and I could probably never pull them off, but I want them

    xo Sherrie

  29. hey, can you tell me what lipstick the girl in this picture ( on the right) is wearing?

  30. Love these photos, gotta say the food looks amazing! So jealous!

  31. omg styling in the last image i die

  32. Rachel

    you should really credit where you get your photos from. ALL of them. not cool that you don't

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