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March 26, 2011

Vintage tank and cardigan. Rebecca Minkoff clutch. ASOS boots. T-bag shorts.

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82 responses:

  1. Pretty, i'm uterly in love with those boots from ASOS. But i keep hearing they fit awfull. Is this the same with you?

  2. Oh, you look stunning!


  3. I love the color of the cardigan!
    Nice look!

  4. Cute cardigan, the colour is lovely!

    Carmen Ri.

  5. Love the combination of that chunky vest and shorts. The shoes are amazing!!!!

    xo thefashionguitar

  6. I love the sweater and shorts combination!! so chic!!

  7. this is what i call perfection. you look great! x

  8. Ughhh I LOVE your hair. And of course your outfit too!

  9. I love this outfit!:)
    Colors are perfect!

  10. So spring-like, love the color combo! The layered necklaces are awesome! Effortlessly chic :)

  11. stunning

  12. that is chic!



  13. cute outfit. I love your oversized cardigan.


  14. Nice!! just perfect!


  15. Love your cardi and clutch!


  16. You look gorgeous :) Love your cardigan!


  17. You look so stunning! I love every piece!

  18. This is a gorgeous outfit! Looks like you're ready for spring! I think you're basically wearing all my favourite colours right now!

  19. Great outfit. Love the boots- how do you find them? comfy? I was eyeing them off on Asos.


  20. like the knubby grandpa sweater :) great thrift find!

  21. I love that chunky cardigan! So gorgeous

    xo Sherrie

    Closet Hound

  22. I love how you combined the tucked-in look with a comfy cardigan. Love love, my favourite outfit! and the shorts look great.

  23. The hue of the cardigan is so lovely on you! Those shorts are darling, too. Most of all though, I'm obsessed with your Rebecca Minkoff tassel clutch...what a beauty!
    much love.

  24. I looked at comments under those boots on the ASOS facebook and everyone was saying how ugly the shoes are... and I was like ARE YOU BLIND? They look so good with that fuzzy cardigan, good balance top to bottom!

  25. That cardigan looks so cozy. Love it.

  26. super cute! I love the top and necklace. This orange tone looks great on you :-)

  27. Such a pretty outfit! I love the oversized cardigan, it's so amazing! & You're so pretty!

    Have a Good Day!


  28. Show me any oversize knit and I'm in love. The necklace is the cherry on top! Can you just step into an Anthropology catalog already?



  29. damn, for someone who eats a lot of chipotle, you are crazy skinnay

  30. absolutely fabulous look. i love the booties!

  31. love the colour of the cardi n the boots

    The Dress Up Corner

  32. another cool post of yours! :D love it, love your style so much! ^___^ the national flag of america is so big! aha.

    dejoiss ♥

  33. what a lovely tank :o what garment is it made of? Doesn't look like the regular tanks do...

    x jeanne

  34. Love the neutral colour palette!

  35. Lovely color combination!

  36. the colours of your outfit are so pretty and spring. you look amazing <£

  37. Beautiful look!



  38. awesome cardigan!

  39. love the coloring! very pretty!

  40. Loving the tank and shorts combo, wish it was that warm here :-(

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  41. Great cardiagn!

    I love the colours ♥ x

  42. I love your blog. Your style and vibe are great.

    Please check mine out and if you like it follow me back, id really appreciate the support!

  43. Your cardigan is very very cute. I am a friend of oversizes cardigans as well. Can't live without them. Tried, but it's just not possible.
    ♠ ♠ ♠

  44. Hi! I love your outfit, and your style;)

    Kisses from Spain.

  45. Your shoes is really to die for!

    The Picnic Girl

  46. love those high waisted shorts and the color of your shirt:)

  47. lovely outfit! I've made a sketch of it, I'll send it to you if u like! :)


  48. Really loving this outfit! Just found your blog, you have amazing style! I will definitely be coming back!

    Xx One More Chance

  49. really nice outfit! BTW, the picture with you smiling is the best, it makes you look really cheerful and fun :D

  50. Reiya

    Love it. And love your hair, how do you style it??

  51. Your boots are so cute and I love the multiple strands on your necklace

  52. i really love the simplicity of this.. and the color of the cardi is one of my favorites!

  53. Oh, you look stunning! Im really love your style.
    now FANNED

  54. love the outfits! so chic!

  55. that bag is truly amazing and I really love the leo skirt! Cool as usual dear! <3

  56. OMG! This look is just wonderfful and you're so cute! Love the oversize cardi so much! <3

  57. Absolutely love everything your wearing, especially lusting after your necklaces.

    The Heartbreak

  58. Just started following, trying to learn how to use everything haha. Love this outfit! Xo

  59. I love the entire outfit...lovely cardigan!


  60. You have such a great sense of style! I really like it and I like your beautiful blog too! Happy I found it :) Have a nice day!

    x Alicia

  61. magnificent boots and one statement necklace!

  62. nice blog!i love ur look!thumbs UP))

  63. Aww, this is beautiful !
    I love it ♥

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  64. we love sunset blvd and YOU!

    xx - uncovered luxury

  65. I have to agree with all the comments. Those boots are rad! XOXO Trang from Francesca's

  66. You look amazing! (and I keep loving those boots :))


  67. I've always loved your outfits, but this has to be my favourite!

  68. lOVE this look!! ;)

  69. Love your style!!! those shorts are perfect! xoxo

  70. i want those boots...but have been on the fence about shipping etc to canada (i've heard horror stories!) but they look soooo purddyyyy and everyone tells me they are quite comfortable????? anyhoo i want em! i also want that big orangey sweater u got there miss....

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