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fashion friday: sofia ajram

March 30, 2011

That magical, cosmic feeling I felt when I first watched Ferngully was completely brought back to me [somehow] through Sofia Ajram's photography. I so rarely highlight photographers' work on my blog, but I can't help but to feel erect and haunted by her raw vision and gritty style; all in the best way possible of course.

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38 responses:

  1. fantastic selection

  2. i love that you post at 2:00 in the morning, thank you for entertaining my insomnia :)

  3. Love these pictures!! that house is gorgeous.


  4. saw raw, eerie, and romantic. incredible photography.

    finally hatachi

  5. Gorgeous images. Thanks for sharing.

    The Heartbreak

  6. beautiful photographs, so obscure. i love it

  7. That last one is sooo awesome. I always get sucked into photography where levitating is involved ha

  8. Sofia Ajram's work is fantastic...the outfit in the third photo is so fairy-like, and the last Total intergalactic beauty.
    much love.

  9. This is really magical! Amazing! This photos are pure art and can really make a man dream about a magical World.

  10. Magical pictures, love the first and last one. Beautiful post!

  11. wow i love how psychedelic these are... they're in another world.

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  12. these are so beautiful! kind of creepy but fantastic, amazing selection

    <3 Alison

  13. Absolutely stunning photography. I'm so glad that you highlighted this photographer's work, it's breathtaking.

  14. I love these pics!!!!

  15. stunning photos! I especially love the one with the ballet like skirt!

  16. Stunning pictures! x

  17. oh my gosh i have ferngully on dvd!! haha i loooooveee that movie

  18. that last photo is breathtaking~
    xo Diana

  19. love the photos so amazing!

  20. amazing images, a mixture of my dreams and em'!


  21. these photos are so captivating...makes me want to see more!

  22. Nice call! The last shot is mesmerizing!

    Visit me:

  23. Those pictures are AMAZING!!!

    Monique xx

  24. wowowo fantastic photos!!! great blog! :D

  25. Beautiful photos;)

    Kisses from Spain!!

  26. These set of photos are inspiring. Thanks for sharing

  27. Thank you, such amazing inspirational photos!

    Xx One More Chance

  28. These photographs are magical. Very lovely

  29. Love this post!!! The pictures are awesome!!

  30. I love your style
    Your blog is amazing!!!!
    I'm your follower take a look at my blog
    with love

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