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safari hunter

March 3, 2011

Plastic Island dress. Zara jacket. Vintage hat.

Always on the search for a good leather jacket and was strangely craving a brown one more lately. My muddy color scheme is starting to get old, but I couldn’t help myself when I finally saw a potential contender hanging in the racks at Zara. I sacrificed buttery leather for cheaper faux (sigh) but I loved the fitting of the jacket. So I bought it… but still searching.

Shop the Far Out was kind enough to send me this dress from their website. I was pretty excited browsing through all the casual, oversized pieces with quirky hemlines and fancy cutouts until I noticed that everything I mentally convinced myself I ‘needed’ was from a line called Plastic Island. I did more research and sort of fell in love with the label – then again I’m also a sucker for anything with drapey details and muted colors. But I also concluded that STFO had the best selection of the line. After 40 minutes of confusion, I finally picked this amazing number because dressing like you belong on a safari is fun… especially when you can pair it with a color-coordinated hat.

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48 responses:

  1. There is nothing wrong with a bit of faux leather, especially when it looks that nice, or that chic! ; )

  2. I definitely love the combination of the colors and of course you HAT!! :D

    the firts photo is beautiful :D


  3. Ooooh, I'm loving the hat! If I didn't have such a pin head I would wear hats all the time.

  4. you look absolutely fabulous! i love the outfit. adorable.

  5. Love your jacket! The perfect leather jacket is definitely so hard to find. Seems like something never fits quite right.

  6. great dress!
    Andrea Grace

  7. I love the chic-ness of your blog and how simple it is, amazing! And That hat and those shoes are gorgeous. x

  8. This may be one of my favorite looks yet! Perfection.

  9. Totally saw that jacket at Zaragoza the other day! Loved the lambskin one as well but not the price tag (yeesh). Your safari-esque outfit is totally awesome--and anything but drab!

  10. come to korea then you can shop the whole plastic island store ;P

    p.s luv the hat!

  11. Cool~! Love your jackets!


  12. gorgeous look, loving these colours

  13. love it . im thinking urban meets safari? yep thats what im calling it and its amazing!

    -- Style Interplay

  14. wow, this look is perfect and these pics are wonderful! Good job! <3

  15. i loveee that hunter green dress, and the leather jacket goes so well with it!

    <3 steffy

  16. That's a beautiful dress from Shop the Far Out. The safari color palette is very pretty on you, and that Zara faux leather jacket is a great find.
    much love.

  17. I love the second photo! Amazing dress!

  18. you look so pretty and peaceful. like always.

  19. So good, i'm speechless. The Dress is amazing, you're lucky to have it!! You are so stylish!

  20. That jacket is really nice. It does fit you well.

  21. Awesome color scheme! That dress has a safari vibe like none other!!! I love it =)

  22. This is so amazing!


  23. Anonymous

    !! RE-RUN !!

  24. I love your look!

    Juliet xxx

  25. I really love that plastic island dress - it's fantastic

    xo Sherrie

  26. That dress and that ring are both to die for!

  27. wow whos th ekiller?you.

    your awesome!

  28. Anonymous

    did you edit your pics or are the colors taken like that?

  29. bit hard to see, but the large ring looks like a beauty. love the brown color scheme!

  30. That dress is gorgeous! xo

  31. Love your dress. Sweet safari look!

  32. Dude, you look so dope, as per usual. Again, I'm having weather envy. We had 2 inches of snow last night...booo!

  33. I love the trench dress. Khaki has always been one of my favourite colours.

  34. Love the hat and the kaki look!

  35. that's actually a really beautiful jacket.
    ive been drooling over the brown one too lately.
    love your dress too!

  36. Gorgeous outfit, nothing wrong with a bit of faux, in fact it's better in my opinion! Great dress.

  37. Love the outfit. The fur too!

    You look super!

    ♥ thefashionguitar

  38. What a perfect dress!!! Olive & brown mix looks together so good!

  39. stunning, head to toe!

  40. Could this be a more chic outfit? Probably not! AMAZING! You've got a great blog here hun.
    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Blogger Spotlight: Pearls and Personality
    My Vintage Handbag Line

  41. Cute outfit!!! Love the hat and jacket.

  42. Loving the safari look. Nice hat.

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