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March 18, 2011

Vintage jacket. RVCA tank. Sold Design jeans

Happy Friday. Finally done with finals, which means I can finally get back to my regular posting schedule. These were taken a couple of weeks ago between indulging in acai bowls and aimlessly floating around Fashion Island. Pretty much how I plan on spending my spring break: curing cabin fever with some extensive wander lusting.

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60 responses:

  1. love the jacket. sooo killer.

  2. and happy almost weekend:)! you look gorgeous as always.

  3. this jacket is amazing! i love the style and the colors!

  4. Love your jacket! Amazing!

  5. I absolutely love the cut of those pants on you! Dynamite.

  6. lovely, the jacket is gorgeous and i love the flare pants! wherever these pictures are taken looks so cool!

    <3 steffy

  7. Awesome lighting, those photos are phenomenal! And love the outfit, so comfortable-looking!

  8. your jeans are perfection!!

  9. I love this outfit, jaket in particoular.. feel like spring!!!

  10. Gorgeous print on the jacket!!

    stop by!

  11. lovely outfit! you look gorgeous as always :)

    hope you have a beautiful dayy!!

  12. Lovee that jacket and your flares :)


  13. Lovely! So want a variation of that jacket...
    Love your blog

  14. lovely look, the jacket is my fav. :)

  15. All my favorite things are always vintage finds. Love the stripes on the jeans. Enjoy your break :)

  16. Anonymous

    hi! so I sent an email to because i wanted to purchase one of your items, but you haven't responded and it's been more than a week...sorry I didn't know where to post this and I don't know if you read your comments, but if you see this please respond to my email; thank you!

  17. You look amazing. Love this look.


  18. sooo beautiful and I LOVE your hair!! Does it dry naturally like that??

  19. Love the floral and laid back look, simplistic, but chic as always:)

  20. Great look, love the rainbows in the corner of one of the photos :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  21. adore these jeans, fabulous

  22. The kimono look of that vintage jacket + the seersucker jeans = fantastically beautiful on you.
    much love.

  23. Tres jolie ...

  24. I'm loving this easy breezy look. You look great.

  25. i love with your vintage jacket!

  26. Oh i love this outfit! Gorgeous!

  27. cool jeans and great blouse dear! Love the look so much! <3

  28. You are the secret tween of Alexa Chung ;)

  29. That jacket is so cool!


  30. love the jacket! print is amazing and love your pants!

  31. You are more than welcome!! I think your blog is amazing, so a place in my favs list was the least I could do :D Enjoy the weekend! Beautiful pics by the way, love the look!

    xo thefashionguitar

  32. i loooove your jacket! xo

  33. Looking oh so cool here.
    I need a flare in my life!



  34. I love your vintage jacket! I really want one just like it - silk, floral, and longer

    xo SHerrie

  35. Yeah the jacket is amazing. Not too sure about the jeans though

  36. Loving the whole look!


  37. I love your jacket, too; and your jeans!

    - Sharon

  38. i love your jacket..definitely something I would wear

  39. Love the print of your jacket, it's so beautiful. :)

    dejoiss ♥

  40. So jealous of your jacket! Love the pattern.

    The Heartbreak

  41. great pictures, great lightning, great outfit.
    greets from amsterdam

  42. Anonymous


  43. nice jacket, the flowers look so cool ;D

  44. Great Cardy

  45. the lightning of your photos is amazing!

  46. Hi. I'm a new reader of your blog :)
    I really like your wavy hair, it's pretty inspiring. Looking forward to your future posts.

  47. I like your style and your blog! And the whole outfit looks amazing, especially with that flowers jacket!

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