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wrong side of the tracks

February 18, 2011

Public Beware cape. Vintage skirt. Opening Ceremony boots.

Another prized-possession to add to my cape phase, which will hopefully be my last. The tent..ier the better, and this was all sorts of crazy with draped, two-toned swatches and lots and lots of button hooks (that I convince myself is ‘versatile’) which sealed the deal for me. Thankfully the rainy forecast allowed me a chance to wear it when I thought it was warming up. I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality and craftsmanship of the clothing! Kudos guys… kudos.

The 'tattoo' is fake. I get a lot of shocked / confused reactions from my friends. I bought them here... because you know, it's cheaper than buying Chanel and less permanent than the real thing. And the boots, well, they rock my world. I'm still eating frugally to pay them off, but it's been worth it. Next post: HAIRCUT. And I've been getting some questions about my beauty routine so I'll get working on that too. Till then, have a great weekend!

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68 responses:

  1. This cape is fantastic!

  2. love the cape! it's hard to figure out at first but that's what makes it so great

  3. love this cape!!!!

    xoxo from rome

  4. hey gorgeous! I really adore those boots on you you have amazingggg legs!!! Ahhh i will not be jealous no matter how difficult at this moment. Where is a good place to find a wide variety or cheap vintage?? I'm on the hunt but I haven't turned up with any type of treasure in this forsaken Orange County. HELP :)

  5. Great picture. Love the boots. Just discovered your blog and I love it.

  6. love the cape


  7. what incredible photos. love the plaid.

  8. your photoshoots are getting better and better girl!!! :)
    well done!
    Happy Weekend!

  9. What a lovely addition to your cape collection, adore the tartan swatch. The colors are perfect on you. And that fake tattoo is so pretty!
    much love.

  10. adore the colour palette and your boots are just so chic

  11. I really like this look, the plaid is so cool. It reminds me that I need to buy a big piece of it to sew some things!

  12. fantastic cape! good idea on the tempo tat I can't seem to committ to a permanent one :-(

    Have a great weekend!


  13. This is beautiful. I love those boots. They are amazing..


  14. This cape is incredible!! I'm so jealous I love this so much. :)


  15. soooo cute!

  16. I never thought I'd like a cape until I saw this! Great style!

  17. love your boots!

    check out my blog

  18. your boots are hot! looking good!

  19. wow, the boots are amazing!!

    thankyou for sharing the tattoo site info, i love faux tattoos.

  20. just reading ur comments before and was also wondering if what your tattoo is?

    i really like ur photos!


  21. adore the cape! great find!

  22. I love your cape. I'm so jealous - I could never wear capes. I don't look half as good in them as you do!

    xo Sherrie

  23. I love the whole loook! My favorite probably being the boots with the lace up quality:)

  24. God I love a good cape. Plus plaid/tartan get me every time so this outfit rocks my world.

  25. beautiful cape, and the location is amazing:)

    much love from Tokyo,

  26. Oh, the boots. And that would be weird, getting all those reactions on the tattoo, but I agree... and it's nice for a change.

  27. That cape totally rocks! Agreed, I enjoyed the little rain we got. Short but sweet.

  28. I still can't get a hold of a cape for myself yet you're snagging phenomenal ones left and right! This one especially is so great!! The detailing from the collar to the draping is to die for!

    Cup of Fashion

  29. love these platforms!! fabulous outfit!

  30. omg, I get so nervous when I see people on train tracks! eek. Final destination flashback, I suppose.

    Anyways, you are the miss master of cape finds. What's your secret?

    I thought you drew on your arm? I have the Chanel tats and they are honestly worth it.



  31. perfect shoes!

    Check me out:

  32. I, too, and going through a cape phase! Luckily, I've found some really good deals on them in case my phase is short-lived!

    Love the boots, too!


  33. Love the cape!!! and the color! Totally matches your skin:)

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.
  35. In love with your boots! And I like how I had to stare at your cape for a few to see how it worked haha.
    Im actually curious about your skincare routine unless you're just genetically lucky.

  36. Like the boots and the cape!

  37. the sunlight in those photos is stunning. sweet boots too!

  38. Your dress looks so amazing on you and the shoes are amazing, too!!!!!Very cool photos of you. its Really Greets

  39. Love the boots!!

  40. Oh this outfit is sooo perfect for a chilly day. I love the mixture of boho and chic. Great contrasts.

  41. Those boots are amazing...and I absouletly love these romantic on the train tracks.
    xo Cara

  42. love this style & very beautiful pics!

  43. you always have the best locations for shots! these are amazing and those boots....just don't have words for them...

  44. I love your outfit! The plaid looks great and those boots are such a wonderful color and height.

  45. Anonymous

    This is totally random but were you at the Zara in South Coast Plaza sometime last weekend? I think I saw you there....either that or you have a very stylish twin out there!

    I wasn't sure if it was you or not so I didn't say anything, and I didn't want to seem like a creeper or anything haha :)

  46. Boots are so cool!

  47. You look amazi those boots to bits!


  48. Those boots are beautiful and love the bracelet too!!

  49. Anonymous

    Hi can you PLEASE do a close up shot of your looks really interesting:) thanks your so inspirational btw

  50. Great photos!! And the cape is amazing!

    xo thefashionguitar

  51. Ahhh I adore this look! The cape and boots are a perfect match xx

  52. Lovely photo shoot! great style!

    xxx ~ kisses ~ Annie

  53. Your pictures and style are amazing! Good call going with a temporary tattoo. Here are some tribal armband tattoo designs that I found for you to check out. Enjoy!

  54. I love those OC boots and the cape. Great post.

  55. What b e a u t i f u l photos and I adore the boots too!

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