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February 26, 2011

American Apparel shirt. Zara jacket

Last week Sassoon Salon generously invited me over to their South Coast Plaza location for a cut and color! Already fed up with my hair and with my hairdresser being so out of the way from me, I thought why the hell not. I wasn't really sure what to expect either, so I was somewhat nervous but was greeted so kindly by Tani, the assistant creative director. I showed her these hair inspiration pictures (one and two) and tried to explain in much detail as possible how complicated my hair is. Natural-born coarse waves are a nightmare in itself.

She then told me her vision for my hair and directed me to my hair-colorist, Adriana. They had an acutely confusing pow-wow using hair-people lingo, but I just told them I trusted them. Four hours later, I left the salon feeling like a cooler version of myself and learned valuable tips that I've never conceptually understood in magazines until they demonstrated for me. Apparently spraying 'surf-spray' throughout your hair is better than leaving your house sans product. Thank you so much Adriana, Tani, and Audrey for the amazing experience.

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32 responses:

  1. truly look adorable girl! i love it.

  2. You hair looks so cool now! I wanna do something with my meter long hair too, just waiting for the right moment :)


  3. lovely photo, you hair looks fabulous

  4. Great cut! Love the texture of the style, reminds me of Alexa Chung's cut ~

  5. it looks great! yay for new hair that lasts longer than just at the salon....

  6. aw your such a beauty! I love the short hair on you btw. I've almost forgotten your locks of the VENADO days... pretty pretty ♥cheche

  7. Anonymous


  8. For some reason, you kinda' look like a 'Model-Off-Duty' now!! ☆

    baci ♥ Brad

  9. I LOVE b&b surf spray. I never knew what the big deal was until I put it in my hair. hehe.

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  10. the jacket is perfect! Love it!

  11. You hair looks great, love the color contrast...and your jacket of course :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  12. Sassoon did a lovely job, your new highlights look great. The Zara jacket is fantastic too.
    much love.

  13. The hair looks amazing! :)


  14. Great jacket. i love your hair cut and color!

  15. Your hair looks great! Sassoon is the only place where I go to get my hair done :)

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  16. the hair is so spunky! what a fun opportunity :)

  17. Short hair suits you so well! This new cut is an edgier version to your original. Love it! I also really like how you paired the brown blazer with that blue button-up. The two color goes well together!

    Cup of Fashion

  18. The sunglasses are fabulous!

  19. The colours are fantastic, the brown and blue look great together.

  20. nice picture!

  21. perfect jacket!!

  22. you look amazing!! >>> must see more photos/angles

  23. just stumbled onto your blog, had to stop and say wow, you're simply gorgeous, and I love the cut on you. But you should totally go for your hair inspiration pic and go for the shorter bob. You so have the features to pull it off fantastically. =)

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