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little next door

February 9, 2011

Blu Moon dress. Obey hat.

Sad to see this dress already sold out on the website before I even got a chance to post it, but maxi dresses are perfect easy-peices for last minute, all-day outings. Taken after a long brunch at Little Next Door. I kind of die for their eggs benedict.

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65 responses:

  1. Lovely sunny look!

    Juliet xxx

  2. you look so lovely!

  3. oh! oh! oh!!! you look so magic!!!

    xoxo from rome

  4. you look lovely..and the dress is gorgeous!

  5. it's adorable no wonder why it got sold so quick! and i love your hat :)


  6. You look so pretty in that dress, definitely something that would fly off the shelves. The floppy hat is a like a cherry on top of perfection.
    much love.

  7. Great outfit!! The dress and the floppy hat make me want summer even more... Thanks for sharing!!

    xo thefashionguitar

  8. Beautiful dress - the hat is the perfect touch.

  9. Oh I love this look! sooo dreamy!
    x, Larissa

  10. The dress is so beautiful. You look so elegant.

  11. gorgeous outfit! i adore that dress!

  12. That dress is to die for... I am so going on a floral maxi spree once spring hits.

  13. Fantastic post ;)You look sooo dreamy!!

  14. Beautiful dress!

  15. You look so great in maxi dresses! It's one trend I have yet to try (i'm pretty short), but would love to experimen with. Maybe i'll just have to don my highest heels!


  16. cute outfit! I'm lovin the hat.


  17. Anonymous

    RE-RUN Vintage

    Check it out!:

  18. Love this long dress! It looks so airy and light!

  19. Gorgeous dress!!! I hope to look this great once summer arrives here.

  20. A vision straight out of 1969!

  21. that dress is just so lovely

  22. gorgeous and effortless! love it :)

  23. Totally digging the floppy hats right now! It goes perfect with that gorge dress as well!

  24. The sun looks gorgeous, and so does your hat!

  25. This is vintage boho perfection! Love the dress!


  26. Anonymous

    details on your purse!? its cute!

  27. you look so good in a maxi dress! love this boho print and how you paired it with the sun hat

  28. I can't stand how much I love this outfit.

  29. Why did you sell? it looks amazing on you!

    Love the above pic above where the wind slightly picks up the hem :)



  30. That's a killer dress! Love it!

  31. Love your blog. Now following.

    That hat is amazing.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot. I've just started.
    Karoline Kalvo

  32. This outfit makes me want to jump on the first flight out to some tropical island and escape! Love it!

  33. Love the dress!!

  34. That dress is gorgeous!


  35. you are so lovely! thanks for stopping by my blog! xo -nb

  36. so pretty! love your hat :)


  37. floor length dress + that hat= FABULOUS

    Loved the post! Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, A... Archambault.
    Stop by my blog and follow me if you would like!

  38. wow! love so much how you appear in this post!
    the maxi dress is perfect and the combination with that lovely it!
    so 70's!! spring is coming!!
    You look beatiful!

  39. LOVE LOVE LOVE your BLOG and your style is off the charts FABBB!!! Love that floral maxi dress, whoever purchased it knows a GRRRREAT thing when they see it!!! Lots of love babe from snowy cold Toronto!!! brr!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  40. that dress is too beautiful. that's why it's sold out :(
    love the way you wear it!

  41. ahh I want this dress. why is it sold out? you look great in it and want me to have summer right now.

    X, Annie

  42. Gosh you look soo gorgeous. I love it

    xo Sherrie

  43. Wow, I LOVE that dress. Thanks for post the link to it, because now I'm obsessed with their website. Such tribal/flowy/gorgeous pieces.

  44. 70's princess gypsy. DUH.

    newps, next week?


  45. Nice dress. :)) It is so gorgeous.


  46. That really is such a gorgeous dress

  47. wow, amazing dress. very boho and looks comfy.
    you rock girl!!

    x Stace

  48. love the sunshine flecks in these pics!

  49. What a beautiful laid-back look! You wear it well!

  50. you make me miss summer! gosh, im totally ready for the summer now!

  51. you are absolutely stunning & that dress is so pretty! xx

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