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February 26, 2011

Cheetah dolman sweater. Vintage skirt. Rebecca Minkoff bag. Bullet necklace

Found these bygone pictures on my memory card taken around campus one day... clearly dated by the sun-filled weather and [now] missing bullet-necklace I've been searching high and low for at least a month. And after avoiding animal prints most of my life, I've come to embrace it. This sweater especially oozes of some sort of cool (maybe because I love muted colors) that cajoles me into incorporating it in all my outfits, but as happy as it makes me, nothing electrifies me more than finishing midterms. I feel like every time I try to update some part of my life, I complain about school, but quarter systems really exhausts you of free time. And keeping up with Facebook. Thankfully, I semi can enjoy life for another 1.5 weeks before I go MIA again for finals, until then, I will try to spoil you guys with new posts.

Btw, Threadsense officially made me excited for spring. It's my favorite lookbook they've done to date! Congrats :)

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42 responses:

  1. lovely outfit and very nice pics :)

  2. I like this post :)

    Pleaseee check my blog out! :)

  3. I love your nails! And leopard top is great!

  4. sooo beautiful!! like seriously, this is perfect :)


  5. Absolutely loving your nail color. What is it? Great outfit by the way. Glad you stumbled on these photos.

  6. amazing pics!!!
    you look magic!

    xoxo from rome

  7. Great atmosphere on those shots! Love your sunnies!


  8. B E A U T F U L !

  9. Great shots!!This post looks fantastic!!


  10. Such lovely light here! Shame about your bullet necklace, frustrates me so much when I lose something small like a necklace. On the other hand, you have a gorgeous leopard print top :)
    It would be mine

  11. what cool pictures. i love the backdrop.

  12. The leopard knit is so pretty paired with the full skirt, and Threadsence has made me officially thrilled for spring too!

    Good luck on finals dear!
    much love.

  13. These photos are simply breathtaking!!!! LOVE LVOE LOVE and I have the exact same relationship with animal prints!

  14. Bullet necklace sounded cool, hope you can find it, I'm sure it will turn up. Love the look of these pics too, I can't wait for warm weather to come back.

    Ps. Please stop by and enter my little giveaway! xoxo

  15. Is there a special effect you used to create the lighting in the photos, or was it really just that gorgeous outside?!?

  16. The sun hits these photos perfectly! Lovely jumper.


  17. Lovely outfit, these photos are stunning!

    XoXo-Kelli K

  18. stunning photos, adore that leopard sweater

  19. The light is absolutely incredible. Right now I'm swamped with finals (good look with yours that are coming up!), but I decided to take a nice break to check up on some of my favorite blogs ;) haha

  20. Love the lighting, it's absolutely perfect! And ugh, I had a crystal-bullet necklace that disappeared and I never found it.. hope your luck is better!

    And good luck with midterms :)

  21. I really love everything about these photos. and you are beautiful !


  22. Lookin' radiant Rach! Checked out the lookbook. Excited for many pieces. If only this weather in Sf could turn around..ugh



  23. Your photos are always splendid... of course, your awesome wardrobe helps. This might be one of my favorite outfits of yours. It's simple but so good!


  24. You look so gorgeous. ♥ I love the photos.

  25. love your nail color! and of course, the outfit!

  26. Really love your outfit, great post lady xx

  27. i love the picture with the high grass in the background! adorable sweater it looks so comfy

    <3 steffy

  28. dreamy pictures! the lighting is perfect. love shooting during that magic hour :)

  29. Ohhhh i love this outfit!!!

  30. i absolutely LOVE your sweater!

  31. I love this outfit!


  32. Love the leopard print top paired with the soft bohemian look stunning!
    xo Cara

  33. i used to hate leopard printed stuff, but now i just love it!

  34. Your hair has officially become my hair inspiration. Time for a hair cut!

  35. whoa these pictures are killer girl! i love the saturated sunset--u cali girls have it goood!!!!!!! i indulge in all things leopard because's the best color/pattern/texture EVER.
    and remember: SCHOOL IS COOL

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