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February 2, 2011

In all my recent shopping runs somehow I've subconsciously collected an arsenal of see-through crochet with not the slightest idea of how to conventionally wear it. I guess the next order of business is to own a homologous amount of neutral slips and frilly bras. Until then, I'll just admire them as forced interior garments hung "effortlessly" around my room.

A tip for shopping for crochet in vintage stops, just look your favorite cut-out embroidery detail; the matronly slip underneath can be easily removed with a little force and scissors. My take on DIY I suppose because I'm sure there's a better way around it.

In order from top to bottom: elizabeth gillett, free people, vintage, vintage

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53 responses:

  1. I love crochet pieces, they can look really good on. The first piece is really beautiful :)

  2. i seriously love crochet. they're simple and sexy and whimsicle. throw a slip underneath and it's beauty! free people has sooo many cute takes on this. ah.


  3. Anonymous

    New pieces posted:

    !! RE-RUN !!

  4. these are gorgeous! i don't have any crocheted pieces but these photos have got me craving one! xx

  5. beautiful finds! yeah, really there is no easier way than snipping away those ugly and often mistreated slips :/plus, sometimes they aren't mistreated and you get 2 for 1!

  6. great finds!

  7. Love this so cute!


  8. Love the crochet vest, it looks really pretty and wearable :)

  9. Nice crochet indeed! Love them, especially the 1st one.:)

  10. That beige vintage one is amazing.
    I, too, have still got to buy a nude slip to wear underneath my transparent and hole-y blouses.
    I'd just rather invest my money in more blouses than in a silly slip, though :(

    Fernanda Lucila

  11. great buys, so loving crochet now

  12. I adore the first one!

  13. i love the second sweater - kind of like a tea cozy...but with a pair of jeans, immediately wearable and relaxed.

  14. Beautful!
    And I have the same "problem", I also buy those pretty lacy things, but then can't figure out the best way to wear them... Anyway, they look just as pretty as wall adornings! :)

  15. oooh!!! love them!

  16. gorgeous! they look good as decoration as well :)
    ♠ ♠ ♠

  17. Nice collection! I love the chain detail on the vest.

  18. The crochet pieces are very lovely, I like your DIY idea. Can't wait to see you transition them from decor pieces to beautiful outfit posts.
    much love.

  19. i really love see though tops but i find them hard to wear as well... what ive been doing is wearing a bra as close to my skin tone as possible, that way i have kind of a blank canvas but theres no nipple showing or anything.

  20. I love them, especially the white one in the last pic! I have a similar one, don't know how to wear it though... Looking forward to see how you put them in an outfit!


  21. I love the seethrough. great pics. so many beautiful details

    X, Annie

  22. so pretty! can't wait to see you style these pieces

  23. Great items!! Thinking about getting one too.

    xx Olga

  24. Anonymous

    love this post! i would loove to see pictures of your room!

  25. I was surprised to find that my favorites were the vintage pieces! Amazing that sometimes the most unique and versatile pieces are not from designers, but hand-me-downs of sorts.

  26. lovvee that crochet vest!

  27. lovely crochet and the syle is all amazing.:)

  28. cute collection!


  29. LOVE the first piece. The gold detail is wonderful!

  30. I've been into knitting and crocheting lately and seeing these inspire me to make more! I can see you looking so fabulous in these!

    Cup of Fashion

  31. I am loving crochet right now is always beautiful, and yes, wearing a bra or slip underneath is always the way to go!
    xo Cara

  32. loving crochet for summer! great blog!

  33. That's lovely. I like the style of those pieces.

  34. My mom makes the cutest wrap sweaters from old crochet tops: I saw Topshop has some with the same idea as well. Otherwise I think you're right about the neutral slips, although for a really 60's vibe you could toss them over a bright bikini in the summertime too.


  35. Love your blog. Amazing crochet pieces!

  36. Love your blog. Amazing crochet pieces!

  37. currently in love with crochet. i adore the pieces!

  38. Those crocheted pieces are so beautiful.

    xo Sherrie

  39. i had this awesome and so utterly love crochet vest my grandmother gave me and then my dear mother washed it by accident and it ripped to pieces!

    B So Chic!

  40. cute blog and pics:)



  41. Definitely diggin the crochet vibe this year..

  42. oOHhhhh my favorite is the cream sweater. So flirty :)

  43. these are gorgeous! i don't have any crocheted pieces but these photos have got me craving one! xx

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