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western light

January 14, 2011

Threadsence dress (yay back in stock). Vintage skirt. Zara belt

The way this skirt adds wind to each step or how the lace panels casts distinct patterns on the concrete makes staring at my shadow so hypnotizing. I bought this originally as a dress (that also had a matronly lining under it) and had my ever-so-talented friend Kristine turn it into a skirt. How cleanly she cut it and made it all elasticy within 15 mins still astonishes me. She's a reminder of how badly I need to learn how to sew; maybe then I can salvage some minced DIY projects.

Anyways, found this insanely vast field behind one of my classes at UCI. Stepping on the grass instantly made me want to frolic. Next usage for said boundless field: picnic.

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94 responses:

  1. First of all, that vintage lace skirt is to die for! Second of all, that second to last shot of you is GORGEOUS. I love the way the sun hits you and the resulting photograph. Amazing.

    Hope you'll stop by soon!

  2. These are such beautiful pictures, and I love the outfit!

  3. GORGEOUS!!! this light! this outfit! YOU! :D

    xoxo from rome

  4. Totally in love with your skirt!!

    And beautiful shooting :)

  5. That vintage dress-turned-skirt is amazing!

    xo Sherrie

  6. Your amazing with the lace dress! Seem your a sweet woman. I love your style! The light makes the photos look vintage! :)

  7. loving that lace dress and the photos are stunning

  8. I love your pictures :) really nice look :)

  9. i love this, you look gorgeous! love the lace!

  10. so beautiful outfit love thecolours and the location!

  11. Nice skirt! IT has the perfect colour

  12. So romantic and beautiful style... love your blog!

    XO thefashionguitar

  13. You're becoming my fave style blogger <3 love your outfit!

  14. I just love the way the light flows through the skirt! it is absolutely beautiful!


  15. Beautiful pics and great outfit! Love it so much!! m.

  16. That's amazing how your friend turned that dress into a skirt. Love the whole lace ensemble, you look so beautiful and ethereal in the field scenery.
    much love.

  17. Our outfit is fantastic!

  18. Love the lace on lace...especially in that scenery, these are stunning photos!

    XoXo-Kelli K

  19. I love your outfit...what great pictures!


  20. love the light in these pics!
    And the outfit is adorable, wow!

  21. like a deer in a fairytale, in other words: STUNNING!

  22. Glad you actually turned it into a skirt because boy, it's real gorgeous! Amazing photos too.


  23. playing with the sun <3

  24. beautiful skirt. beautiful photos!!

  25. the light on the 2nd one is gorgeous! pretty skirt

  26. wow gorgeous photos and gorgeous outfit! i really love the sheerness of the skirt with the light shining through.

  27. Omg that skirt is soooo awesome. I love the fabric!! And it matches so well with the fabric of the top!!
    xx helen

  28. Wow..So pretty..I love how the sunlight catches the light in your dress..Perfection!!


  29. I love the dress and skirt. The lace and color is beautiful.

  30. That skirt is so romantic! And practically every little girl's dream!


  31. Anonymous

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  32. Photos are so beautiful! 4th photo is just magical! Setting sun and lace - perfect match!

  33. these pictures are just absolutely beautiful! you look great, your outfit is amazing, and the location is gorgeous!

  34. Oh my god...that green field looks amazing. Where I live everything is dead and covered in a foot of snow.

  35. amazing photos! love the first one and that skirt... ethereal :)

  36. Beautiful. Amazing light and time of day.

  37. Beautiful pictures.
    Adoring the lighting.

  38. these photos are stunning - beauty!


  39. the skirt is gorgeus!!

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  40. the outfit is amazing in this setting <3

  41. this is feminine taken to the next level. love it <3

    -Big Hair and Bikinis-

  42. Vintage style and total.
    I like the light of the photos, and your beautiful skirt.
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    Elle Spain

  43. i love this outfit. So romantic and chic! and the photos are so pretty x

  44. So summery in the middle of winter! This lifts my spirits.


  45. Vintage lace skirt is amazing!!!

  46. i love the whole outfit!! so amazing!!


  47. Your skirt is really nice, I love how it floats and also how the light reflects through it

  48. Anonymous

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  49. The first and fourth pictures are both breathless! you have one FANTASTIC/TALENTED photographer!! I guess that's to compensate for the great blogger ;]


  50. Reading from Japan(^0^)/

    The lace is so lovely!!!!

  51. The light is heavenly and so is that dress. These images are beautiful Rachel. Great post and definitely an inspiration for shooting.


  52. This is so prairie-esque. Pretty!


  53. pretty top+skirts. Love this ensemble!
    such an amazing shoots!love it :)

  54. I also love the look... very vintage!

  55. Stunning!!!! Gorgeous outfit... gorgeous light and stunning photos!!!!!


  56. Nice blog!


  57. I really like the idea with the mixed up vintage dress and skirt :) All in all great lace look :) xoxo +++

  58. Laced perfection Rachel! It's like a free people ad. You so need to model for them :)



  59. You are a beauty. These images capture the detailing of this outfit so well. I especially love the 4th image. For some reason, I really am in awe with the sun. Your sheer skirt is represented so well through this image.

    Cup of Fashion

  60. absolutely beautiful look ! I love that skirt so much <3

  61. Beautiful pics!!!Please visit our blog

    xoxox Cybelle & Fabi

  62. it's amazing how you manage to style your looks. if i tried half of the things you do i'd look like a hotmess. Love your blog...can't wait for the next post :D

  63. Outfits like this make me wish I had more vintage. Or simply access to more vintage. I think it might make me instantly cooler.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  64. hey, I just became a new follower. Your blog is so lovely. Who takes those gorgeous pictures of you??
    I like them a lot.

    X, Annie

  65. That dress/skirt looks too pretty! The ensemble itself is very nicely done ^^

  66. go to the barn out at UCI- next to the farm school. great building and awesome photo spot! not to mention it was built solely to house eccentric theater in the round performances by bertolt brecht, which also makes it cool!

  67. I am loving the lace! You look stunning!


  68. That skirt, oh god that skirt!!! The sun caught through it, at that moment when it looks almost like a lampshade; it's so lovely!

  69. UCI! Totally miss that place. It's underrated for how beautiful it is.

  70. I loveeee the skirt and the top-I've been obsessed with lace lately- and also the lighting is simply scrumpcious!

  71. great outfit!!!
    I love long skirts!!

  72. The skirt is absolutely amaziiiing!!!! The pics are great!

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  73. gorgeous! lace is killer ;)

  74. in my opinion vintage anything always looks good

  75. WOW! Those picture are very great! First, your outfit is so nice with the maxi skirt! Second the light is just amazing!!

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