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January 11, 2011

Vintage poncho and shorts. Giuseppe Zanotti wedges.

Wearing my new favorite blankety, almost-overly saccharine cape for a nippy San Francisco day. I normally don't buy anything especially cutesy, but the perfect arm-hole placement, intricately crocheted texture, and muddy colors convinced me otherwise. I’ve never understood the cape propaganda when they seemingly make your arms immobile, but I guess I haven’t found the most ideal way to wear it. Next time it goes unbuttoned.

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69 responses:

  1. What a great it!!


  2. Your poncho is really cuuute.
    I adore your wedge, too<3

    *sayablack from TOKYO*

  3. i absolutely love it!

  4. I'm very much into Cape's and this one is quite fabulous if I do say so myself! Once you get used to the arm restriction you end up looking pretty fab!


  5. I love this! so cute! :)

  6. Gorgeous poncho! I almost got the same one from Urban in Stockholm, but my fellow stylist friend told me not to... Am so hating her right now..

  7. Love your shoes!

  8. what a gorgeous capr!! and the shoes are lovely aswell (:

  9. This poncho is adorable on you and looks so cozy and warm! It has a little fairisle feel to it too, which I love :)


  10. I love your blog! Always have! You have impeccable taste, Rachel.

  11. P.s. What camera do you use? :)

  12. That ponhco is gorgeous!!! love the shoes too! They look so nice againts the dark tights! <3

  13. OMG :D you poncho is so beautiful :)
    It is so warm for this cold :)

    regards! and enjoy the week :D

  14. your poncho looks like lots of fun!

  15. the post name is perfect as well as that sweet old poncho!

  16. Great wedges, such a stark contrast from the black tights...

    XOXo-Kelli K

  17. such a pretty poncho. xx

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a fox tail if you'd like to check it out. :)

  18. One of the most unique cape I have ever seen. Finally, something different.

  19. Love the shoes girly.

    Check out my cape.

  20. Ohhh I love! I always love that arts/craftsy vibe with killer platforms

  21. Hmm, I've never been too keen on the poncho look BUT you look great in this one. It looks so comfy and chic. Love the wedges.

  22. Anonymous

    You're really pretty and you pull off the center part, but I think you look LOADS better with a side part.

  23. That poncho is so cute

  24. Such an adorable and cozy poncho! You look so pretty in it, especially paired with those super hot wedges.
    much love.

  25. you look beautiful i love this outfit! i love ponchos but most of them dont have arm holes so its awkward to be productive in but this one is PERFECT i am jealous :)


  26. Wow the poncho has beauuutiful embroidery.

  27. OMG I adore it! *le sigh
    You have no idea how much weather envy I have right now. Toronto jumps from freezing cold winter to humid over-heated summer. We never get in-betweeny seasons for cute capes and 3/4 sleeve spring coats. *cries in corner*

  28. Never been a huge poncho person, but this one is awesome! Love it!

    XO, Liza and Jewls

  29. Vanessa


  30. really cute

  31. that poncho is absolutely fab, loving the pattern

  32. this poncho is really amazing, wow! <3

  33. wauw, your hot.

    great photo !

  34. loving it!!

  35. next time it goes unbottened.. ten tenenen... haha :) cant wait.

  36. The cape brings together an interesting mix of multiple trends. I really love how your shoes look with the black tights.

  37. I really like the poncho and the rest of the outfit suits perfectly with it! Nicely done :)
    What do you think about my cape?

    xo thefashionguitar

  38. Love that vintage poncho and your awesome shoes :)

  39. the poncho is super cute! love how it gives a happy vibe :)

  40. the poncho looks amazing!

  41. Just found your blog and love it as much as I die for this Poncho! Come visit us too at We can keep in touch coast to coast

  42. Loveeee the shoes!

  43. What a cute and unique poncho that I've never came across before! I love how it's buttoned up like a sweater. Yet another great find!

    Cup of Fashion

  44. you look adorable in the poncho :) i'm visiting sf in feb, hope it won't be too cold then!

  45. Wow! That's a really special piece. You have it syled perfectly. I'm new to blogging, check me out. I would love to hear your feedback.

    ❤ Lisa Ann

  46. Such a cute poncho! Goes perfectly with those shoes.

  47. I absolutely adore the wedges ! They look great in combination with the poncho.

    alexandra @

  48. That poncho looks uber amazing! My first thought was definitely UGLY BETTY but you have managed to make it PRETTY RACHEL :)


  49. I love those details on the poncho.

  50. This looks just perfectly coordinated, superb!


  51. very cute! i like it a lot

  52. What a lovely poncho! Just perfect!


  53. It's totally adorable. I love it. Looks great on you too.

  54. I love that poncho and the shoes look so cute with your tights

  55. Omg! Those wedges are very "chic"! Love them :)

  56. Ive been searching for a poncho - and this one is perfection. Love how you've styled it - this outfit is so simple and sweet :)


  57. Very nice outfit!

  58. the poncho! just remind me to the ugly betty! but you are soooooo pretty in poncho!

  59. Anonymous

    awesome pictures!

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