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all right all white

January 21, 2011

American Apparel crop top and pants. Mink Pink blazer. Vera Wang wedges.

For weeks I've been caught up with dressing for Spring even when the weather permits otherwise. Thankfully we've had ample amounts of sunshine these past few days allowing me to show some skin and bust out an all white outfit.

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103 responses:

  1. wow. this is gorgeous. I love the all white. and especially the cropped top. a must-have for coming spring/summer.

    X, Annie

  2. love this outfit! it is like you should be on a magazine it is that AMAZING and TRENDY! Reminds me of the AW spring collection!

  3. This is beautiful! I love the proportions of the cropped top with the high-waisted pant and chunky wedges all in white! Wish it was warmer here so I could do the same...

    <3 Alison

  4. Looking gorgeous in this 'all white' outfit! Love the sleeves of the blazer!

    X Aniek

  5. love it :) love the all white with the cute pink toes <3

  6. Looking absolutely stunning!!!

  7. fabulous casual all white look

  8. I usually am not a fan of all white but wow you look incredible! Those pants are pretty much the perfect pair of trousers and the wedges are crazy good. Love it.

  9. The most inspiring look I've seen lately. Girl, you are amazing!

  10. seriously in love with your cut-out sleeved jacket...all white...amazing...


    Love, L

  11. first time commenting here and I just wanted to say that your style is so unique compared to most fashion bloggers out there. props for pulling off such an original style! it's SO refreshing.

  12. this outfit was indeed perfect!So clean and fresh at the same time!

  13. I could say I love... and list every single piece you're wearing but i rather just say... SPOT ON!!!! :D

  14. WOWZers, I am in love with your outfit :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  15. really really very much like that blazer.

  16. your outfits are always awesome, i have no doubts that you are probably the best dressed american girl ;)

  17. Wow! Great outfit! You look stunning as always.

    Check out my blog! I just HAD to snag some pictures from your open floor post! hehe...I linked back you ya!!!

  18. I love those shoes, you look really nice!

  19. I love the shoes!!!! They look amazing! Are they comfortable?

  20. Beautiful total white!

  21. That blazer is amazing! I love the all white combo :. You look great!

    they are amazing :D !!
    and this white outfit is perfect :D

    regards!! and hava a nice weekend :D

  23. AMAZING. these pieces look like they belong together.

  24. You look stunning in that all white ensemble. And those wedges are too die for. Glad you were able to wear some spring-y apparel, you look so beautiful!
    much love.

  25. so jealous of the weather! nice ensemble!

  26. The all white outfit is definitely on trend and I'm liking it on you!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  27. Love the neutral palette and those wedges are hot!

  28. obsessed w/this look! gorg. love the shoes and top

  29. Looks great! Love the wedge:)

  30. Gosh I just LOVE that white vest of yours. So gorgeous
    xo Sherrie

  31. well, I don't know where to begin your cropped tee, your fantastic white blazer....but man...these Vera Wang wedges....are awesome!!!

  32. What a well put together outfit! That blazer and those wedges are to die for! :)

  33. Nice!!! :D

    Can't wait to the weather allows us north people to wear such cool outfit ;))

  34. You're so cute with this total white look! Great look!

  35. So crazy over those VW wedges!!


  36. this outfit is great, you pull it off so well ! :D

  37. I love it!


  38. Love the minimalistic spring/summer look!!

    The wedges are heaven...

    xo thefashionguitar

  39. All white, I love it! So classy! The jacket is so different. So good.

  40. Wow!You look so lovely! THis is so adorable ;)

  41. What a wonderful fresh look! Love love love the pale crop top and blazer, not to mention your drool worthy Vera Wang wedges and peach pedi!
    Beautiful hun!


  42. so lovely and ...white!

  43. I love this all white outfit - the cut outs in the blazer, the shoes, and the midriff showing. So reminds me of A. Wang! x

  44. fantastic look I love your white jacket

  45. Love the outfit!!!
    xoxo Cybelle & Fabi

  46. Check out my blog and follow!

  47. Cute shoes. And I'm suprised your blazer is mink pink... Reminds of Dion Lee

    ich steh drauf :)

  49. I really like the different textures of your outfit. Also the wedges are wonderful and very classy. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to wear more spring style clothes-I've been struggling to refrain even though its snowing where I am-especially when all the new spring lines are coming out!

  50. This is lovely.


  51. Love this outfit!!!
    and love your nail polish!!

    xx Olga

  52. Cute jacket... I can see a DIY coming! :)

  53. I love this all white look!

    juliet xxx

  54. This look is ridiculously amazing!

  55. you look absolutely gorgeous!

    lovelovelove the blazer.


  56. I LOOOVE this outfit! So springy and perfect. Makes me ready for winter to be over. And I have been obsessed with those shoes since the first time I saw 'em! You wear them well. <3

    xx Laura

  57. Love this cut out blazer from Mink Pink. Hope it's still available because I want! Though, I'm pretty sure you've worn it before, so prob not a chance.

    Can wait for warmer temps in SF too :)

  58. wow

  59. I love the wedges. They really complete the outfit.

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  61. Your shoes are dope. Seriously... I love wedges. Ughhh! Bring back summer! Homegirl is cold in Toronto. :(

  62. This all white attire is great! There are few that are daring enough to pull this off.

    Cup of Fashion

  63. Gorgeous, love the masculine feel of it!


  64. adorable! i love this outfit!

  65. Cute! Love the blueish nail polish.

  66. very clean and chic :)

  67. OMG love!!!!!
    You look stunning from head to toe, the all white ensemble is mind-blowing!!

    saving this in my inspiration!!

    Hope we can get together soon lovey!


  68. This is so simple and cute. Love this a lot.

  69. This is the epitome of chic. I love the subtle pop of your nail color with this all white ensemble. Great stuff!

  70. Check out my post on all things white...

  71. My goodness, what a gorgeous look. Love eveything about that blazer.

    The Heartbreak

  72. i absolutely LOVE an all white look. and those shoes?! amazing ( especially with the gorgeous nail polish! )


  73. just... perfect!! :O

  74. oh my goodness, this is my favorite look that i have seen in a long time, new follower!


  75. what nail polish are you wearing? i've been dreaming of that color lately!

  76. impossible to be more perfect...

  77. This outfit look so great on you! :) I love white! :)

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    Y te invito a participar en mi nueva sección en mi blog:

    Espero Besos.Te .***

  79. Love the all white look...those are great shoes!
    xo Cara

  80. LOVEEE this jacket. AND THOSE WEDGES!
    To die for.
    Great blog. I adore it.
    Definitely a new follower here!
    Hope you visit me!



  81. love the clean white look. that blazer is awesome!

  82. Ahh...I love the minimalistic significance that it thrives when seeing it; the simplistic elements acts as most focalities; attention to detail and quality. All the little things that are neccesary to conclude the heritage...X Neda X

  83. the most perfect blazer ever. loving the sleeve detail

  84. what size did you get in this? i wanna buy it but I'm on the fence about the size.

  85. Super nice outfit!!
    ready for summer!

  86. love the shoes! just came across your blog. love it!
    cat x

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  88. You wear all-white stunningly! I really adore this look.

  89. The VW wedges are fabulous!

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