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abandoned lot

January 4, 2011

Vintage dress and skirt. Urban Outfitters bra. Burberry boots

I must have been delirious when I decided to wear this sheer number out in the cold but I was so stoked when I came across it paired with a $5 price tag, I couldn't wait to wear it. It hung so alluringly on the rack, and the laced sleeves and ruffled hem killed me. Seriously, try inspiring yourself by walking into Free People then hanging around thrift stores for a bit, and you'll find so much! Other things I've found while in my groove: sheer mint-green laced skirt, black crochet dress, folksy ruffled skirt. Can't wait to show you guys!

We wanted to have a little more fun with photographing outfit shots since they've been a little uncreative lately - for that I'm sorry. So we literally sneaked into an abandoned lot where the sun was generous and the roaming was endless. Probably going to hit up a few more thrift shops this week before my luck runs dry.

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81 responses:

  1. wow this is an incredible thrift find i'm exciteed to see the rest! beautiful photoshoot you look gorgeous :)


  2. what a find ! I love the ruffled hem so much it gives even more character to the dress.


  3. I love these photos. They're absolutely beautiful. And 5$ are you kidding me?! That's amazing. You've definitely inspired me to find something like this at a thrift store asap.

  4. What an amazing find and for an insane price as well! Thanks for enduring the cold for a wonderful post! :)

    Cup of Fashion

  5. these photos are stunning, so lovely :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  6. the dress is beautiful, but i particularly love the photos with the light! perfection!

  7. that is a genius secret shopping strategy. i must try it sometime! your dress is perfect, made SPECTACULAR by the gorgeous photos.

  8. Dude Rachel, that's a bomb idea! Free Peeps at South Coast is super sick...I always leave wanting everything and come to find it at Loehmann's for like half-off...But thrifting it for $5? Priceless :D

    Great find babe!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  9. you have such an amazing style!!

  10. gorgeous :)

  11. I can't even believe you got that dress for $5! I'm really loving your hairdo, too.

  12. $5?! What a steal! Free people would easily sell that beautiful dress for over $100. I love how the light seeps through sheer materials.

  13. Omg that dress looks so good on you and for that price, you're in luck!!!
    hehe Love the sheerness.

  14. amazing dress and pics! you look stunning! xx

  15. Wow what an amazing find!!

  16. Wow, it's amazing what one can find at a thrift store! Some people don't realize the treasures they have ... oh well, better for the rest of us, no? :P
    The photos are lovely, btw

    Fernanda Lucila

  17. You get so lucky at thrift stores. Goodness I am jealous. That is a gorgeous outfit

    xo Sherrie

  18. love when the sun hits the camera so magically! you look glam :)

  19. I.need.that.dress. :D it was totally stunning!

  20. wonderful pics and adorable dress! You look fab dear! <3

  21. 5$????????????????????????? I DIE!!! Also that must be the most amazing light for outfit posts ever! Well done girl!

  22. amazing find! the light in these pictures is stunning, it all looks great!

  23. lovely dress

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  24. this sheer dress is very elegant...and wonderful pics!! kiss

  25. loving that sheering dress, absolutely chic

  26. Beautiful shoot! XO thefahsionguitar

  27. i love the dress! and the pics are so beautiful!

  28. what an amazing dress and in an amazing location., the sun, the pebbles and everything looks perfectly perfect!!!!..

  29. LOvely!!

    You look amazing! Those pics are stunning ;)

  30. really love the dress! so beautiful:]

  31. Wow, that dress is such a find! It looks amazing. I also love the way that you changed up your photographs; they look really cool!

    scarlet letter style

  32. Totally love the dress you got!!! Thrifting is the best! I have been finding awesome stuff too lately I can't wait to see what else you got!!!!

  33. That dress is so beautiful! A really good buy for such a low price. Wish there were more thriftstores in The Netherlands.. I want to find cool items like that too!

  34. oh i hope the op shops you visit this week allow for some beautiful finds! gorgeous, gorgeous shots~ the afternoon sun is glorious!

    alexandra xox

  35. These photos of you are beautiful! I love the way the sunlight is captured in the photos as well!

  36. That dress looks amazing in the setting sun! So beautiful!

  37. these photos are absolutely stunning! i'm in love with your haircut - i just cut 3 inches off and i'm itching to cut more!


  38. That is such a great find and for $5 bucks! Also the photos came out wonderful. I really love how your hair looks in the sunlight!

  39. I love that dress, and it indeed does look like a Free People find.

  40. i love that dress...and what a steal! five dollars!!! that is amazing...and i love your hair in the photos!
    these pictures are really cool with the lighting too...great post!

  41. love the dress!

  42. What a lovely find! You look so ethereal and beautiful in the dress! Happy thrift shopping this weekend!
    much love.

  43. Yet another vintage find? and $5? I don't believe you! What's your secret? Looks like it could be a Lanvin dress too.

    Also just purchased a mint green blazer from H&M's trend collection. SO excited to wear it, but its 30 degrees in SF!

  44. lovely photoshoot.

  45. I absolutely adore the dress

  46. This looks very beautiful!

    juliet xxx

  47. So pretty. Love the background & the dress!

  48. like a butterfly in the early morning. you fly away with the first sun rising

  49. beautiful dress + skirt! i'm in love!

  50. You're stunning.
    Just stumbled across your blog for the first time.
    Showing some love!


  51. That dress is amazing...and in the sunlight even better! Happy New Year.


  52. Lovely dress and lovely photography raych!

  53. Lovely find! I just adore thrifting.

  54. these photos are amazing!! I absolutely adore them

    alexandra @

  55. I wish I found thrift stuff like that. I need to have a better eye for these things. You look great.

  56. What a wonderful blog!! You look so beautiful and so effortlessly chic, I love the chiffon dress and the boots :))

  57. Oh my goodness these photos are GORGEOUS. What amazing light. Not to mention that vintage dress is perfect!

  58. i love the dress. it's very similar to one of the dresses i was lusting after from the H&M and Lavin collabo. :)

    your pictures turned out great!

  59. Love this dress and love these shots.

  60. That dress is stunning!


  61. Just wonderfull look!!! amazing dress!!! You´r sweet!!

    I have a giveaway about my fashion illustrations on my blog!!


  62. You look gorgeous!!!Please visit our blog

    xoxo Cybelle and Fabi

  63. This dress is seriously GORGEOUS!! $5????? WOW!!! What an amazing score!!!

  64. fabulous blog, and
    cute dress!!!
    visit me:

  65. Lovely photos...and this dress is absolutely beautiful !

  66. Roseannamc

    Love that dress!! When it gets warmer you can wear some grannie panties under, like Gretchen from project runway!

  67. Love that dress! Espescially when it's vintage. That's a good find! <3

  68. Magical! The perfect amount of whimsy!

    Vivi @
    welcome to check out my blog, have a giveaway coming up soon :)

  69. OMG! I have this dress in cream! I found it at a thrift store here in New Zealand! Mine had the tag cut off, I'd be stoked if you could let me know what the label on yours is.

  70. Darling dress! Great photoshoot, too!

    I love your blog...

    Check out my new one!
    : )

  71. Beautiful pics - love the lighting!
    This dress is drop dead gorgeous, and you've styled it perfectly!


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