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tied the knot

December 24, 2010

Vintage dress and belt. Rebecca Minkoff clutch. Proenza Schouler shoes. Banana Republic necklace.

A couple weekends ago I attended my co-worker's wedding and last-minutely picked out this vintage floral dress complete with ruffles from the shoulders all the way down to the hem. I tried to play off the apparent 80s vibe with more modern accessories like this lucite necklace from Banana Republic that makes everything look ten times fancier. Love that this dress is so flirty with movement, can't wait to wear it more casually.

Never really been to a wedding outside of my family, so it was pretty amazing to attend a winter wedding with a leisured reception that included a list of games for all the guests. A part of the night included me running around trying to find an item a woman wears but doesn't show in a twisted game of musical chairs. I lost because I refused to take off my panties until I realized that the other players were coming back with deodorant. Running in these shoes isn't that easy either.

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61 responses:

  1. You look lovely!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.
  3. Gorgeous! I bought myseld a similar gold and black statement vintage belt last week, they rock! ♥
    Merry Chistmas^^

    apartment 23

  4. amazing dress, you're very nice! <3

    Merry Xmas

  5. You look perfect - so feminine but tough in the same time. Love it!

  6. oh, i love the dress, that print is amazing, so feminine and a little romantic, perfect

  7. beautiful necklace!

  8. u looked tres chic!:) vintage dress is beautiful and perfectly combined with the rest of the outfit!:)
    Merry Christmas!!:))

  9. Anonymous

    Love the dress and belt. Hope you update more in the new year...

  10. The belt is divine! :)

  11. That clutch is incredible! & yes I love wedding games haha.


  12. that's a fantastic outfit!!

  13. the shoes are my favvvorite things ever. so streamlined and wonderful. i'm dying to go to a wedding soon.... have the dress.... just need the invite..!

  14. That dress is amazing. Greatness!

  15. The dress is beyond amazing and those shoes, well they are proenza schoulers and they are just simple chic statement.

  16. you look gorgeous... love the dress and the romantic hair :)

  17. In love with that belt! You look gorgeous! Happy Holidays! xo


  18. beautiful, just beautiful dress.
    and the belt works so wonderfully with it! merry christmas!

    frassy love

  19. god you look beautiful - perfect dress to wear to a wedding! merry christmas x

  20. you look lovely! and deodorant is a good idea haha much more wedding appropriate than removing panties ;)

  21. that dress is stunning!
    Hope your having a Merry Christmas!!

  22. ohhhh i love love LOVE this outfit! its gorgeous! Very lovely doll. :]
    And I would have died over that game haha.
    Hope you have a happy holiday and I hope its your best yet.
    lots of love and blessings.

  23. Love your outfit! The belt looks familiar =D

    I recently attended my cousin's was pretty cool, they had games too

  24. Love the way you've dressed up the floral dress dahling!

  25. panties ? that's hilarious!! But the dress is really beautiful and you are right , the necklace makes everything ten times fancier !

    \merry christmas/

    alexandra @

  26. Raych that dress is beautiful. I couldn't imagine it styled any other way. Love this!


  27. love the dress! (:

  28. Very Nice Outfit, love the belt!

    Merry Christmas to you and all yours!

  29. Is the dress Anna Sui? I'm almost sure it might be because I have a VERY similar one but with a shorter hem, (It is Anna Sui ) and I love it!

  30. You're so beautiful! I love the way you've accessorized this dress, especially the belt!

    Much <3,

  31. You wear that dress so well- it's not overly 80's on you. The wedding sounds like it was a blast too!

  32. Hahah sounds like you had a great time. I'm obsessed with that belt- so chic.

  33. love how you got such a flouncy maxi dress and chunky accessories on... but still look so light and airy for winter. merry christmas!

  34. You look beautiful! Lovely dress :)

  35. Love your blog!!!Please visit my blog xoxo Fabi and Cybelle!

  36. The dress is beautiful I love the way you accessorized!


  37. looove the belt, very luxurious.

  38. You look beautiful babe! You pull off "Gramma Glam" better than anyone I know! Doesn't look 80's at all...more like super-chic SoCal 70's vibe...Me Likey :D


    Haute Khuuture Blog


    X Y

  40. great wedding choice

  41. Girl, that belt is just killing me. God I love it so much. How fantastic! You look stunning! I hope the wedding was great!

  42. that belt is beautiful!! i just found your blog it's fabulous i'm now following :) check mine out if you'd likee !


  43. You are looking lovely as ever. Love the belt compliments the vintage dress very well.

  44. wow that belt is AMAZING! sounds like a fun game, haha

  45. Nice combination and that belt is stunning! XO

  46. I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I must say that dress is so adorable that I just had to comment. I love the sleeves and the way that you paired it with that belt.

    scarlet letter style

  47. Oh my gosh! I seriously thrifted this dress a few years ago.. and then I think I re-donated it to another thrift store.. wouldn't that be funny if I bought my dress. Probably not, but now you are making me wish I hadn't given it away.

  48. Lovely vintage dress, is it vintage Diane Fres?


  49. i love this dress

  50. pretty!!the dress+belt are amazing! *speechless

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