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packing for san fran

December 15, 2010

These do-it-yourself visual packing lists are wildly, overpowering the internet thanks to Wildfox - but I'm going to take the time to glorify my version of it. I had about 10 minutes to grab items within arms reach, from the pile of laundry on my floor to the random jackets hung sporadically throughout my room. Notable things: new favorite tweed pants from Zara (worn in the post below), grey and white combinations, pops of army green, and oversized sunnies. Should've known better that San Francisco weather doesn't really permit denim shorts, wore them anyway.

Ps. A lot of people ask me about the suede Aldo boots. They run true to size (I got a 37), and I can get a comfortable 2 hours of walking in them before I start complaining.

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46 responses:

  1. love these... yes... thanks to wildfox... your version rocks as well :D

  2. loooove those boots!!! you must've been freezing in those shorts haha

  3. have an amazing trip

  4. cool. i must say it's not much luggage at all :) you always travel light?

  5. i love love love your packing - so great to see whats i your suitcase.


  6. Cute corset-esque top!


  7. looooooooooooooooove those things!!!


  8. Love the selection of essentials...happy travels!

    XoXO-Kelli K

  9. Ooh, love that button up in the top left of the second shot. I need to add one like that to my shopping list!
    The top jacket looks fantastic too :)

  10. Have a safe trip!! And have fun!!

  11. This is a great way to pack. Really cute outfits!!

  12. love your clothes!

  13. love these! and those shoes sound amazing... hope you have a great trip :)

  14. Wow you are a very organized packer! I should definitly think about laying out outfit specifics when I pack. I usually just throw favorite pieces in the suitcase and put together an outfit when I get there.

  15. I love me a dirty girl who only packs one pair of underwear. Expect a pack of fruit of the loom undies from me this xmas ok? :P <3 you!


  16. I LOVE those boots...they look a lot like a pair I have from Asos. Hope you have a great time in SF! xo

  17. love the boots!

  18. Perfect vacation picks! Cant wait to organize foe my next vacation! Thanks for the inspiration :)


  19. Those booties are adorable! :) Have a good time :)

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  20. You have really nice clothes and sweaters especially, I like your Aldo Booties ^^

  21. wow 2 hours thats a comfortable shoe!

    i want some many of the items posted!!!

  22. such a cute way to display your suitcase. all my stuff is usually crumpled and balled into my bag haha

  23. So much nice stuff. I love the style.

  24. I love San Fran and looks like you're well prepared. Have fun!

    Maryjane xoxo

  25. love the shoes!

  26. the undies make me giggle. tehehhee.
    i pretty much like everything you packed...

  27. Haha these types of photos have been circulating the internet quite often, but I love them. That sweater in the second photo is adorable. Actually, I love all the pieces in these photos!

  28. I LOVE your shoes!!! Great packing ideas.

    Love your blog! I hope you will come visit me- I'm leaving for Australia in 1 month!

    xoxo Summer

  29. Bookmarking this, I'm going to San Fran in February haha.

  30. Looks great! Have a great time!

    juliet xxx

  31. i really really like this selection !! good trip !
    Alia from Morocco

  32. Have a great trip !

  33. The corset is amazing! Have a safe trip!

    Much <3,

  34. This is such an adorable post! I've been in love with that corset in the first picture ever since I saw it on you a few posts back.

    Happy holidays!

    Nikki xx

  35. love these!great way to pack.and those boots are amazing:D


  36. love your blog. i'll be back !

    please visit


    i will add to on my sidebar

  37. Oh i love those boots! Wish I could go somewhere warm..

  38. Those black mega-wedges with the shiny strap took my breath away.

    Loooove em.

    chloe **

  39. Really cool blog! :)

  40. I hope you had a good time in SF! I'm from SF :)

    Just Better Together

  41. Great outfits love your block heels <3

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