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golden haze

December 30, 2010

Blu Moon army jacket. American Apparel skirt. Banana Republic necklace. ASOS boots.

Taken in San Francisco after buying a bright red "R" for my room, eating brunch at the ever-so-amazing Red Door Cafe, bonding with our flamboyant waiter, walking up and down Filmore street, having hands so numb that I finally gave into fingerless gloves at Marc Jacobs, refreshing myself with lavender lemonade at The Grove, pondering why stores close on such odd days and hours, making a quick stop to Haight + Ashbury, finding the perfect dress that you felt you've been searching for your whole life, nearly passing out in the taxi twice. A rushed day well worth it.

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153 responses:

  1. you look soo pretty!

  2. Love the outfit, you're absolutely stunning!

    Pale Division

  3. stellllller army jacket!! i heart it.

  4. cute but you must have been freeezinggg!

  5. You look so gorgeous!
    This outfit is fantastic and yummy foood.

  6. Anonymous

    Hello. You look lovely! Did you just buy that necklace because i want it so bad and i have searched the net for it to no avail?

  7. I love rushed days, hehe

    and I love your outfit, you look great

  8. Ymmie Food
    and stunning outfit

    Happy new year!

  9. Such a great outfit, love the combination of casual & glamorous!

    XoXO-Kelli K

  10. brittin

    Cute as the chunky jewelry with the army green coat. :)


  11. I love this outfit! The colors are perfect!! That green with that pink, and black to hold it together - oh so fantastic.

  12. GORGEOUS outfit!

    I love that pink colour

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

    Char x

  13. Sounds like you had a great time! I love San Francisco. That bag is great too.

  14. Really great outfit Rachel.

  15. Lovely post ;D I like this outfit and those pics ;D

  16. you look so cute!! And I love your necklace....

  17. Oh my gahh that food looks incredible. I'm loving the army jacket too. And you look purdyy. :)

  18. Love the outfit! Especially the necklace, its just a statement piece!

  19. Wow. That food looks sooooo good...

    And I love your outfit!

  20. Casual yet enlivened with accessories. Love the colour choice!


  21. The color of that skirt is amazing! I love it (:

    Fernanda Lucila

  22. great outfit!!! love it !!!


  23. KUDOS on going bare-legged in this weather. I can barely stand tights! Must be my California blood. I especially love that army green jacket, been meaning to get one myself but I've been procrastinating. You look stunning dear!

  24. great photos - your outfit is lovely and the red door cafe looks/sounds delish - will have to keep it in mind when I go to sanfran! x

  25. i love this post you look beautiful! that jacket is fabulous. anddd that first picture is making me super hungry. :)


  26. great photos... that food looks amazing.... and fingerless groves are one of my top necessities! xo

  27. perfect outfit! that jewelery is amazing

  28. I LOVE that necklace! And that jacket is pretty fantastic too...Hope you have a lovely New Year! xo

  29. cool jacket! Love the necklace too!

    Happy New Year from

  30. love the accesories<3
    suitable for the styling!!!


  31. love all jewelery!! your outfits never fail (:

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  33. Love the stacks of jewelry. Your day sounded well spent and amazing, and you look gorgeous.
    much love.

  34. I love your necklace. It's so pretty paired with the casual shirt.

  35. That meal looks mouth watering. Seems like you had a lot of fun in San Francisco.

    Subversive Fashion

  36. So adorable! Happy new year :) xx

  37. I'm a little in love that Banana Republic necklace.

    The Heartbreak

  38. Anonymous

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  39. ahhhhh gahhhhhh I LOVE THISSSS!!

  40. Love the military look...and your blog!

  41. WOW, tough AND glam @ the same time!!

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