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December 7, 2010

Some randoms that didn't make it on the blog. Having a hard time catching up on my blog right now. The past weekend I had an office Christmas party at a bowling alley with catered Lucilles, a Saturday final in the middle of the day, and a beautiful wedding ceremony Sunday night. Looking forward to this weekend for my 21st birthday over more bowling and hopping on a morning flight (probably still slightly intoxicated) to San Francisco for the rest of the weekend.

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53 responses:

  1. wonderful pics, wow! <3

  2. beautiful pictures :)
    have a nice day!

  3. oh wow! i love these pics!
    they're beautiful, esp. the last one :)
    haha your is this weekend?
    i hope you'll have some nice days suntil then^^

  4. love it! so full of inspiration and positive energy :)

  5. love the last pic! that gradient of lighting is so pretty. also a christmas party at a bowling alley sounds rathe ingenious, i've never heard of that one before. can't help looking forward to christmas <3

  6. am loving the third pic... good photography!

  7. Love the third pic, so summery!

  8. Love the pictures! :) Gorgeous!

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  9. Stunning photos! Wow!!


    About A Girl

  10. oh my where do you live? I am absolutely in love with those scenery photos. If only I live in your city :(
    Ooh and happy upcoming 21st birthday! :)

  11. Beautiful photos dear, thanks for sharing :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  12. You sound so busy! I hope you get some time to rest soon. x

  13. These are incredible! I absolutely adore your blog. You are constantly a form of inspiration for me.


  14. Gorgeous collection of photos - loving your tutu skirt - gorgeous! :)

    Friend in Fashion

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  15. Love these photos1 so great! ♥♥♥

  16. That first picture is incredible!! I hope you have a lovely it up girl, you're only 21 once! xo

  17. Beautiful pictures ♥ x

  18. Lhe pictures are beautiful and very inspiring! I love it!

  19. BEAUTIFUL photos - thank you for sharing :)
    Love your skirt in the second pick with the vest, AMAZING!


  20. Loving the first image. So beautiful.

    The Heartbreak

  21. gorgeous photos!

  22. these are gorgeous pictures! sounds like you have lots going on, hope you get some rest between the fun plans and enjoy every moment! :)

  23. Love the serenity of the first pic...

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  24. I am loving these photographs!

  25. amazing photos, so inspirational

  26. Lovely pictures. :) Advanced Happy Birthday!!

  27. magic pics!

  28. lovely pictures, i want to go there either

  29. omg i loooove those photos ;D
    You are one of my inspiration.

  30. Wonderful pics! Especially the first one, I adore it.


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  32. Anonymous

    Lovely photos!


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  33. These pictures are all really pretty :)

  34. You sound like youve been having loads of fun :)
    I love the photos so nice!

  35. Gorgeous pictures. And Happy Birthday!!!

  36. love your blog so much!!!

  37. i love your blog!!!

  38. These photos are gorgeous. That first one is amazing. What kind of camera? I'm getting a new Canon T2i for Christmas. Dude, happy early 21st birthday!! Have fun in San Fran.

  39. Gorgeous pics!!

    kisses from Florence!

  40. lovely pics!!!

  41. nice picturessssssssssss!

  42. Superb blog! Love/FAB

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  45. such great pictures!

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