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serious staples

November 30, 2010

"Ask a woman what her favorite thing in her closet is, and she’ll pick the thing she bought yesterday; ask a man, and he’ll pick the thing he bought 40 years ago."
I love this article on StyleCaster that uses only 15 pieces (all under $150!!) into 15 different looks. Hope to one day have a closet this versatile with only basic investments.

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57 responses:

  1. Wow...really great article for StyleCaster. Makes me want to only invest in the basics now haha.
    xoxo Heather

  2. I LOVE it when they actually show how versatile pieces can be. i LOVE that red handbag too!

  3. Oh, wow! This is SO AWESOME!!
    I love things like this. And all of these looks are actually good too!

  4. the great thing is, each look doesn't look like the rest. Thanks for this!

  5. Ahh - so creative. Love the little red satchel and the knit skirt!

  6. I wish my closet had numbers like this so I could mix and match. Love this design.

  7. I obsessed with that poncho! Love how they did this and for less than $150? Score!

  8. That's so chic blog!

  9. truly amazing!

  10. I love all the tweed looks! :)

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  11. Love the article...very impressive. I wish I have the discipline to buy so many basics, but something out there always catches my eye instead!

  12. Such a great idea on how to buy investment, I wish I had done that from the very beginning haha...

    XoXo-Kelli K

  13. I love when magazines do this. It always inspires me to try new combinations of what I have. Guess it's time to shop my closet again! Thanks for posting.

  14. this is really awesome. great post

  15. Anonymous

    These are some great basics!


  16. Great post!
    It's really inpiring to see how versatile clothes can be.
    The mustard cardigan is my fave!

  17. Yup, hands down people never have enough basics. I have done tons of personal styling and that is my conclusion. Check my store at to stock up on your basics. Here are some dollar-off codes

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  18. These looks are fabulous! Love that first skirt.

    Quench Fab

  19. I love this! Great combinations!
    Please follow my new online fashion mag!

  20. I would love my wardrobe to be more like this... although I don't know about using a skirt as a cape LOL

  21. it is my DREAM to do this in my closet and then live like this foreeverrrrrr!

    but it will never happen : )

  22. I seriously want the cable knit skirt!!!

  23. ha! considering half of what i own is old i think i blow that statement straight out of the water :-)

  24. that quote is so true. love it~

  25. I love how they used the cape (I think?) as a dress xxx

  26. Wow! That's really impressive! I love all the differnet looks for the price. Perfect for the economical forcast these days.

    Maryjane xoxo

  27. love this post! how inspirational!


  28. Haha, what a cool article! I adore that poncho-esque shawl thing (number one).

  29. thx sharing,i do agree with your point about fashion

  30. This is pretty awesome! I want to weed my closet out until I'm left with stuff that I really love and then make full use of those clothes, hopefully in a manner as versatile as demonstrated in this article.

  31. Wow I really need to go through my closet! I love the idea of only have a few staple items, makes choosing what to wear a lot easier!

    Jenna Christine

  32. I love everything listed. love this post. =]

  33. I love articles like that -- so much fun and really affords a girl with plenty to wish about and be inspired by!
    I'd love for you to visit and enter my fashion illustration GIVEAWAY!

  34. the quote is so true . Indeed , I bought a vest a couple of weeks ago and I would wear it all the time , but ,my father for example , has a favourite tie he got about 20 years ago.

    alexandra @

  35. Your quote is so right~! Good post, makes me realize I do have everything I need right in my closet already...


  36. Wow! I love 13 and 15 especially, but, wait... I love them all!
    And the quote you ended with about the man/woman clothing favorite is thought-provoking. I'm trying to think what I would pick and if it would be brand new or old.

  37. Great looks! Wool capes are my fave.

  38. Woww, great post!!
    Loved all the look, congragulations! <3

  39. Everything here looks so lovely!


  40. The looks are styled sOOOOO cool and can't believe everything is under $150!!! Such classy and quirky lookS!!! A++++++++mazing
    xoBeckerman Girls

  41. love it!


  43. I love the white scarf /collar!

  44. Love the Madewell cardigan #5. Such a great pop of colour, in a classic style.

  45. I love versatile pieces! They are such wardrobe savers!

  46. love everything, beautiful EYE CANDY.
    xoxo from Sweden :)

  47. Beautiful post! However, by looking at it, I can come up with more than 15 looks

  48. Amazing pieces! Everything looks so chic and put-together.

  49. Love this post. Just got back from backpacking around Asia/Europe and cleared half my closet. Makes you realize what you don't need and what you really need!

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