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November 7, 2010

Rebecca Minkoff bag. Mink Pink blazer. Le Petit Petit necklace. Vintage skirt. Proenza Schouler shoes. Erin Wasson x RVCA tank.

Wore this outfit last week while wandering Silverlake and found myself back at Casbah Cafe (the first and last time I went there was with the birthday girl, Taghrid) for some chai to warm me up. Kinda sad that I wore this beautiful blazer right after the indian heat wore off thus making the incongruous slits defeat the purpose of keeping me warm. Highlight of my day though... seeing THIS dress in a vintage stop on Sunset selling for $60+. Felt somewhat triumphant knowing I got mine at a thrift shop price. After that I rendezvoused to the Americana, walked around, couldn't fight the compelling urge to buy a ring from Free People, drove back home, and pigged out at Chipotle.

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148 responses:

  1. I love this! The cutouts in the blazer give it an extra something :) Beautiful as always!

  2. The blazer is beautiful and i also like the skirt!

    Great outfit!


  3. I love your blazer and your weekend sounded like fun! =)

  4. I like your outfit cute blazer

  5. I love cutout details. This is no exception xxx

  6. Damnit girl, you kill me with every outfit post! Lovin' the colour blocking on those heels and that necklace is friggin' adorable. LOVE the cut-out detailing.
    PS- Hair envy? Just a little.

  7. TOTALLY loving this the animal print, and of course the beautiful sandals:)

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  8. you look flawless.

  9. I love this outfit. It shows so much skin compared to your recent outfits. Way to change it up!

  10. love the hint of leopard :)


  11. these styles on your post are totally my favorite,xoxo

  12. one of your best outfits in a while. love the proenza heels.

  13. The slits in the blazer are really awesome. and you skirt is a great find!

  14. The pictures are very stylish but I especially adore your blazer! :)

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  15. I love what you're wearing, the leopard print is just amazing.
    You're also looking very gorgeous :)

  16. these are stunning pictures, the colours are great and that cut sleeve blazer is superb, loved the look

  17. Love your look here! You look stunning. I wish it was warm enough to wear that kind of thing over here!

  18. This blazer is so detailed! You're we can't wear clothes so's too cold!

  19. OMG! That jacket is truly amazing! Love the sandals too! <3

  20. That blazer is something else, and I love the way you styled the rest of the outif.

  21. Gorgeous outfit! I'd really like to walk outside bare-legged, but unfortunately the Dutch weather doesn't allow me to.


  22. very nice outfit :))

  23. I like your jacket ;)

  24. LOVE the blazer!
    Amazing details.

  25. I like your outfit...lovely blazer!
    Great post!

  26. Holy moly, the cutouts in the blazer make it so perfect! Love the leopard print skirt too...gorgeous!

  27. that blazer is blazing hot!!

  28. Anonymous

    hey rachel, i was wondering when you actually became obsessed with fashion? were you like that in high school? or was when you were in college? also, you transfered?? haha i saw your youtube where you were saying that you're dumb and go to a junior college. LOL relax dude! haha jc's aren't all that bad! :P

  29. I love this look - what a nice jacket - very unique!

  30. amazing blazer!! lovely outfit. and leopard is always lovely.
    naughty mess vintage

  31. Anonymous


  32. your skirt and shoes are perfection

  33. nice outfit!

  34. Hot blazer! I'm feeling a DIY right about now. Which one of my unlucky blazers will it be?

    Liked your choice of a sky blue backdrop! Lovely against your outfit :)

  35. That's blazer is great! Love the whole outfit too.

  36. Love all white paired with animal print.

  37. I love animal prints + this bleze = perfect

  38. Great sandals!


  39. Nicole

    love the jacket! and the all white with chetah


  40. this cut-off blazer is so awesome. you look fantastic

  41. im loving the cut of ur blazer! gorgeous!

    read me at:


  42. sounds like a perfect day!!!
    love the (almost) all white look!

  43. great look.. loved that blazer, the cut out sleeves are awesome..
    I like your blog, stay cool..

  44. thx sharing,i do agree with your point about fashion

  45. I know exactly what you mean! I hate it when cut-outs in jackets look great, but eliminates its purpose of helping one retain warmth. It looks great on you, nonetheless!

    xo Sherrie

  46. Gorgeous outfit, love the shirt and jacket!! Looks amazing
    And your necklace is stunning

  47. sounds like an eventful day, never been to Casbah Cafe, but i've heard it's a must try... hmmmm. and i love this outfit raych, white and leopard--why haven't i thought of that??

  48. Vintage is so huge now! Lovely post.

  49. Love the leopard mini and those necklaces! Gorgeous outfit!

    <3 Alison

  50. that is like the coolest blazer ever. and i'm salivating over your shooooooes!
    too good.

  51. I do like your post ,totally high fashion...

  52. Love the peeping leopard at the bottom!


  53. im so into leopard right now!!!

  54. Great blazer, love the cut outs!!

  55. Your blazer is original,love this outfit.You have a gorgeous smile girl :)

  56. the cutouts in the blazer make it so much more interesting and sexy! love the look

  57. That cutout blazer is total perfection!! Not to mention the skirt. Vintage?! What a find! I just love your outfits <3

  58. mhhhm, chic!!!

  59. i LOVE that skirt!!

  60. love your blazer, gorgeous!

  61. love it

  62. Love MINK PINK! That blazer is sooo cute! Love the cutouts. I had it at my boutique and it flew out the door ;)

  63. Anonymous

    U looK amaZing...luV every single element of this cHic! <3 NanDi

  64. Anonymous

    A great option is the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini!!
    It's got a similar satchel-like shape with the rocker attitude and is more affordable but still good quality.

    You can find it on eBay:

    The leather is so soft!! Such a classic, iconic bag with an attitude!!
    Love it!!! (ipad)

  65. i love love love this look, it is so amazing. Loving this blog

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