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margaret on the guillotine

November 1, 2010

Even though these were only from last night, it already seems like I'm ages behind for Halloween pictures. I was originally planning to be a zombie bride, but nixed the idea when I couldn't find cool silver contacts. I next toyed with Marie Antoinette but couldn't find time to sift through vintage shops for something decade-appropriate. As far as I was concerned, I just really wanted to cover myself in blood. Even then I had to scramble a last minute outfit AND make my own blood from Hershey's chocolate that ended up... everywhere. So, I was a dead ballerina.

Photo Credit: myself and Olivia Lopez

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37 responses:

  1. haha marie antoinette would have been cool; but time-consuming yes! (bloody) awesome outfit anyway! :)

  2. you look gorgeous rach!

    you should wear your hair this way more often!

    lets grab lunch soon!


  3. Even all covered in 'blood', you look stunning. Love the photos, all of you look like you're having the time of your life!

  4. loved these bloody pictures, cool outfits

  5. Cool pics!! it looks so funny!!

  6. Anonymous

    You're beautiful! Are you mixed wit white?

  7. I went as slutty Marie Antoinette a few years ago and it was a great costume. I love yours though- the blood makes the outfit!

  8. everybody loooks great! nice costumes :)

  9. Anonymous

    that girl in the indian costume is gorgeous!

  10. Anonymous

    is that guy your bf? i thought you were with that rocker dude.

  11. "rocker dude" boyfriend couldn't make it :(

  12. I like it :)

  13. I agree with you - I always love to do the "dead" something...Dead Ballerina worked for sure, you looked great!

  14. Amazing pics, you look sinister and beautiful both at the same time.
    Brilliant,looks like you had a blast:D

    With Love

  15. All the photos are amazing!!! Love it girl..And the dead ballerina actually pretty much worked out!!


  16. hersheys chocolate?? clever!!


  17. how did you make blood from Hersey's chocolate?

  18. Anonymous

    He's really good looking.

  19. Anonymous

    I'm a huge fan of your style and love your halloween costume.

    However, I'm incredibly offended by the Indian Costume. Please check out this blog which is a good resource to learn more about Native Appropriations:


  20. Anonymous



  21. Somehow you managed to look beautiful and creepy all at once. nice ;)


  22. Anonymous

    your friend in the indian costume reminds me of kendall kardashian! LOL from keeping up with the kardashians

  23. Such a cute costume! Hope you had fun! xxx

  24. wow, you have a really nice blog!

  25. Although I do agree with your post, I have my own reservations

  26. the girl in the indian outfit! i swear i know her from somewhere, whats her name??

  27. OMG, you made your own blood? From Hersheys? How! Is it sticky? Does it taste good? So many questions! Anyway, you look lovely as a dead ballerina!

  28. Yeb that guy is gorgeous too. He reminds me of Daniel Wu. And are you braless in those photos?!!

  29. These photos are great! You made a beautiful dead ballerina..if there ever was one :)

  30. LJ

    you look amazing--love the ballerina dress! what color lipstick are you wearing? it's my dream color.

  31. I love the last picture.
    I think the shoes are so perfect.

  32. A dead ballerina :) .. Real funny!


  33. Great costume. Who doesn't love vampires....!?
    visit my blog! follow me and I'll follow you!

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