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fashion friday: it's so cold but you know we belong here

November 3, 2010

I know these set of pictures made its way around the internet a few times already, but I can't help but to repost. I haven't swooned or studiously stared at an editorial in too long of a time. Sasha loving <3 data-blogger-escaped-center="">

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24 responses:

  1. I just can't get enough of this editorial. It's brilliant!

  2. Should I be embarrassed that I haven't seen this yet? I'm embarrassed. Anyway, seriously, love. I saved every picture. :)

  3. loved this editorial, totally cute, amazing and chic

  4. I love love love these pictures there adorable!

  5. I haven't ever seen this either! oopsies. What was this published in? It's beautiful. Makes me want all of those clothes and my own kid haha.

  6. really like Sasha. great editorial!

  7. the editorial is so peaceful.. beautiful.

  8. Anonymous

    I usually don't like Sasha's work but this editorial is so damn amazing. It's really interesting having a child in there with her. Sets it apart.


  9. amazing amazing amazing! love this editorial!


  10. This editorial is beyond words....Im loving it all:)

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  11. Beautiful. Love the tones of the pics and love when they put kids in editorials.

  12. I hadn't seen these and I really like them! Thanks for posting. x

  13. Yeah! The pictures are always so inspiring! :)

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  14. Yeah I've seen these several times but each time I do they still amaze me xxx

  15. sasha loving for sure! this editorial is SUPER cute. should be a movie haha :) love following

  16. Can never get tired of this editorial - gorgeous. Love Sasha too ...

    I just found your blog through Glamourai and I absolutely love it.



  17. Did she cut her hair? If she did then I'll be kinda sad. It looks so pretty in this shoot.

  18. These are too cute! I want kids. Lot's of em. lol
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