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coach's big reveal

November 17, 2010

I just want to say a huge thank you to Coach and their amazing team for whipping together this amazing campaign and have me amongst an astounding crowd of beautiful and talented bloggers! Another thank you goes to everyone who made it out to the Coach event last Saturday to say hi! For your viewing pleasures, the online campaign launched today with all of the bloggers involved, and the actual displays will be in stores globally in a couple of days! Follow the picture below to see all of our portraits taken by Reed Krakoff himself!

I'm soooo sad I didn't get behind-the-scene shots of the photoshoot, and all the pictures I took of the event were on a disposable camera that got destroyed. Hopefully I can scrounge some pictures on the internet later. I ended up wearing an amazing dress gifted from Leyendecker with an army green oversized button up shirt from F21. Also, Coach put together these adorable videos individual to each of the bloggers.

Yay found some event photos from The Pleat!!

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31 responses:

  1. You are the cutest in that video! Congratulations and enjoy the success =) xoxo

  2. great blog!
    hope you can check mine out

  3. cute video ;)

  4. Congrats all all your success, such a cute little video :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  5. Congrats!! You look great in this video, you have such a nice smile! :)

  6. Oh cool I didn't know they even took our photos. :)

    I loved your earrings.


  7. girl you are so cute!! haha "fruitcake? no." i agreeeee!

  8. Congratulations!!
    And that photo is beautiful ... I love the color of the gloves (:

    Fernanda Lucila

  9. What a cute video! You look adorable!!

  10. these styles on your post are totally my favorite,xoxo

  11. congrats!!!! werk it.

  12. Congratulations again! You're too cute when you were singing. Hope you had fun! xxx

  13. aww! *-*

    You are so sweat :) !!
    I love when your song Jingle Bells jingle bells ...!!

    congrats for this opportunity! :D


  14. Congratulaions!! Wow love the photos. so stylish!

  15. I DIEEED and melted into a lil puddle after watching that

  16. love that striped dress!

  17. you look so pretty on that video :)

  18. you have such a cute voice Rachel!

  19. Congrats again! Super jealous!


  20. beautiful ;)

  21. hah that girl in the video seams so fun. I want to be her friend lol
    visit my blog!


  23. Congrats to you once again! I hope you had an awesome time at the Coach party in NYC! You are so adorable in the video and your outfit in the picture below is beautiful!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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