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casual over coffee

November 27, 2010

Forever 21 jacket. Topshop socks. ASOS boots. Zara scarf.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a rewarding Black Friday! Going to be spending the rest of my weekend studying :(

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66 responses:

  1. ooh!
    love this look!
    perfect look for autumn, great colour combination.
    those socks looks nice and comfy!

  2. just a perfect look!

  3. study is annoying..I have to do tha same (but not all the weekend )
    kisses honey....ah...perfect outfit as always!!

  4. love the zara scarf. so whimsical

  5. love the sunlight in your pictures!

  6. Love this look, your skirt is amazing and your shoes give the outfit a twist. ♥-Axelle

  7. love those socks - the proportions work really well here with the high socks and mini dress

  8. Casual but very sexy

  9. Those socks are adorable as well as your dress! Great look dear! <3<3<3

  10. I love your outfit, everything fits perfectly! Want your dress, boots, socks .. (everything :p)


  11. lovely outfit dear!

    XoXo-Kelli K

  12. love the lace dress!!

  13. wish you gooood luck with studying.. school always in the way:(

  14. loving your jacket and dress!


  15. Love this outfit! It looks so comfy and cozy! Perfection!

  16. Hey Doll,

    I can't think of a more perfect outfit for today!

    Love love love those socks!

    <3 Summer.

  17. Love this. I wish thigh high socks actually stayed up for me. Is there some sort of trick of getting them to stay? Anyway, love this look. I especially love the jacket.

  18. I love the thick socks! Good luck with your studies.

  19. I love everything about this! What a gorgeous dress :)

  20. I will be studying as well :( but I love the knee-highs and mini skirt!


  21. nice outfit!

  22. love the outfit!

    I have to spend the weekend studying too :(

  23. Anonymous

    cute. you never said where the dress is from though....

  24. Absolutely gorgeous lacy dress! I love all the details.

  25. Katherine

    Ugh. Ditto: I have to study too.

    I love the dress, scarf, and jacket combination.

  26. That dress is gorgeous! :)
    Check out my giveaway!

  27. the socks are so cute! gives the outfit a softer feel

  28. Jacket and socks are very nice!
    Great look!

  29. love your jacket!

  30. really love those socks, they look so cozy....

  31. Love the lace dress and over the knee socks!


  32. Perfect outfit. Great job as always :D

  33. great post and blog!



  34. love your coat!
    happy thanksgiving rachel!

  35. the cremes and oatmeals with the green is fabulous!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. =)

  36. I love the lace with sport clothes!!!!

    follow me at

  37. Soft, warm and romantic. I just love the ease and girly feel of this look!

    Maryjane xoxo

  38. hows your mgmt website coming along? i didnt even get to hang out my brother cause he was working on that the whole time. boo!!


  39. loved the whole look, totally chic, and these over knee socks are amazing

  40. annie

    Where did you get that lace dress? Is that American Apparel? Thanks!

  41. lovely look! amazing :)

  42. sick look i love how your socks match your dress.

    i was wondering, how do asos boots run? small or true to size? ive been reading they run small but i'm too nervous to order a pair without knowing the fit, since doing a return would be a nightmare if they didnt fit! i'd really appreciate if you could let me know :)


  43. Loving this look. So earthy, cozy and warm. Following you now via first time stopping in and I will be back for sure :)

  44. Definitely a great outfit for a coffee date!
    Love your blog, btw.
    Please feel free to stop by my blog if you have a moment. Thanks!

  45. Love the socks and dress! Lemme know when you wanna go shopping in olde town so you can grace me with your stylish presence! :D

  46. Love the thigh highs! It's so hard to find ones that don't have a really tight band at the top. Or maybe I just have large thighs? Who knows. Regardless, love them xxx

  47. Tres chic! But you didn't mention where the dress is from. :) AA? or H&M? Either way, so cute! Loved your Coach video. I love sparkly things too! (Or couldn't you tell by the blog

    ♥ Kristina, of Pretty Shiny Sparkly

  48. Love love love this look!! The thigh highs are perfection

  49. i have that shoes too, but mines are the greyish colour, how do u find them talking ? to me its a bit difficult...
    nice outfit

  50. Love this look, perfect for Fall!

  51. Love the thigh highs and the dress. Where is the dress from?!

  52. OMG. You are so pretty and the outfit is just perfect!
    I'm dying to get my hands on these ASOS boots!

  53. interesting! although I have no expert, but I want have to know more and more, on your blog just interesting and useful information. Keep it up!

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