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le petit petit

October 24, 2010

Le Petit Petit has the cutest aesthetics from her website to her clothes and to the blog. Check it out!

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27 responses:

  1. woww loving this photo post! so inspiring!!

  2. very nice photos, especially the one with the keys!

  3. those images are a great source of inspiration ^^

  4. ohhhh what is that tutu headpiece concoction?! beautiful. amazing post love following :)

  5. i heart bow scarf headbands!

  6. What lovely photography and art! :)

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  7. so nice pictures !!

  8. Really cool selection of inspiration! The girl in fringed poncho is amazing! kisses

  9. lovee these pics!!!


  10. wow,very inspiring pics! I love those<3

  11. cute! I'm curious if you're located close to me.. I just moved to orange county from Texas and I'm going to FIDM. Maybe I'll see you around!

  12. crushing! yay thanks for sharing rachel :)


    P.S. - how was the mgmt5 midterm??

  13. Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed!

  14. great photos! i especially love that first collage!

  15. such an amazing collection of photos...!

  16. I agree. . the color is so warm! word less, speechless=)

  17. nice selection of pictures :)

  18. Checking... checked xxx

  19. This time Coach style looks the same with Gucci .

  20. love this!!! i know the model in the top right...can't wait to shoot with her when she comes back to cali :)

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