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October 3, 2010

Vintage blazer. shopruche shorts. Le Petit Petit shirt. Nine West boots. Jimmy Choo bag.

Trying to get the most out of my thin clothes and short hems this finishing lap of indian summer. It's been ridiculously warm lately and as much as I complain, I secretly love it. It gives me a chance to reminisce in my long, lost penchant for basic tees. Particularly the perfect silhouette and worn-in appeal of these Le Petit Petit shirts. I got like three of them, and each have been rotated between night-time shirt, throw-on errand shirt, or the finishing-touch shirt.

Pictures were taken after wandering downtown Long Beach on a cozy afternoon... and digging through grimy vintage.

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60 responses:

  1. Anonymous


    love the outfit, it's well put together :)

  2. Absolutely stunning! I love the details on the booties and the shorts :)!

    I'm jealous of your indian summer. I miss it already!

  3. loving the shorts, they are a fun part of your outfit!

  4. I love your style so much. Its so effortless. And your hair is so adorable.

  5. i really love this whole outfit - it's so cute without being too girly

  6. that blazer looks so soft and thin, i love it! not as bulky as some other ones. and the pink is beautiful.

  7. cute outfit

  8. I love that bag against your blazer.

  9. what an awesome t-shirt, with the dreamcatcher graphic, and i love you styled it. the indian summer is gone here in indiana, but i'm actually so so excited. outerwear!

  10. gorgeous pics and look!! love the mix of prints and the boots are to die for!!

  11. love how youve put this outfit together!


  12. You loook so freakin great! Lovin the shorts, and the color palette's juxtaposition. So wish it was that warm in Toronto now... but 18 degrees Celsius is pretty sweet for fall fashion. Not gonna lie.... ;)

  13. i love those items that you can wear in every setting!

  14. love your light blazer over the solid grey and black. xx

  15. Love the outfit and the accessories, aside from the fact that you're so pretty wearing them :)

  16. Love the outfit and the accessories, aside from the fact that you're so pretty wearing them!

  17. Amazing lookk!!

    following you, you me 2?


  18. I love the whole outfit :) Especially that bag <3

  19. i cant stop loving your sheos !

  20. Stunning I love the mix of colours their perfect! :)

  21. Those boots are beautiful. What I really like about your outfit is that you have these black/kinda rockerish boots that you paired with an ultra girly top and polka dot bottoms. Then the shirt is a bit vintage/wornin looking. It's a perfect blend without coming off as planned or thought out.

  22. Gorgeous photos! Those polka-dotted shorts are phenomenal. I also love the pink blouse over your tee-shirt. Hope you found some great vintage pieces on your trip!

  23. gorge look , loving the shorts and your boots are super chic


  24. Mmm these shorts are soo charming! ;)

  25. wow, you look fab!! I love the shorts, so adorable!!

  26. your sampling is very nice. such a sweet shirt.

  27. After not having been in awhile, I remember that I absolutely love your style.

  28. Very nice styling with the outfit! So pretty.

  29. Love these shoes!!

  30. amazing shorts and cool tee! love this look so much! <3<3<3

  31. i love ur 'do

    oh so alexa chung :)

  32. you are soooooooo lovely

  33. love your shoes!great outfit

  34. Camila F.

    You look lovely, as always! :)

  35. Lovely outfit!!!
    Love your boots

  36. Lusting this outfit!! the polka dot shorts are so adorable, and I love that you paired them with a relaxed casual look on top! Great post!

  37. Love the outfit, especially the shorts. You're beautiful!

  38. the bag and the shoes gee all so pretty

  39. great outfit those colors are really comfortable

  40. finally the warm weather has come.
    it's time for layering.
    and i love the way you layer your printed tee with pastel blouse. loving your shorts too. too cute!!

  41. Anonymous

    The second pic is so Alexa Chung!

  42. J'adore Les Petite! Love your shorts too!

  43. your style is absolutely flawless!!

    lov your blog!

    feel free to visit/comment on my blog... and your welcome to follow me on google friends and bloglovin if u wish!

    wud love to noe what u think!

    keep in touch!

  44. Clicks and

    Some stunning Styling!

    Visit Blog...

  45. i love your outfit! and i love the blush color of your shirt!

  46. Love your style! Le Petit Petit's website is so cute. I love their whole watercolor thing they've got going on. Adorable outfit, the shorts are too cute. :]


  47. I love your shorts!
    You have great style:)

  48. Amazing outfit, love the blouse and shoes!

  49. okay, new official fav outfit from you (until your next post haha). I love when you mix girly glam and grunge. It just speaks to me, like that outfit with the patchwork jeans you had some weeks back. LOVE!

  50. Anonymous

    cute outfit

    your style is like fashiontoast's and sea of shoes's, you guys should collaborate on something together.

  51. Your outfit looks killerrr!
    Loving the boots and bag (;


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