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garden of eden

October 11, 2010

gifted Stylestalker dress, vintage shirt, Opening Ceremony shoes.

Wore this dress out in a window of warmth today while getting brunch with the boyfriend. I realized roaming around photogenic Old Town Tustin is my new favorite things to do on a Sunday morning especially after a relaxing brunch at Rutabegorz - had artichoke dip and a ginormous cobb salad at an hour's pace.

Somewhere along way I stopped fawning over body-con dresses after having a serious penchant for them (especially long-sleeve ones). Nothing tickled my fancy and after wearing more conservative hemlines. Feeling too sexy is somehow a bad to me? Finally found a solution of throwing on the most oversized shirt you own. Because I'm a sucker for excessive straps and shoelace details on a dress and I couldn't let this dress slip through my fingers.

I'm also Rebecca Minkoff's guest blogger for the whole month of October! Check out my first post here and the rest every Wednesday.

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76 responses:

  1. I absolutely love the lace-up detailing on that bodycon dress :) Stunning! The over-sized blouse is the perfect contrasting piece. The food sounds omnomnom delicious <3

  2. Those shoes are so unique! They've got such a great look to them! Hope you had a great weekend :)

  3. I wondered where I had seen this dress before, and then I saw "Stylestalker" and remember seeing it on their website and really loving it. The lace-up detail is really nice.

  4. Lovely outfit!!

    Kisses, Xandra

  5. omg! i'm in love with this dress!!!


  6. gorgeous dress!
    you wear it beautifully! love it!

  7. I really like your look! Gorgeous outfit!
    Great post and shots!

  8. that shirt is uber cute, you make it look so chic.

  9. i love shoelace details on dresses too <3 the intricate details of corsets are my favourite but i'm just not comfortable wearing such sexy things out as well & sometimes throwing on jackets just dont do in humid singapore. your suggestion of light shirts is perfect. i'm now going to be on the hunt for such

  10. love your shoes!!

    check out my fashion blog at

  11. these pics are wonderful and you're so cute! Love your look too! well done, great post!

  12. you're very beautiful as always! You look classy and chic also with this corset! :)

  13. absolutely gorgeous! those shoes are to die for

  14. very very pretty dress!! love the details!


  15. love your shoes..!

  16. this dress is so sweet, so sexi, I really like its style.

  17. love your oversized shirt so much.
    the print is absolutely looking gorgeous for your bodycon dress.
    congratulations for being a rebecca minkoff's guest blogger!

  18. love your oversized shirt so much.
    the print is absolutely looking gorgeous for your bodycon dress.
    congratulations for being a rebecca minkoff's guest blogger!

  19. Hey Rachel.
    Check out the contest on my blog this week./

  20. You look very chic! :)

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  21. These pictures are actually beautiful or should I say the lovely lady in them :)

  22. I love the different ways you wear that vintage shirt of yours :)

  23. I love those shoes. Ah, so lovely.

  24. wow, gorgeous pictures!!
    The dress is just perfect on you!

  25. you look really stunning <3

  26. your photos and personal style are so amazing

  27. loved your boots, really cool


  28. So gorgeous. And the way you look in the photo ;-)

  29. Amazing blog! Amazing wedges!!


  30. i want that dress badly!!

  31. Thats dress and shoes are perfect...absolutely!

  32. you look beautiful the neutral colors are amazing!!!

  33. Ahhh, I LOVE Rebecca Minkoff everything! I will definitely check that out. great shoes too!


  34. Anonymous

    stunning stunning stunning! u look like a beautiful angel with the sun beaming behind u!

  35. Love love love that are a vision and that color is amazing with the white fresh! And the lacing is HOTTT!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  36. love the design of that dress!


  37. These outfit is gorgeous on you and congrats on being RM's guest blogger!

  38. I feel the same away about bodycon dresses and anything above the knee now...weird. I always feel too exposed when I wear something too tight/short! But I like the detail of the dress you're wearing in this post and that you threw on the shirt to 'cover up' a little more skin, ha.

  39. I like her legs. She got a beautiful poise.

  40. GREAT outfit !


  41. This is such a great outfit! I especially love your shoes

    <3 Alison

  42. Those opening ceremony shoes are amazing with that frock! Love it.

  43. Love the sporty take on the corset :) Great color.

  44. The print on the shirt is simply epic!

  45. I loooove this dress. The colors are so preppy and the cut is so not. Plus the laces up the front are awesome. I know what you mean about looking "sexy" I get really embarassed whenever anyone says that to me. I guess it's just not how I define myself or my style.

  46. that dress looks so awesome with the shirt unbuttoned over it. adds the perfect casual element to the sexy dress.

  47. Gorgeous dress! Such a pretty silhouette. I especially love it paired with a loose blouse and tousled hair!

    Xo Chelle

  48. geez great outfit the heels and the floral coat everything just perfect

  49. your blog is lovely~!!!you have very cute style!!

    feel free to stop by =)


  50. Okay , I totally fell in love with your shoes !!! Ive never seen sooo great great shoes .. stunning

  51. Love the lace-up!!

  52. i'm allllll about lace-up anything right now, so obviously i love this dress. looks amazing on you! i'm dying for some lace up leather pants.


  53. those shoes are to die for. AMAZING. Love the bodice as well!

    Quench Fab

  54. What a fabulous bodycon dress and perfectly combined with that shirt.. yep yep yep I love it!



  55. ah these photos are beautifully ethereal! the shoes and the dress are compliments to each other, you look lovely!

  56. love ur blog, great post;)

    please visit


  57. Cute! And your watercolors in the last post are adorable. Do you sell etsy?

  58. Hearts hearts hearts! That dress looks magnificent on you! Werrrk.

  59. The dress is to die for but I love how you teamed something so sexy with an easy shirt. Amazing, as always Raych!

  60. I am really lovin' the Stylestalker dress! It looks amazing on you with the oversize vintage shirt. Wish I have such great sense of style...

  61. amazing shoes!

  62. Cool dress! That shirt looks kinda kimono/robey too so that's cool.

  63. i love your blog...!!! and your photos!!
    kisses from Argentina

  64. i love this shoes !

  65. amazing dress and shoes!

  66. amazing blog! beuty photo!
    come follow I follow you now!


  67. your shirt is so original and cool!

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