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fall lusting

October 8, 2010

Fought a battle with my scanner (so the picture came out crooked and cropped) but was getting anxious to post this! Got inspired to whip out my watercolors after lurking Le Petit Petit's adorable website. (bottom jacket is from Topshop)

Lanvin earrings: really digging long, statement earrings for the fall. I apparently can't pull off cool necklaces, so shoulder bling is now a must. | D&G skirt: all-sorts of amazing with the chiffon, knee length, and natural pleats. | Michael Kors: as much as I love my La Mer wrap watch, I want something a little more traditional. | See by Chloe boots: kinda worth the splurge and can definitely see myself wearing this everyday. | Essential Faith oil perfume: THE perfume musky perfume with staying power, and since it's an oil, it adapts to everyone uniquely! | Topshop hat: the hat isn't' on the website anymore!

Karen Walker sunglasses: been wanting a new pair of sunnies for a while... Karen I'm looking at you. | NARS nailpolish: the entire vintage collection is lustworthy. Also really want an army green without the glitter. | Mali Sabatasso ring: I looovee geotech rings straight from the earth and Mali Sabatasso has a great collection of them! | Proenza Schouler: literally, don't need to explain myself. | Topshop: how good is this equestrian-inspired jacket?? Racking up on camel jackets to add to my one Ralph Lauren one.

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62 responses:

  1. i didn't know you watercolored!! this is so pretty, you should definitely most more of your work :) so talented. and i'm lusting after those things for fall too...

  2. post* not most. my ocd got the best of me, had to come back and edit that ;)

  3. Arghhhh LOVE these!!! xx

  4. The drawings are beautiful!!! Really nice idea and a really nice lustworthy list ;p. <3

  5. love sketchy watercolored artworks..this ones fab!


  6. nice illustration

    I want every thing in it!

  7. very nice!!

    love it! <3

    great blog honey...


  8. Wow, this is really pretty :)

  9. lovelyy!!


  10. This post is such a great idea!

  11. Nice work!!! I didn't know you watercolored.......

    Check out my blog!

  12. This is gorgeous. I too am lusting after the Chloe boots, Proenza bag and Micheal Kors watch after seeing this illustration.

  13. Wow this is amazing!! You are so talented!!

  14. yay! ive been wanting to do watercolors again too, just might have to now :)


  15. pretty illustrations. love the colors :)

  16. These are beautiful illustrations ... super talented.

  17. awesome. great painting, i loveee it! x x x x

  18. amazing wish list!!

  19. First time visitor...Love this blog! This post is amazing, so creative and artistic. Love it!
    (dying over that Schouler bag)

    Quench Fab

  20. These illustrations are brilliant...I've wanted to experiment with watercolours for the longest is taking over my life though.

  21. Really cute little drawings. :)

  22. Awww..what a cute illustration! The hat is adorable! :)

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  23. Soo cool! Really excellent job. I know exactly the Chloe boots you're referring to!

  24. OMG!! i really love your draws!! :D

    It is so inspiring and original!! :D

  25. wow this is SO beautiful! you're soo talented! i'd love to have this framed and near my closet for inspiration :). love your blog, am now following <3.

  26. Now that you've gone and painted these lovely things, we're all going to be wanting more! Love watercolors.

  27. That's Soo Dope, That You Drew All Of Them.
    My Blog Needs 100 Followere sBy Friday 15th Oct.

  28. it's a very nice post!!

  29. Wow, these are great!
    You're going to have to do more of these :p
    I'm a big fan of the Proenza Schouler bag, the Karen Walker glasses and that D&G skirt.

  30. Wow, you're a great artist! Lovely watercolors.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.
  32. Multi tasking! I love it!!! Love the blog and love your art..

  33. Lovely!!


  34. new reader here
    SOOOO CUTE! What an amazing drawing painting of the loveliest things

  35. What a great piece of art. You wouldn't think a drawing of Karen Walker sunnies or Chloe boots would make me want them even more but I DO!

  36. nice!
    visit mine :)

  37. I love the drawings! they are so cool! I agree, the chloe boots are amazing!!

    menina elegante

  38. woww thats so cute

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  39. love your blog!

  40. Nice water colours! You're so talented!

  41. I really like your illustrations. I completely agree that you should work on some more artwork. Beautiful. You may already know of a blogger that uses chictopia, her name is nancy0039- She makes wonderful fashion illustrations of her outfits which I think you will enjoy.

  42. gorgeous watercolors girly! you have real talent there, and i adore the green boots!

    love always,

  43. lust lust lusting this watercolor!! The Proenza shoe is perfect!

  44. these are amazing rach! hope you are doing well! long time no talk!


  45. Creative post! I just went to the art supply store and got a sketchbook and pencils, it's always great to be able to express your ideas through your own art... not just photos!

    emily//the lesser panda

  46. Thank you everyone!!! I am so flattered you all enjoyed it!!!


  47. I really enjoyed what you're doing. . awesome piece of art=)

  48. This is awesome! A lot of your picks have been on my wish list as well :)

  49. i love your watercolor paintings of your lusts! very cool! and its even cooler your are vietnamese (my husband is half viet)!

  50. Love this!! I LOVE watercolor-- I want to start adding drawings to my blog as well but alas! My scanner is so slow and currently buried in my BF's mess! Love your blog! xx Becca of Dans Mon Boudoir cheers!

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