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October 17, 2010

Anthropologie blouse. American Apparel pants. Marc Jacob shoes

Was surprised to see American Apparel stepping up their game in the latest package they sent me... complete with a darling chambray shirt, a pastel-yellow oversized blazer, and perfect semi-literal riding pants. I have gotten so much wear out of these pants than expected and plan on throwing these on yummy, chunky knits once I find better yummy, chunky knits.

Speaking of Fall purchases, I probably shouldn't be buying anymore sandals... but I promise that all of my impulsive sandal buying were only enticed by the indian summer a few weeks ago and highly discounted price tags. Especially now that it's finally getting nippy, I am sorely regretting my insufficient collection of plain, black platform boots. Hello Topshop, I wish you had that in my size, but since we won't work out, chunky loafers can work.

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60 responses:

  1. Love these pants!

    They look awesome!


  2. I love those shoes but your hair is so much pretty!

  3. Those pants are awesome :)

  4. With pants like that, it's hard to believe AA is going out of business (quite possibly). What a shame.

  5. love this!


  6. WHOA.....those are some really incredible pants!!!

    You look gorgeous:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
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  7. I <3 chunky knits they would look amazing thrown over those rad American Apparel pants! CUTE


  8. THOSE. PANTS. I love them! Love the blouse & shoes as well :) x

  9. those pants are gonna look great with chunky knits! and that blouse is darling ;)

  10. lovely shoes and pants! XX

  11. Equestrian pants FTW. I'm in love with my tight wool pair from Aritzia. Best winter purchase ever - especially since I live in Toronto. December doesn't f*** around.

  12. i love me a long, lean, leggy look. these pants are amazing on you!

  13. love the pants and the shoes!

    nice outfit

  14. Those pants look so comfy!! And I love your blouse - I have a mild obsession over bows or shirts with ties in the front, plus I like the small cargo pockets!

  15. Those pants are really awesome! And I love your sandals, I feel like I don't have enough and should buy more... lovely outfit :)

    <3 Alison

  16. Great pants! xx

  17. that color is actually quite flattering on you darling. I myself can't say it would go as well with my chocolate skin :). he he..

  18. these khaki pants ate awesome, 100% chic and perfect for fall, loved the look


  19. you're adorable and these pics! Great look! <3

  20. very nice blouse !

  21. I want the entire outfit! The colour of the pants is cool

  22. Those pants are so cool! Love the color too, perfect for the fall!

  23. Cute post and great color green!


  24. Those shoes - really don't blame you for caving in to buy them ;)

  25. Those pants are killer! They look so good on you. Loving both the color and the high-waisted cut. And that Antrho blouse is so delicate and pretty!

    I am trying to control myself despite the late summer we're having in SF, but I can't stop buying sandals either. Oh well, they're cute. :)


  26. How can you know which size will be your size, talking about pants?? The fit perfectly!!

  27. loove your blouse.. and the color of your pants too!!


  28. yeah AA has changed a lot in terms of their style lately. a good surprise!

  29. cute those pants..


  30. love the white top. . .and the shoes, it's cute. xx

  31. how come american apparel sends you packages? that's a sweet deal :)

  32. wow i can't believe i didn't find your blog earlier! amazing amazing and you're from oc too!

  33. Very interesting pants.

  34. I love this look!

    juliet xxx

  35. I'm totally in love with the femme' top and strappy sandals! Great look.

    chloe **
    **youtube giveaway!

  36. I have this exact same blouse!! And I LOVE the pants!! American Apparel is the best!

  37. love how AA revamped their hotpants with a moto detail. Minimal and not overpowering. They are so good with that!

  38. AMAZING!!Love the pants!!


  39. I LOOVVEEE your blouse :D

  40. haha funny post. I've been needing these riding pants from AA glad to hear they are a good pair to purchase, they look great on you.

    And I too am aching for some chunky knits!


  41. I love love those pants!!! so cute

  42. I ♥ Marc Jacobs. Love your style. These pants are adorable, I would love to see them paired with ankle booties and a navy peacoat, with some more pretty fall colors. I think they'd look adorable that way!


  43. . love your pants, great! ♥

  44. LOVE those pants! Want those pants.. will go to AA and buy those pants!!


  46. love love loving your blog. thanks for the inspiration!

  47. I love that outfit!

  48. Love all these photos!
    So happy i stumbled upon your blog!!!
    So fun!! : )


  49. this look is perfect! i'm also really impressed with AA's new looks in general. they're stepping up their game.

    your outfits are making me crave warm weather. too bad it's only going to get colder before it gets warmer here. brr.


  50. The Anthropologie blouse looks cute on you.

  51. reading your post and i do believe you are born to be a fashion blogger.

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