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September 22, 2010

Last week I hung out at the Dietch PR studio and gleefully played in their racks of amazing goods. Discovered possibly one of my new favorite designers Odylyne (with an amazing intro video to boot), met half of Leyendecker after lusting hardcore over their designs after the skirt they sent me (can't wait to meet the other half!), made a mess because everything was too pretty and needed to be touched, fought my deepest temptations to not take home that amaaaazing fur vest from Funktional (the stunning Laurel is the model for their lookbook!), wandered the entire building, pondered throwing my 21st birthday in said studio, and made new friends. It was an exhausting drive back home to Orange County but well worth it.

Had so much fun shooting in all these amazing designs! Thanks again for letting my princess-dress-up dreams come true! And of course, thank you to my darling boyfriend who took all the shots and dealt with me for hours.

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77 responses:

  1. you look stunning!love all the photos especially the third one.

  2. beautiful photos!
    you have a very cute smile!

  3. look absolutely the ones in the white dress :)

  4. Now I know where Forever 21 stole their idea for my new wedges :) Gorgeous.

    x Amy

  5. stunning pics! you look FAB!

  6. Anonymous

    you look amazing. was wondering if i could post the photos on my tumblr. thanks.

  7. woww that's awesome

    check out the new post at

  8. you are beautiful and so are the photos <3 bisou

  9. wow wow're a dream *_*Always woonderfull!!!

  10. Anonymous

    WOW amazing post yet Rachel!!! the photos definitely represent who you are,from the expressions to styling! it captures your beauty in such an honest way,and i think many models should learn from you!wishing you every success :) Diane

  11. These are some amazing photos, I love the one of you on the ladder and also the one looking in the mirror <3

  12. You look amazing! I'm so in love with the first dress! :)

  13. love the white dress,

  14. Beautful and lovely as always <3
    love the photos and of course, the clothes 8D

  15. my fav was def. the third picture ! so gorgeous !

  16. That first photo kills me. You look wonderful!

  17. great photos!! the last one is my favorite.. such a true moment. such fun clothes too! I think the button up silk blouse is my favorite!


  18. aaaah they are awesomeee!!


  19. Oh my goodness these shots are all stunning :) The clothes all flow and just fit you so well <3 AMAZING shots! xo

  20. Great styles and photos. I adore the Leyendecker shirt!

  21. Gorgeous photos! The styling is amazing

  22. All the pics are amazing! Love especially third and last pictures :)

  23. such beautiful photos with such great pieces!

  24. Stunning, beautiful, amazing pictures!!!!! xx

  25. Anonymous

    you really are beautiful. one of the prettiest asians ever!

  26. The shots look amazing! :) Especially the last one!

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  27. I am a sucker for long dreses and I love both the black and the white that you featured in this post. And of course, you look stylish as ever!
    Thanks for sharing.


  28. Everything looks so beautiful.. and like so much fun!! Def. hooked on this designer now too :)

  29. I love the softness of these photos. Beautifully done.

  30. These photos are fantastic! You look absolutely gorgeous.

  31. i WANT that white dress! so sweet!!

  32. These photos are beautiful. My favorites are of the white dress and the black dress. You look like you're having a great time, I love it.

  33. high five to your boyfriend - he's a damn good photog!


  34. wowow this is incredible. you look beyond gorgeous! lucky, lucky girl.


  35. Everything looks so nice on you. I'm really loving the white dress. Very angelic looking.

  36. Those maxi looks are so gorgeous!

    juliet xxx

  37. WOW!!! amazing designs you look so beautiful in them =) I can't wait to see how you wear that skirt =)

  38. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,

  39. Wow. I agree with the posts above. This game changer for your shoots. The location and set, plus the natural lighting make this very stunning. Beautiful.

  40. This is seriously the most gorgeous set of photos! The picture of you in the white dress is absolutely stunning! The last photo of you is super sweet. Overall, one of the best posts I've seen in a while!

    PS: You're lucky you have a bf who is willing to take your pictures! I have to give mine a good nudge whenever I try and ask, haha!

  41. youre so pretty! beautiful styling

    following your blog now dear

    let me know if you want to exchange links

  42. Did you get to keep that hummingbird dress? It's beautiful.

  43. nice nice nice! I love the first two outfits <3

    check out our fashion illustrations :)

  44. wow!!! super cool shots!! i love it all!! i lke the one of you looking the mirror especially!

    menina elegante

  45. Stunning! Love the one in the mirror a lot!

  46. I'm sure you had fun during the look so stunning when you laugh/smile!

  47. The outfits all look so pretty on you. The dresses are so long. Going to be hard to wear them around.

  48. These photos are soooo gorgeous! Especially love the first one, wish I could pull off a maxi...

    <3 Alison

  49. wow you look so amazing! Especially in the first picture, love the black dress.

  50. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,

  51. all these photos are so cute, looks totally from an editorial! how fun to dress up in all kinds of amazing peices...

  52. love this sequence of pics, great job! So inspiring!

  53. all of these style are so cute! my fav is the one :) xx

  54. Your blog is fan-tastic. Glad i found it.

    LOVE your fur vest! :)


    p.s. check out my blog? I have THREE giveaways going on!

  55. I'm always so impressed by how well you wear long dresses, especially the long black one - that's a whole lot of dress. And you're so tiny, but you manage to hold your own and not get lost in all the fabric. I wish I could do that!!

  56. i love ur blog so much...
    i'm artist from malaysia...
    help me a lot in design my character's dress...
    n nice 2 know u here...

  57. Beautiful photos, that last one is my absolute favorite!

  58. Absolutely gorgeous, lovely use of props.

  59. i love these shots! they look so natural and magazine-spread-ish :D

  60. i am completely in love with these photos raych! that last one is so so cute, and the tea stained blouse is to die for.

  61. your boyfriend is an amazing photographer. all these shots look straight out of a mag. absolutely loving your style <3

  62. great blog!
    hope you can check mine out

  63. these photos are incredible & you're stunning ! love your style, and keep inspiring !


  64. wow the long white dress is so fancy so soft

  65. great photo shoots really pretty

  66. Love the first black look!


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