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September 29, 2010

Chloe shirt. Vintage shorts and backpack. Tied up and Tousled headband in Leah.

Yay for the first day at a university and making use of a banging backpack (after not using one since middle school). Getting adjusted to walking up grassy knolls in heels and balancing work, play, study, and blog.

Sometimes, you want to throw on the most comfortable thing before you hit the books and head to school... and I think one of my biggest fears was losing myself to the sake of comfort. Then I kind of remembered that playing around with clothes is what makes me feel like me. I think bold accessories are the perfect remedy for the lazy days we all inevitably go through. The past few days I've been hiding behind this gorgeous floral crown from Tied up and Tousled and the mustering the strength to wear my tallest, comfy shoes. Simple life philosophy: Look good = feel good = perform well.

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64 responses:

  1. I love the way you directly get to the point,inspired

  2. Wow..mazing outfit as always darling!!!! *_*

  3. Beautiful. You pull off the casual chic look so well.

    (and I love your backpack!)

  4. nice backpack!

  5. you look so gorgeous. i love the sleeves on your blouse... so romantic... and your lip color... so fun ;)

  6. YOu look great! :) Absolutely LOVE the flowers in your hair! :)

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  7. woww that 's amazing!!! love it

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  8. I love your style! can you give some tips on your makeup :-)

  9. amazing bag. so unique and original.

  10. thought you put flowers in your hair then i read it's a headband! brilliant. btw good luck with school :) you must be the cutest dressed there

  11. oh my god, such a cute bag pack!love it soo much!

  12. I love the first ourfit..!

  13. omg! you look sooooo lovely!

  14. one of the best blogs i've ever seen.
    would like it if you have a look at my blog :)


  15. Love love love that backpack and headband. I start classes mid semester you make me anxious to start lol

    What are you studying?

    Love Makes The Peace

  16. i loooovvve a good floral headband! you rock that shit, girl.


  17. i love your backpack! great look!

  18. you're so cute! amazing backpack! <3

  19. Such a cool outfit! I love the crown and the backpack (and the shoes look gorgeous). I sometimes have difficulties not falling into the comfortable and easy rut at school too - my blog has definitely made me try though! Lovely outfit

    <3 Alison

  20. Omg that is one awesome backpack! You sure know how to rock a school outfit!


  21. Good luck on starting school! :) You look beautiful, so one thing is already taken care of.

  22. LOVE the bag!!! amazing!

    xo and good luck!
    electric fringe
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  23. Lovely outfit I love your hair :)

  24. UC Irvine! You'll be the most fashionable person there! :)

  25. I love the head band and backback. Very ethnic and eyecatching

  26. You are looking gorgeous! And I love the headband + shoes!


  27. Style "on-campus" ...this is gonna b good!

  28. I just met this blog, and I like!!
    You have great style.


  29. I love the back back!

    juliet xxx

  30. i love your style!


  31. I really love this look! The shirt--the backpack--the sweet hair band--all perfection!

  32. This outfit is cute and simple!
    I love your little life philosophy! It's so true! I completely agree.

  33. yeah i have those days where i wanna just grab my university sweater and head out but i try not to

    love the backpack

    Vi from Cali

  34. You look fabulous!!!! I know what you mean when it comes to school offers a chance to be more flexible... and rediscover the value of good accessories, like that amazing backpack =)

  35. That is the most incredible backpack I've ever seen.

  36. I love that backpack..


  37. Anonymous

    back-pack is so awesome!


  38. that's exactly the way i feel about clothes. even when i have to be at work at 7am some mornings, i muster up the energy to put something together. look good, feel good, perform well is the ultimate life motto!

    and OMG that backpack. find of a lifetime right there.

  39. rachel do you fill in your brows? what do you use? loving the backpack btw


  40. Love the motto. I fully agree with you on that one!

  41. I like your flower crown, and your chloe blouse, its lovely! You look really cute!

  42. these pics were for sure taken an aldrich park! woot woot uci!

  43. Your hair looks really great under the light. Did you switch up colors? From one UC girl to another, good luck at school!

  44. amazing girl! the look is so nice on you!!


  45. I know exactly what you mean between balancing everything. I never seem to get it right! Though each semester I try! Love the backpack!


  46. Beautiful headband! Checking out that website now to get a unique one for myself :) Good luck at school! I wish I was going back...ah the life of a recent graduate, haha.

  47. Great fotos! You're so pretty! I LOVE your backpack!!


  48. i've been following your blog for a long time now (i found you from my friend kvn's blog!) and i just wanted to say hello. i went/go to uci but am studying abroad in paris now and seeing these photos of aldrich park just made me really miss it! hope you're enjoying your first two weeks of school :)

  49. flowers in hair
    is absolutely gorgeous on
    your hair!!!
    the color on your lips is just beauty
    and this outfit is the
    epiphany of innocence o . <

  50. Good luck, you'll have a blast =)
    Your post reminds me of my first day at UCI 10 years ago.
    How time flies...

  51. You make our Leah headband look amazing!!!

  52. yeah for tied up & tousled...u look awesome!!

  53. Love the headband, you look like a little fairy with it on!

  54. cute, the flowers. but i think the shoes are great too

  55. LOVE LOVE LOVE that backpack!!


  56. Anonymous

    I'm sorry but ankle socks really shouldn't be worn by you. Knee highs are okay but ankle socks just make your legs look weird in all your previous attempts. Maybe they're just the pictures. I didn't want you to have spinach stuck in your teeth and no one tell you. Didn't mean to offend.

  57. the backpack is too cute!

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