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September 12, 2010

Zara headband and sweater. Leyendecker skirt. Marc by Marc boots.

Didn't make it out to NYFW this season and somewhat feeling a bit remorseful via all the fun Twitter updates, but not really since I've had a busy weekend: assimilated every fact of the solar system at the Griffith Observatory, duly noted to bring a full blown picnic next time, pulled all the half-hidden clothes in my car and placed it in my closet where it belongs, celebrated Ted's 21st birthday and was sorely disappointed that everyone opted out of drunk bowling, fulfilled my affinity for japanese food, talked on the phone late night until keeping my eyes open became a difficult task, trekked up an eerie, clandestine field of tall grass at night to try to watch the fireworks. (realized it wasn't worth being petrified of the rustling sounds in the bushes and went back to the car immediately).

Also didn't make it out for Fashion's Night Out - decided to stay back in Orange County and enjoy the humble company of close friends. Feels somewhat refreshing to completely detract yourself from the materialistic world we all get a little too caught up in... hence the slowdown of posts. On the bright side, feeling inspired to blog some more. Updated my blogshop last week too, check it out here!

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58 responses:

  1. Thats a brilliant de-stresser you opted for :) And I LOVE the sweater!
    Great blog!
    Check mine at

  2. Props to you for taking a break! I have to say, I was feeling the same way as I was finally unpacking my boxes from LA and preparing to pack my suitcases for my trip. All I could think was, "Jeez, why do I have so much stuff??" Promptly decided that 2m calls for a big clean up of my closet! Time to give back :)

  3. yay for squirrel sweaters! so cute

  4. amazing sweater dear! you look fab! <3

  5. Anonymous

    you are always PERFECT!! love love this outfit,the headband is tres cute! xx

  6. I always love what you wear!
    The marc jacob boots are so gorgeous and your smile is lovely :D

  7. thats the cutest sweater EVER!!!


  8. the sweater is gorgeous! I love the print on it.

  9. Ooooh the sweater is cute. Love the second last photo, it's really beautiful!


  10. oh, i love that print on your top it's so so so pretty



  11. Anonymous

    Do you get told that you're mixed a lot?

    Are you mixed?

  12. Oh thank god, someone else who didn't attend the fashions night out! I thought I was the only one :(

    p.s I loovee your jumper!

  13. love your top

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  14. it's so nice to take a step back every once and a while isn't it? for the next month and a half I'm working and studying for the GRE, so I'll be slowing down my pace as well.

  15. adorable sweater!! you are too cute :)

  16. I love that skirt! It is always good to take a break from fashion. x

  17. im sad i didnt go to ny or fno in sf, my weekend was super dull. oh well, next year right?

    love the boots.


  18. ntaw, the sweater is so cute !

  19. Love the sweater! x

  20. that squirrel is so cute! love your photos as usual :)

  21. your outfit is totally adorable!

  22. I guess it is easy to get caught in the web of the cool and flashy materialistic fashion sphere :)) I'm pretty addictive too. but I'm miles away from any FW so I haven't been there either. Just daydreaming in the blogosphere :)) love your blog

  23. aww, well it sounds like you've been having plenty of fun, too (:

    1060xo, Fernanda Lucila

  24. Im sorry you missed the fashion events but sometimes we all need a break! But I still love the outfit you put together ESP the sweater! I love Zara!



  26. I'm so glad you feel inspired to blog more I love your posts they are so inspiring!!!And on an outfit related notee What your wearing is so whimsically cute!!!

  27. That squirrel is the cutest!


  28. your sweater is SO adorable!!
    I am also inspired to blog..too bad I just got my teeth out and am all puffy :(


    PS. I've got a jewelery giveaway, maybe you'd like to enter:

  29. I love the sweater!
    I have a Zara sweater also, but yours are totally cute!

  30. Love the sweater, it's so fun! :0)


  31. Your outfit is so cute! I din't know Zara has such cute sweaters,Im definitely gonna go check them out!!

    Elena from The One With The Fashion

  32. i love the t-shirt and combined with the mini skirt, it makes a perfect dress for an evening out, i really like these kind of outfits and have a number of such printed t-shirts, cool dressing

  33. meowpongky

    SO CUTE! <3

  34. It sounds like you had a GREAT weekend. Loving the Zara squirrel sweater. I have such an affinity for random animal motifs on clothing.

  35. You look cute in this outfit! NYFW wasn't that great but you had a great weekend w/o it.

  36. love your boots so much!

    please visit my blog, every day new pics from NY fashion week!

  37. OMG I feel for you. I couldn't make it to NYFW this year either because of school complications :( And it's just depressing to see invites and not be able to go to anything.


    But on the bright side, you look gorgeous as usual. Kinda looks like the outside of my favorite cafe in Clarke Quay in Singapore!

  38. Although, I did make it to FNO India. You should check my latest post out for updates, it's got a bunch of fabulous Indian designers you'll probably love. Just sayin :)

  39. Anonymous


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  40. aww such a cute style!!
    i love the Zara sweater <3


    Nice sweater!!

  42. killer killer killer jumper!!!!!

  43. its nice to take a break from FW every once in a while.. esp since you can always catch up online!

  44. Cute! Different from your usual. I like that sweater!

  45. love the way the light hits you in the third photo!

  46. Tasha

    I absolutely love Leyendecker! I like the way you styled the skirt. Too cute!

  47. wow, these photographs are simply beautiful!!

    x, Sabinna

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